Why Does American Currency Say ‘In God We Trust?’ Question

Why Does American Currency Say ‘In God We Trust?’ Question

we love answering audience questions you
can submit them via voicemail 2192 David P or via email by gonna David Pakman dot
com and clicking on contact us Rex wrote to me in rec said hey here’s a
question for you and Luis with a new visitor to the United States
no which God is being referred to when they read in God We Trust on our currency or here one nation under God in the
Pledge of Allegiance I like this question okay would support
a visitor to the US now it really depends on whether they are
familiar with the United States or not I think the assumption would be if you’re familiar with the United
States you would think when you hear one nation under God that it is probably the judeo-christian
God and I am I would let’s start there would
you agree with that Lewis if you are informed and visiting the US
when you hear under God that’s what you think I’ve I i would
agree in that case yes that would be bad be safe to assume at the same time
if you were visiting from a country that number one was not a Christian
country predominately Christian Catholic country and number two you just were less
informed about the religious demographics at the United
States which would be perfectly fair would you would it be confusing to hear
in God We Trust or or or or is hearing one nation under
God I think it probably would be however
many other countries have a kinda this tablished mint
religion regardless of whether or not is one of the what we would in the US
consider major religion so then the question becomes if you come from a country that Paulo’s you know more a tribal religion or a
less common world religion if you come to the US and
you simply see one nation under God do you assume it it’s that religion that
to you has been the religion growing up in I don’t know I mean you are in a
different place and there really is no imagery that goes
along with it but I could ease I could see people I yeah I could see people thinking about
just a few pages don’t know any better I think that there’s no question that it
is confusing it may it’s not confusing to us here in the US because even if we
disagree with a the the for example a federal holiday on Christmas which is
a Christian holiday or in God We Trust on
our currency even if we we disagree with that because we think
it’s not separation of church and state we still understand colloquially what
gods and what religions are being referred to i think it’s a good question I think it would be pretty damn
confusing if you showed up here from another country and you weren’t totally up to speed on
exactly what’s going on in the united states and the desire of the the particularly right-wing
Christian lawmakers to mix and combine their religion with the
law I think it would be pretty confusing

81 thoughts on “Why Does American Currency Say ‘In God We Trust?’ Question

  1. Personally I think currency should be printed with "In God We Trust (In Cars You Rust?)" per the Alien Sex Fiend song. And the Pledge of Allegiance should contain "One Nation Under a Groove" per the Funkadelic song. Just my 2 cents on the matter.

  2. David a little history for you. One nation under god was added to pledge by President Eisenhower to make us that much for different from the Russians. And I've asked several of my old teachers about this when I was going to school. That god doesn't refer to the Christian god it refers to all gods. It is suppose to be accepting of all religions. Again however it's stupid and people are twisting it's meaning.

    I don't think it should have been added in to begin with but it happened anyway. 

  3. Np. not really, international travelers aren't as dumb as people in the US.
    We actually know that most people in the US are Christians.
    Who doesn't know that?

  4. In LYNCH v. DONNELLY, 465 U.S. 668 (1984) the U.S. Supreme Court ruled these acts of "ceremonial deism" are "protected from Establishment Clause scrutiny chiefly because they have lost through rote repetition any significant religious content."

    So, thanks to religious zealotry, the words "In God we trust" have no more meaning than grunting "what's zup?"

  5. David and the crew DID NOT answer audience questions. Ask yours today! Cause they wont answer. but I will

    National Reform Association, first Christian lobbyist Group that blamed the Civil War on the Constitution for not mentioning Jesus Christ as God of this nation during the 1860s, Tried 7 times to pass an amendment to make the USA a Christian nation in the past 150 years, established national prayer breakfast responsible for In God we Trust on our Coins.

    Pakman is a FAKE liberal

  6. That's a very stupid question… C'mon, if a person has the money to visit the US, of course this would know that the US is country with a Christian population, c'mon. WTF? Even kids from elementary school from shitty schools in third world countries know that.

    Even if you don't know that, that's what everybody would assume since the US is a western country.

  7. The US is NOT a predominantly Catholic country as Mr Pakman states.  It is a predominantly PROTESTANT country.

  8. Is 'Judeo-Christian god' really a thing? I'm sure the Jews wouldn't want their god to be conflated with the Christians' god who tolerates things like eating pork.

  9. The only people who have a problem with 'In God We Trust' are edgy atheist teenagers who are only atheists because they think it makes them cool and smart.  I remember when i was 15…

  10. We shouldn't have religion be a part of our government. It goes against what our founding father wanted. Plus they had good reason to separate church and state.

  11. I guess if you don't want people outside US to be confused about what "created" means in the declaration of indipendence you should correct the right wing, they are the one thinking that US is a christian nation, the rest of the world knows it is secular.

  12. In UK, banknotes have the words "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of [five/ten/twenty/fifty etc] pounds" and a signature by the Governor of the bank of England.
     In USA.. yous gotta trust in an imaginary being instead.. and he doesn't even bother to sign it.
     Good luck with that..

  13. 'In God We Trust' was put on American currency at the insistence of American merchants. You have to remember that was done before Visa, Mastercard, etc and some customers wanted to pay by check. There was a mistake at the minters and the whole of it should read  'In God We Trust – All Others Pay Cash'. 

  14. It's odd Christians have not complained yet about Washingtons picture being on money,he was a Free Mason and according to them the Free Masons are the Illuminati,evil and all that.

  15. Never mind which "god" they're referring to, who's the "we" they're referring to? I know plenty of people that don't trust in any god.

  16. It must freak out hardcore Christians from America travelling to Britain and getting a £10 note with Charles Darwin on it.

  17. "In God We Trust"  should be rephrased "God Help Us".  Look at the trillions of dollars of GW Bush debt.  In 20 years we will still be paying it off.

  18. Canadian Money sais 'Del Gratia Regina Elizabeth II' which means 'By The Grace of God Queen Elizabeth II'
    Its just tradition… tho seeing "In The Flying Spaghetti We Trust" on coins would be awsome

  19. …Er, the video title seems misleading.  The title sounds like "Why do we even have that on our money?" similar to "Why do we have one nation under God in the pledge?"
    But, the actual question is assuming some people might get confused by what God it means.  Besides, I think most people already assume it's supposed to mean the Christian God, what with a lot of "conservative" opinions falling back on that and only that as their justification for their actions.  Note the air quotes, because said opinions make a mockery of any conservatives and reasonable Republicans.

  20. The reason 'In God we trust' is on the american currency is because during the Red Scare the USA did everything to counter communism. Since communism forbids religion because the state wants people to be loyal to nothing else than the state itself. It has nothing to do with the government being religious (primarily) – it's simply a way of opposing communism.

    Also interesting to note, on the topic of communism: because the CIA and the companies that rule the CIA were upset because socialist Fidel Castro overthrew their Banana Republic in Cuba, they started an embargo on Cuba. Since Cuba was primarily dependent on exporting sugar and the USA did not buy any of it, Cuba was susceptible to the USSR's leader Krushnev coming over and offering to buy Cuba's sugar as much as Cuba could deliver, and selling Cuba oil (which Cuba needed to buy from the USA previously). During those years, when Castro's regime was not yet sure on what it would be, it suddenly became communist.

    In their attempt to throttle communism and socialism they instigated a communist state that remains to this day XD (Also a social health care reform act was veto'd because it contained the word social. A similar act is now called obamacare. Go figure)

  21. I think it's deliberately vague so it can apply to christians, jews and muslims alike. Just because you and the person in the next room both say "god" doesn't mean you mean the same thing. As an atheist, I would reference the book-character and make a liar of myself because how can I trust a book-character?

  22. What's particularly interesting is how and when "In God We Trust" got put on the money. I think that would explain, in a better sense, how our money got this phrase attached to it. Then take it one step further, let's first make sure there is a "God" and why should be "Trust" this Imaginary God? Funny how you can get away with almost anything as long as you attach "God" to it. Yeah "God" told me to drown my children, or kill my wife, or cut the arms and legs off a baby…come one people…wake the "F" up!

  23. The phrase is on the currency because you can not be a free mason if you're an atheist. They're the ones who put it there. No other symbolism on American currency points toward a Judaism or Christianity. It all points toward free mason/"mystery religion" symbolism. Nothing to do with Christianity or Judaism. The thing with free masons and other secretive, not necessarily secret societies, is they have the ability to cater to the appeasement of as well as exploit many different political, philosophical, or in this case, religious ideals, for either better or worse. Much the same way Constantine did unifying Rome while at the same time undermining individual faiths and ideologies. Ironically, in contrast to my opening statement, atheism is promoted and preached outside the lodge/temple, but forbidden inside. lol Not so much of a mystery after all.

  24. I learned in school the reason they put In God we trust on American currency is to say the money doesn't belong to just one man but to everyone. The only person it belongs to solely is whatever God you worship so therefore every person. Then my teacher went on to say and that is why the police can only hold on to money for so long and if no one comes to claim it then it is given back to the people who found it or something like that. Do I believe what my teacher said…ehh I'd like to but I know he was just saying what he said to please everyone since my school was a huge mix of everything lol. Either way it's still a nice way to look at it instead of getting offended or something over it.

  25. I use my debit card 99% of the time, so I don't really care. That being said, you shouldn't print a particular religious slogan (that we all know the meaning of) on currency. It serves no purpose other than to server your particular belief at the exclusion of everyone else of a commonly used thing. If most Americans were athesit, I wouldn't support "Gods don't exist," or "Democrats are better than Republicans." Religion gets a special privilege when evoked that's obviously illogical.

  26. Please ignore the atheist liberal spin these godless libtards are trying to sell you. The reason "In God we trust" is on the currency is because God mints every U.S. coin and writes every bill by hand then blows a kiss on each piece of money before sending them down to earth in a valley in Utah at night when no one is watching. It amazes me how atheists can not believe in God when the proof of His existence is in literally everything around us. Praise Jesus.

    [Edit, May 12, 2015]: Damn. Can't believe this guy is right (about that one thing, i.e., comment editing). I'll concede that. Perhaps it's something YouTube has since changed, because I could swear that the time attached to a comment would update when it was edited). Dammit, YouTube.

  27. Wow, I see why it is confusing the god that they refer to is simple, it is shown on the mercury dime, Hermes, this is the god that these coins refer to, the proof is in that coin, knowledge is power :)_'

  28. The real reason they put "In god we trust" on our money is because we all know we cannot trust the government


  29. To me, "In God We Trust" sounds a lot like "Gott Mit Uns", the old Wehrmacht slogan. Given that it was crypto-fascist right wingers who put "In God We Trust" on the money, I think the comparison is apt.

  30. That's not what I expected from the title. I think it would be interesting to dive into the process that pushed to put god on money and in the pledge in the first place since it hasn't always been that way. When did America start watering down the separation of church and state and who is ultimately responsible?

  31. For me, it's the other way around. I grew up in the United States, and always saw "In God We Trust" on our currency. I'm not religious, but it's just one of those things that further pushes this culturally ingrained notion that we are a "Christian Nation." However, since adulthood I've had the opportunity to live in two other countries a part from the US, and travel to almost a dozen more. Yet in every place I've been to so far, not a single currency I have handled has had any notion of God on it. And to be honest, it's rather liberating. It's something as simple as taking a phrase off of a bill that represents that we are a secular nation that does not endorse any one ideology over another.

  32. One of the founding father was a secret Jew, and when they wanted to write in Jesus we trust, he objected and asked to replace it with In God we trust.
    We should change it into "In Trinity we trust".

  33. DP… are you asking this question because you are Jewish and don't like the "Christianity" of this country? Just asking…. Peace <>< <3

  34. You'd have to have lived under a rock to not know which 'God' is being referred to in the US. That, or a child. 

  35. Both "In god we trust" and "under god" were adopted in the middle of the 20th century as part of the cold war reaction to the perceived threat of communism. The specific purpose was to affirm that religion plays an important role in the US. The specific types of communist ideologies that were adopted by political movements in several countries at the time downplayed the value of religion and in some cases discouraged or even banned it.

    These phrases are a relic of the cold war. They certainly still inspire many people and have value to them but can be confusing or even offensive to others. Whether they are still appropriate or not is a matter of fierce debate by some. Even if a majority decided they wanted to return to the phrasing used before the cold war, removing them at this point would be difficult because many would perceive this as an attack on religion and their core values. The phrases were not inclusive of all faiths as designed nor tolerant of those who are agnostic or atheist. More inclusive phrasing might be tough to fit on a coin anyways but the discomfort felt by some with the current phrases is understandable and unfortunate.

  36. Why? Because some people can't handle reality and knowing that they will be dead some day.

    Putting it on metal coins and paper dollars is or was an affront to the commies, those godless people.

    I wished that the "christian" would take the time to investigate where those myths were stolen from and what other names the characters were given. The hebrews plagiarized other cultures myths and changed the names to sound like it was they that was the center of attention to a "god". Notice through  the centuries that the hebrews 'goal posts' have been moved to expand their claims to others land. Their book was initially written in the Babylon vicinity, or todays Baghdad and those two rivers their script speaks of was the Tigress and the Euphrates rivers. The Nile river was no where in sight,,, then the goal poist was moved. The old claims it was "slaves" that built the Egyptian pyramids was just another lie to make themselves feel superior to others. Oh so cleaver of them to lie the way they do with that bold face on. Bold faced Liars.

    In god we thrust. (my sic)

  37. Since they are referring to the Judeo god, they could clarify and say, "In Yahweh We Trust."

  38. Come on Dave, not everyone in the world is a frikin moron. If this fictitious person could read the text she or he would most likely infer that "God" referred to a supreme being. She or he would probably surmise this being was good based on the absence of open fornication, robbery, rape and the like. But there is always an exception and they might think that GOD  referred to a shipping company; namely Guaranteed Overnight Delivery, especially if they were younger.

  39. its actually quite clever. nobody with respect towards god would put his name on money thats very disrespectful but of course it makes perfect sense if your god is money hehehe which means the jews are your masters since money is their god. get it now?

  40. both wrong .. In god we trust . because god gave you equil rights . inalienable rights to protect you from government ..  in god we trust cause to protect you from government laws. we don't trust government . lol.  not about religion . your creator can be any thing and it gave you rights from god to protect you from government .  government doesn't become your slave master . you would be a slave if not f0r in god we trust ..  idiots. read your citizen rule book  .

  41. God's version about equal rights and the U.S. government's version about equal rights should not be condoned as 1 and the same version because the government was not and is not and won't be God. Just because the U.S. government says that I have equal rights, should not had been condoned of the U.S. government to influence people to go around committing sins. Besides, what's so "right"/"righteous" about teaching children that there's no law against Playboy. Here's something that I found out with Jesus Christ's help: It's a form of defamation of character to allow "In God We Trust" to exist on money because having those words on money has influenced people to view God and Money as being the same thing. But still, the government will not apply justice to themselves even though they supposedly support their laws on "Defamation of character" because they don't condone it to be offensive against God to have "In God We Trust" written on their moneyIt's not the U.S. Government who said this because it was Jesus Christ who said this:  If you really trust in God, then you'd prove it through obeying God's commandments.

    Therefore, the U.S. government should not had allowed companies to exist such as Playboy because if they so trusted in God and therefore if they've proven it through obeying His commandments then why on earth did they all Playboy company to exist on earth while not telling people that (1) God commanded: Do not commit adultery and (2) Yes, Playboy is a form of adultery.
    So after all these years, how does God now look and sound towards children after they find out that the "mighty" U.S. Government allowed companies such as the "mighty" Playboy to exist?See, the U.S. government committed defamation of character against God because they gave people the impression(s) that God was the one who allowed Playboy company to exist because the U.S. government has had a bad history of pretending to be God themselves. God commanded: Don't follow the laws of manYet, the U.S. government that consists of only men and women continued to invent their own laws and those laws have been contrary against God's laws such as when they allowed Playboy to exist because Playboy influences people to disobey: Thou Shall not commit adultery

  42. It's not religion. It means GOD (Ground Of Dominion). In the pledge of alliegence "one nation under GOD…" means "Under Ground Of Dominion" meaning a dead Nation, a Corporation, a corpse, etc.
    And all in capital letters like the name in de birth certificate. See Jordan Maxwell for reference.

  43. Has "In God We Trust" invaded your town? We are here to help! This group is for those who feel the separation of church of state is an important issue and should be honored, regardless of your belief – or lack thereof.
    Are you tired of state, county, and city officials who want to plaster "In God We Trust" on taxpayer owned property?
    If so, this is the group for you!
    Theists, non-theists, and all freethinkers are welcome here. We need your support to show politicians that diversity exists within our state, and their promotion of a monotheistic religion (push for theocracy) will not be tolerated. Stand up and be heard!

  44. The term "God" was INVENTED some 400 years ago. there is no such term in the original Scriptures, so it has more to do with WHAT is "God", and in the case of America, it's pretty obvious that the DOLLAR is her "God", and so it is reflected on her money.

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