Venezuela IS Socialism

Venezuela IS Socialism

Venezuelans are dying in huge amounts. Stossel: Venezuela was once the richest country in Latin America. It still has the world’s biggest oil reserves. But 20 years ago, Venezuelans voted for socialism. They elected Hugo Chavez. Some Americans were excited about that. Model Naomi Campbell visited Chavez calling him “a rebel angel.” Jimmy Kimmel: This is you and Hugo Chavez. Michael Moore: [laughing] Oh Michael Moore! Michael Moore! Kimmel: Really? He says, “help me write my speech.” He is one of the most important forces we’ve had on this planet. And even today, as Venezuela collapses, many Americans say, don’t blame socialism. Actually, blaming socialism for Venezuela’s riches to rags story is grossly misleading. Yes, Venezuela is going through an insane political crisis right now. But it’s not clear that that crisis has anything to do with their socialist policies. Stossel: This popular video, “the collapse of Venezuela explained” never once mentions “socialism.” Vox Anchor: “Oil prices plummeted in 2014 and Maduro failed to adjust.” Stossel: Media personalities suggest only conservatives say Socialism destroyed Venezuela. John Oliver: If you follow conservative media at all you might have seen it frequently painted as the inevitable dire consequences of a socialist government. Stossel: The problem isn’t Socialism, says John Oliver John Oliver: It’s a story about epic mismanagement. But mismanagement is what happens under socialist governments. It always happens because no group of central planners is wise enough to manage an entire economy. Even if they have good intentions, Stossel: the socialists eventually run out of other people’s money. The socialists solution then is to print more. [sound of money printing] That caused massive inflation. The nation’s failed economy is expected to hit 10 million percent inflation this year. Stossel: When business owners raised prices to keep up with inflation government often took away their businesses. Chavez [in Spanish]: What is this? Response [in Spanish]: A private business. Chavez [in Spanish]: Expropriate it. [crying businessman] Stossel: This man’s just had his business taken [crying businessman] Stossel: Socialist say government can run businesses better than greedy owners who just want profit. And even though that led to tyranny in Venezuela, and China, and Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Cuba… There are plenty of socialist countries that look nothing like Venezuela. When I talk about Democratic Socialism I am not looking at Venezuela I’m not looking at Cuba. I’m looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden [Swedish folk music] Stossel: Oh yes, those counties do have bigger welfare programs than America does. but they are not socialist. They make a point of saying that. Here’s Denmarks prime minister Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy. Not only that, lately, they’ve reduced government control of their economy. They privatized the national phone system, and the railroads and they sold Copenhagen airport to a private company. It’s the same story in Sweden. Johan Norberg: We did have a period in the 1970s and 1980s when we had something that resembled socialism – a big government that taxed and spent heavily. And that’s the period in Swedish history when our economy was going south. [people cheering] Stossel: So Sweden reduced government’s role too. They even instituted school choice The Scandinavian countries that progressives call “socialist successes” Not only are they not socialist— They’re moving more toward Capitalism. [chanting in Spanish] Stossel: The silver lining in Venezuela’s collapse is that most Venezuelans who escaped their country’s socialism do understand what went wrong. In Florida, reporter Gloria Alvarez asked Venezuelan immigrants What do you think about socialism? That doesn’t work. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s never going to work. It’s never gonna work. Do you think that people once they get out of Venezuela, do they understand that the problem is socialism? I think that a great percentage of them do. The problem is the socialist system that they tried to make work but that has never worked, and will never work. It will never work as Ludwig von Mises wrote, “The champions of socialism promise the Garden of Eden, but plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office. Every man a subordinate clerk.” I wish progressives understood that. Since they don’t tragedies like Venezuela will happen again and again.

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  1. John stossel wakes up before 2020. Thought you were still running down petty theft when you don't understand equality is actually non equality based on resource value of productivity. YOU OWE EVERY MAN YOU'VE EVER TRIED TO HUNT DOWN WITH A CAMERA A HUGE ASS KISSING. BLUE COLLAR DOESN'T FORGET!

  2. Ah yes, socialism, commonly defined as an economic system featuring private ownership of the means of production with some social welfare initiatives and price caps on select commodities.

  3. Yeah, I'm Venezuelan myself and I really can't believe fucking idiots from the first world say we're not socialist. It really irritates tf out of me

  4. And this is why i love Bernie Sanders, thanks for telling the truth about the scandinavian countries and our politics, i was getting really tired of the media (Fox News) in America comparing us to venezuela when we are nothing alike and we arent Socialist but Social Democrats, we have free market here and it works wonders it's also the reason we have been ranked the happiest people and the best country to live in, there is no lower class in Denmark because the wages are so good, even the poorest of families here have everything you could imagine. One day America will realize that it's not bad or socialism, we don't strip people of their money or take over peoples businesses in fact Forbes ranked us 3rd in best country to start a business in, and i hope you will understand why no one in Denmark is fighting to change the policies we have, we love them and would never go back to being republican or conservatives i hope you make the right choice in 2020, and do some research on the candidates that interrest you before you vote. – Peace from Denmark and good luck in 2020

  5. Different systems, different results. It's clear that progressives don't want socialism. They want a social democracy similar to the nordic model. It's completely different. It's not even close to the Venezuelan system.

    The left clearly does NOT want socialism in USA. They want the nordic model. You and the far right keep saying the left wants "socialism" in USA, which is only a strawman designed fool uneducated people. It's very dishonest, but people fall for it. You're telling people what's good for them is bad for them.

  6. I watched that Vox video multiple and every time I blindly agreed with every point they made. Now John is making me look like an idiot.

  7. We should look after our poor, elderly, sick and disabled and educate the young. It's not much to ask from the richest countries in the world. The cost of not doing it is much higher – think about it…… that what you call socialism? I am also sick of the US blaming the extreme socialism caused by it's own foreign policy, raping countries of their resources then complaining when those people democratically elect someone who might help them regain their own resources.

  8. I like he says it will never work. I bet a lot of ppl told the Wright Brothers the same.thing. This dude is just a right wing meme Lord.

  9. This is complete capitalist propaganda… Venezuela was more communist than Socialist, and Progressives want to copy Canada not Venezuela.

  10. Fake news!…. if the goverment wants to take the private oil company and give that to the people for better leaving do so, Venezuela is only crashing because of the United States.

  11. "If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking is freedom."

    -Dwight D. Eisenhower

  12. I thought there was supposed to an exception for workers under 18 to the $15 min wage law in most places? Did that never happen?

  13. The problem is people are using different definitions of "socialism." Liberals nowadays tend to use it more like Bernie's definition as referring to the Scandinavian model. Right-leaning people tend to use it in the more historical sense of countries like the Soviet Republic, North Korea, East Germany, etc. I think it's a mistake for Democrats to try and reinvent the word when it has so many negative connotations tied to it. They should just say "Scandinavian model" or "social democracy" instead of fighting this uphill battle of re-defining a word.

  14. Also Venezuela is socialist but the current crisis is really due to the fact that they were a banana republic dependent on the value of a single export (oil). I don't agree with the way their government was run, but pinning the blame on "socialism" isn't accurate.

  15. The politicians just don’t think big enough. Why not make it $100/hour minimum wage? That would be great if everyone made $100 per hour, wouldn’t it?

  16. As a venezuelan that was forced to leave my country due to socialism and socialism and nothing else but socialism only I truly thank you for your time and effort for making this video! You earn a new loyal susbcriber!

  17. I'm a thirty year old college graduate with 12 years of work experience, and I still get offered minimum wage. Local career center can't tell me why.

  18. Venezuela socialist?!! from when!? Let me say that:
    Ask your self thouse questions:
    -Is the market fallouing the socialist model?
    -Are the companies own by one man ore by the guoverment
    -Can you still go outside (from your countrie)?
    -Are all people(inc: doctors policemens and bisnesmens) force to do label work when needed?!
    -Is the conscription of students forced?
    -Is the healt care 100% free?
    or is just the same sitoation as Chili but hey its not a good nazi guy its a fukcing commie
    (Helicopter sounds)

  19. I don't even know why we bother talking about socialism in America it will never happen and we know it there's a few wackadoos who think it would but these are the same wackadoos who the majority of America do not listen to…. right now a bunch of corrupt men run media and TV and are trying to completely run the internet so they can get their evil agenda implemented people are too smart for that except for a few crazies the only reason they want this is to destroy our country not to make it better….. if these wackadoos want to implement tyranny so bad let's get rid of government all together and let them just go back to punishing evil-doers after all that's all government was supposed to do ever …then these wackadoos can Implement socialism propaganda in their own little crazy communities and when they fail and are starving to death they can come to our capitalistic communities and buy some of our delicious products hopefully before they have to eat their dogs to survive … I just hope they make lots of movies of their lunacy experiments if it's anything like the convention they had the other day it would be endless entertainment….. it amazes me how so many people can be so easily manipulated and led astray it is just common sense the writing is on the wall the facts are right in front of them and yet they still think maybe just maybe we can do it…. they need to quit drinking the fluoridated Kool-Aid….

  20. Eventually Democrats will take full control of the US and once they do, the US will have to declare sovereign bankruptcy and the US dollar will be worthless.

  21. Hugo Chavez refused to invest into a safety net in case the oil barrel prices dropped. (Like Norway did)
    The guy knew nothing about economy. So they had nothing to take from when things went wrong. After that incompetence ensued… sigh

  22. Okay I have a challenge find me a capitalistic country remember if there are several rules In place inforced by the government that goes against the ideas of capitalism that country is not capitalist but if that's too hard

    Here is an Easier challenge find me one that dont exploit the third world

  23. Venezuela is socialism but America totally isn't true Capitalism? Jesus Christ, the amount of likes on this vid makes me lose hope in the future of the human race.

  24. People are basically bashing Socialism in one way. The Nazi Party was Socialist, so when people bash them, they're bashing Socialism. Hitler joined a Socialist party. And Stalin joined a Socialist party. They both ran the same way with secret police, death camps, etc…

  25. "Those who forget the past, are condemnd to repeate it"
    That's the socialist's in a nut shell, and they are completely incapable of recognizing that. And they expect us all to just roll over and comply with them. Like mindless robot's.
    Well, good luck with that.

  26. Socialism and communism are 2 sides of the same coin. Both end in economic ruin with hundreds of thousands or millions of people dead.

  27. Only pot-smoking hippies and ppl who think they are victims of the rich white man.. like the idea of socialism… No we are not going to adopt socialism in America .. just because you lost and you're ugly losers and you know it ..doesn't mean everyone else has to pay for it..if your not rich ..blame yourself you ugly losers ..Grow the fuck up!

  28. No matter where you find a pack of liberal assholes they are always yelling and chanting while ripping their country down with both hands.

  29. I think this "celebrities" should live here, in south america, for at least 3 years. Condition: they have to find a proper job here and never make use of their money in USA. They will see how socialism was "great" to the continent.

  30. John Stossel is a wonderful truth telling reporter. A shining example of what true journalism is all about.

    My former father-in-law was actually an engineer for a Philadelphia based oil company. I remember he was assigned to build refineries in Venezuela back in the 70's. What a disgusting chain of events has led to the Venezuela of today. Socialism cannot work anywhere for any longer than when other people's money runs out. This has been proven time and time again throughout history. I can't understand why people still buy into socialism. Oh… maybe it has to do with government schooling dumbing down the people through mass indoctrination?

  31. The USA can become a socialist country if we let it happen. We need to win the argument and show the millennials that socialism will bring down the USA as we know it, a land of freedom and liberty.

  32. No, I am not for the socialism at all. I escaped years ago from one European socialist country, but i must add that when comes to money,not only socialist government, but also capitalist government, called democracy…when they spend other people money they print more. It goes for USA as an example of successful capitalism and the "famous' democracy. My foot democracy. Its like we say back at home…one is worth $18 and the other one $20 minus 2.

  33. I’m Venezuelan and I just want to say: THANK YOU! Great video, we can confirm that Socialism was the cause of our country’s destruction, but sadly it seems too late to recover from that. Please, never vote for socialism in America.

  34. Never ask a person who lives in a fail state about what went wrong, need to ask a MTV reporter who lives in California about that, they the true exporters.

  35. Learn from the past. How can they look at every single instance socialisms been implemented and still want it for us? I've never understood how supposedly smart people can be so utterly ignorant. It's like they've all drank the koolaid.

  36. Anyone's who say's that Scandinavian countries are socialist's countries, have never been there.
    What they know about those countries are mostly likely coming form Facebook.

  37. This video needs more views. Could everyone please promote it? There are so many so-called progressives on Twitter who have absolutely no clue about the real world and are quick to jump on the anti-capitalist bandwagon. I predict that they will soon start calling people "capitalist" as an insult, as they now call anyone they disagree with "racist." My fear is that these idiots are growing in number and will take over the entire Democratic party.

  38. Socialism is the very definition of insanity; trying the same thing over and over again expecting different result, even though it will most definitely not end how you want it to.

  39. This video needs to be played en masse. It should be on every movie theater’s giant screens before each movie is played. This video should be shown on conservative news channels, because of its eloquent, yet easy to understand argument against socialism. It needs to be shown on liberal media as well… I’m guessing, but perhaps there are liberals who do not believe in socialism, and fear that they’ll have no choice but to elect a socialist president, if their liberal brethren vote for one in the primaries.
    Show this video everywhere! It needs to gain traction! People need to get their facts straight before America is in dire straights! Get the disillusioned young leftists to open their minds and see that conservatives are not fascists, but that mostly we are realists!
    Socialism will never work! Paradise in theory, destruction in reality!

  40. Socialism only works small scale, you know, like a cult. Well, until they all end up dead. ie: Ruby Ridge, Waco, Heavens Gate…
    "When Jim Jones founded the Peoples Temple in Indiana in 1955, it appealed to many as a progressive organization advocating for civil rights, and operating homes for the elderly and those with mental health issues. Like previous progressive groups, Jones’s goal was to create an egalitarian utopian community." Rolling Stone magazine.

  41. Socialism only work for the politicians who promote it, so when they get in power and applied socialist economics plans, they can steal all rich people wealth for themselves and live the fab life they always wanted

  42. What I dont get about socialists in America is they seem to not understand that socialism is all about high taxation and government control. The rich people can move away and take their businesses (and jobs) with them. The poor cant afford to. And what the hell would even be the point of starting a business to get out of poverty if the government is going to tax you to high hell and take your property away?

    When the rich leave and the jobs start disappearing who the hell do you think theyre going to rob next?

  43. Blah blah blah… Outdated socialism phobia of 3rd world countries that our own government puts sanctions on… China just celebrated its 70 years of COMMUNISM! No one in the US media dared to criticize it haha… It's not even socialism, its freakin communism! AND IT RULES THE WORLD RIGHT NOW HAHAHAHA… China can destroy US economy in a hearbeat, and their people are doing well too. Taken in consideration brutal American criminal justice system disaster, their human violations may not even look so bad. It's time to get over the fear of socialism. It's not like we don't know that the US lives on printed money and strong military. That's beyond socialist. However, the balance of global military power is back, China just paraded it's nukes that are capable to reach the US in 30 min. If Venezuela had these nukes, it could also print money :))) Forget the oil hahaha, and the US media lap dogs and their owners wouldn't dare to say a word about it…

  44. Absolutely agree. But you have to mention also, that revolutions happen with a reason. If people live in a corrupt country where the resources are entirely harvested by foreigners, not paying taxes etc… what do you expect?
    Nobody wants to be a slave – this is why revolutions happen. Unfortunately, for Venezuela – they went from one extreme to another…

  45. But you’re missing that the failed socialist experiments in China,USSR,Cuba,Vietnam and Venezuela is due to US intervention with sanctions to protect corporate interest.

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