13 thoughts on “What’s Next For The Economy In 2020? | NBC News NOW

  1. thank god the fed covers the 4 largest banks in the US with overnight loans. as jack always says" You can't handle the truth." back to you bob in Oz.

  2. It is evident that the Democrats desire, dream and fantasize for another recession. Why? The Us is about to blow past the ten year typical period/time for another recession. A renegotiated trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, China seems to be making concessions on hundreds and hundreds of imported items and dropping tariffs are dramatically reducing tariffs. We're all in this economy, Democrats, Republican, Socialists, Conservatives, Liberals, Communists alike. Merry Christmas my fellow Americans. 🎄

  3. Stupid comments, randomly lump the free world trade disputes with the trade war with CCP (Chinese Communist Party) which might someday conquer the US using their huge trade surplus. Very stupid!

  4. the USA plans to sell drugs to themselves for 2020 Economy.. right now majority of them out getting drunk and smoking that dro then they going out driving later STONED DRUNK as usual

    oh yeah, then need the gas so that offers more jobs as gas station workers, they also need garbage workers to pick up the garbage from all the fast food and fried chicken boxes and empty bags of cheetos, doritos, fritos, they like all kinds variety packs..

  5. The national debt is up 23 trillion dollars up from 20 trillion when Trump took office. Yearly deficits are at record highs of over a trillion dollars per year for as far can be projected. This is the opposite of what deficits and debt should in a good economy. This economy could go no for years, but 50 year old and younger will see they were robbed when they want to retire.

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