Why Puerto Rico is not a US state

Why Puerto Rico is not a US state

I favor statehood for Puerto Rico. The people of Puerto Rico should have the right to determine their own
political future. When the people of Puerto Rico make a clear decision my
administration will stand by you. It may seem that US politicians support Puerto
Rico’s right to decide its future and would even welcome Porto Rico as a US
state, but their words have yet to turn into action. This might not be surprising
considering that when Hurricane Maria hit the island, 46% of Americans didn’t
know Puerto Ricans are American citizens. But they are. More Americans call Puerto
Rico home than 21 US states, but being a US citizen in Puerto Rico is not the
same as being a US citizen stateside. Puerto Rico is an American Commonwealth
and one of five inhabited US territories. The island became a US territory when
Spain conceded colonial control after it lost the Spanish-American war. The
federal government gave Puerto Ricans American citizenship, their own
Legislative Assembly, and governor. Like other American citizens Puerto Ricans
can serve in the US military and are subject to drafts. And like other
American citizens Puerto Ricans also pay most federal taxes. But unlike other citizens who face taxation, Puerto Ricans don’t have federal representation. The island gets to send one politician to Congress to advocate on behalf of its
residents, but they don’t have a vote. This means Puerto Ricans can’t vote on
issues that affect the island such as limited funding for Medicaid or food
stamps, as well as a broader economic policy. And while Puerto Ricans on the
island can vote in the presidential primaries, they can’t vote for the
president. Puerto Ricans have voted several times on their status and
referendums. Early on an ample majority of Puerto Ricans supported a
Commonwealth over statehood or independence. You don’t want to be a state and you don’t want to be independent, you just want to go on living in the
middle. In the middle, no. In the Commonwealth. Puerto Ricans today are divided on
the status of the island. The latest referendum shows large support for
statehood, but the turnout was historically low. But no matter what
polls and votes show, referendum results are non-binding, because Puerto Rico
can’t become a state without approval from Congress and Congress has largely
ignored Puerto Rico’s status, but as the island struggles to recover from
Hurricane Maria the issue is becoming harder to ignore. Puerto Rico’s economy
started tanking when Congress phased out tax incentives designed to attract
investment to the island. Paired with fiscal mismanagement, the island’s debt
started to grow. To reverse Puerto Rico’s financial decline, a board appointed by
Congress imposed harsh austerity measures that reduced health and
education spending on the island. As opportunities lessen, Puerto Ricans are
relocating to mainland US. The population is shrinking on the island and their
political influence stateside is growing. Once permanently living in a US state
Puerto Ricans can actually impact federal politics. Puerto Rican statehood advocates
want five House Representatives and two Senators in Congress, while Commonwealth
supporters are fighting for increased parity without sacrificing their
national identity. But despite political efforts, it seems that Puerto Rico will continue to belong to the u.s. without really
having much of a say.

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  1. It's been months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Watch our video on the conditions many Puerto Ricans are still facing in the aftermath: http://bit.ly/2DBCPVp

    Read about Puerto Rico's latest bid for statehood on Vox.com: http://bit.ly/2DGlz4L

    Monsanto has been poisoning the food supply everywhere, including the 50 states and that is why the "organic movement" in the States is growing steadily and the homesteaders are off grid. On the other hand, the agriculture in Puerto Rico has been growing, therefore is a matter of educating the population to stay away from imports and GMOs. Puerto Ricans have another battle to fight, against a giant, it is just like the fight to take the Marina out of Vieques. Do not buy products generated with GMOs. Do not accept foods that is not produced by local farmers with local seedlings. People. please read and educate your neighbors and your community. GET MONSANTO OUT OF PUERTO RICO. Let's Go! You could do it.

  3. Yes this island is ready to tank. Puerto Rico had 0 zero jobs. They pay less then Federal minimum wage.

  4. Funny how all Trump supporters complain about having to help those “lazy Puerto Rican’s” a UNITED STATES TERRITORY, yet never say a word when states like Florida and such get MORE money for their natural disasters. Ridiculous, even I, a Canadian knows how America has leached off of Puerto Rico, heck they even leached off of the Philippines until late 1900’s.

  5. I say we just give them independence

    At least then we can kick them all back from the mainland and finally reduce the crime rate

    No offense

  6. They wave there flags and feel proud to be Puerto Ricans but when it comes to taking benefits of USA they run to America, hate me all you want but you know it's true 😎

  7. If Puerto Rican’s want to vote for the presidential elections become a state. PR’s can vote once they live in the USA.

  8. There is an error in the video. We pay 12 percent city and state sales tax and every year we pay income tax to the local irs. I am a government retiree and taxes get deducted from my pension! But, we do not pay federal taxes. It would not be possible at the moment. I think that federal employees here do pay, but when they file taxes, any federal taxes deducted are returned. So, puertorrican living and working in Puerto Rico do not pay federal taxes.

  9. The US has failed us There's an actual movement for Puerto Rico to reunite with Spain . Puerto Ricans it's time for us to go back home 🇵🇷 🐸 🇪🇸 💃


  11. And why should we be a state? We have our own Spanish heritage. We do not want to be a state. Never, ever.

  12. There can never be a full statehood (if that’s what the majority wants) and there can never be full independence ( if that’s what the majority wants) until most economic problems are mostly solved and the economy finally booms in PR, then there political status of the island can be fully addressed and be finally solved once and for all. I’m proud of my PR heritage but we must be less emotional and sentimental and more realistic and shrewd.

  13. Frankly Puerto Rico should have been a state years ago but there's always a few who think by remaining a commonwealth they stay neutral and not step on any toes with the US government and given how Puerto Ricans have been treated over the years I can understand even after Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico just suffered greatly and our President quoted how much Puerto Rico owed the government so you can understand the pain we feel when our own President is hesitant to help us in a time of crisis I want Puerto Rico to be a state but our President needs to see us as more than just a number because we are Americans

  14. What is the reason the US doesn’t want Puerto Rico to reach Statehood?
    Puerto Rico is 10 times more beautiful than Hawaii, so why it’s being ignored? Is it Racism?
    Why the US prefers to help Vietnam (who killed 50,000 US soldiers) and North Korea than PR? Is it Racism?
    Jennifer Lopez, Pit Bull, and other want to invest in PR but they don’t know the future of the Island.
    It’s is time for Statehood, the 51st State.

  15. Puerto Rico should continue to ask for $21 Billion and more in payments from the US government when Puerto Rico residents don't pay US Federal taxes. The US owes PR !

  16. GOD( Father, Son, Holy Spirit) Bless The United States of America and The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico USA.🇺🇸🇵🇷🦅🗽🙏✝️☦️❤️

  17. I don’t think Puerto Rico should become a State. I doubt it will ever happen as the US hasn’t admitted another state since 1959. In fact I think all territories should become independent.

  18. In my opinion, the island has not given a clear message to the congress about what they really want. If the plebiscite at one time showed by a small margin that they wanted statehood, on the second one, only 33% of the voters went out to vote, and not even all of them voted statehood. In other way, the island has what they vote for.

  19. Porque nosotros no lo queremos. Somos otra nacion. Y la mayoría tiene miedo a ser libre. Pq siempre nos han metido miedo con que seríamos como Cuba. Ahora nos dicen q seremos como Venezuela. Yo no pienso así. Yo creo q seríamos como Singapur, Suiza o Irlanda.

  20. Latinos should be proud and shed our White oppressors. Let PR be free !! We don't need racist White people and their yoke of citizenship.

  21. We’re not a state because #1 politicians are afraid of loosing power and #2 RACISM. And that’s it. Nothing else

  22. America should give every Middle Easterner or any other foreign person US benefits and citizenship if they were affected by US bombing or invasions

  23. Puerto Rico is a total ripoff for the U.S. Give it to someone else who want's to deal with corruption, poverty and high crime. They Contribute NOTHING To Our Economy In the U.S. Period!

  24. The US Congress will NEVER Give PR Statehood. The Island is totally corrupt and will cost the US Billions of Dollars! Just sell PR to Venezuela

  25. Because those who want because half of Puerto Ricans who want independence cant afford to survive without US handouts and the half that want statehood bring nothing to the table worth admission.

  26. Puerto Ricans need there independent s and rights its a beautiful culture and place and Spanish speaking.💗🇺🇸

  27. I would love to teach in Puerto Rico! I am North American 🇺🇸 and becoming a teacher! I hope I make a positive impact on Puerto Rico one day 🇵🇷 !!!!

  28. long story short we are wasting our money on Caribbean island Mexicans and they dont deserve to be apart of our country

  29. Puerto Rico is a US State. Its a Commonwealth. Like Kentucky for example ( Kentucky is a Commonwealth). Puerto Ricans deserve a vote in US Presidency.

  30. If the US hadn't colonized us during the Spanish-American war, we would've developed as an independent country since then, and would be better off now. People in Puerto Rico want statehood because they ignore the country's potential, and they fear being independent so they turn to the US. Even though they've helped us, they limit and control what we can do as a country. I find it degrading that we're not even considered a country just because of our political status. Not all of us want to be a state though, because how could you to the same people that colonized your country. Pero pase lo que pase, yo seré Puertorriqueño!!!!

  31. Isn't this the reason why the States started their independence against Britain? "No taxation without representation"?

  32. Spain did not concede Puerto Rico, the United States INVADED. This is an illegal occupation that’s been going on for 120 years! Que viva Puerto Rico libre!!!


  34. Yeah IF USA invades Puerto Rico & they spoke spanish before that do USA speak only English now becuse of their gloryest past? Its Good to be able to speak,Read both linguas.

  35. If a voter turnout was short in numbers on the mainland USA, what does that matter??? Either the people (who voted) vote one way or the other. The winner of the election has NOTHING to do with anything but the NUMBER THAT IS A WINNING NUMBER, according to that election.
    Now, the truth of the matter is… there are too many members of Congress that are racist and will NOT vote to ALLOW Puerto Rico to become a state, REGARDLESS of what an island vote turnout may be! Puerto Rico is still doomed in this day and age because of the impasse in the US Congress. Let's not hide the facts … They are what they are!

  36. Because they could never "whiten" our COUNTRy we still are a Caribbean nation, with 400 years of national culture bursting up. Plus they can further plunder our economic well-being as U.S. possession… Talking about USA nasty Latin american imperialism and hegemony. Están.mancomunados con la oligarquía criolla no solo en PR… US is built by land 'takers' and grabbers' cynical and racist rich people

  37. Puerto Rico était une autre province d'Espagne colonisée par les États-Unis, in raison de son businesssement à s'étendre.

    Puerto Rico was another province of Spain colonized by the United States, because of its eagerness to expand.

  38. I see puerto ricans here wanting independence from US put they dont tell you that Independence movement in PR represent only 3% so stop giving the false illusion that many people in PR want it.

  39. Everybody is talking here about "taxation without representation" but what we are forgetting is that puerto Rico does not really contribute anything. Puerto Rico is a big burden to the US since literally half of its citizens live off welfare. And lets not forget the extreme amount of corruption of its politicians.

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