‘Walking Conglomerate’ BTS and their impact on Korean economy

‘Walking Conglomerate’ BTS and their impact on Korean economy

Global K-pop sensations BTS are smashing record
after record,… and the Korean economy is also benefitting from their sky-high achievements. Seo Bo-bin has the report
South Korean K-pop stars BTS have had massive success in the global music charts, and this
success is trickling over to the Korean economy. As global awareness of BTS rises, more foreign
tourists are visiting Korea and exports of Korean consumer goods are increasing. According to the Hyundai Research Institute,
the impact of BTS on the Korean economy last year is estimated at 4-billion-9-hundred-30-million
US dollars. This is about 26 times the average revenue
of a local mid-sized firm. The economic impact mainly seems to come from
the effect of advertising through SNS or YouTube. Advertising linked to BTS is a key factor
for companies’ profits and that can lead to an increase in consumer goods exports as well. From when BTS debuted until end of last year,
it has been estimated that an average of 8-hundred-thousand foreign tourists per year have visited South
Korea due to BTS. Clothing, food and beverages exports have
also benefited, with cosmetics exports increasing by zero-point-72 percentage points for every
1 index point increase in awareness of BTS. With such impact, BTS has been given the name
‘walking conglomerate’ and their success has put many other K-pop artists in the spotlight
as well. With the support of their loyal fanbase, BTS
will likely continue to boost the Korean economy. Seo Bo-bin, Arirang News.

22 thoughts on “‘Walking Conglomerate’ BTS and their impact on Korean economy

  1. Thank you for including our boys BTS success in your news, they are an amazing South Korean Boy Band. They are not only Idols they are really Artist who love to make songs with art with hope to everyone who likes real music. I'm a grandmother and I love BTS music and why not I love BTS individually like a person they are awesome, humble they show love to the humanity they are exceptional human beings. All these years following them listen to their music, buying their products, attending their concerts give me happiness and hope for a new different way to live for all the ARMY's who love them too. We work hard and together to raise the stream together in Youtube channel and stream music in the mayor's music apps to help them to be noticed for more people who can receive the benefit of their music. ARMY is happy for all their achievements. BigHit is an awesome entertainment company who show they really take care of their employee's and Singers like a real family. My dream is in two years go and visit S. Korea. I like to see with my own eyes the country who raise this 7 wonderful, amazing young man.

  2. BTS is an asset for Asia in general and South Korea in particular. True is the saying,"BTS PAVED THE WAY".

  3. Kpop BTS global artist that so amazing they work hard and now they so very popular in the world i'm very respect and proup of them 💜👍

  4. Walking Conglomerate. Well they say it not us Army. We don't want to brag but the numbers don't lie,. Three years in a row. They have been praised for their huge contribution (billions) Only BTS nobody else. Stop hating when someone recognise that BTS paved the way. They make us the rest of the world fall in love with KPOP and curious of Korea.. I rest my case. Haters had left the room..An army from London.

  5. That's why they shouldn't be enlist in military enlistment . They have big contribution to Korean Economy and Kpop Industry . Bangtan Bros. Really paved the way

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