47 thoughts on “US economy is ‘the big winner’ in UAW-GM deal: Toyota North America CEO

  1. I applaud GM and the UAW for negotiating in good faith to bring the strike to an end. CEO Jim Lentz of Toyota North America made some encouraging remarks on the Auto Industry .

  2. Toyotans underline GM sister's and wives of Women'sWorld Mom'sRus BabiesRus Mom'sWorld about 🍰🍼🍯🥧 upgraded to 🍌🍒🍆with🥜.

    GM batteries lives in Toyota of Hillary R Clinton.

  3. GM and it's s employees are in for ANOTHER big shock by producing all these huge $75,000.00 trucks,It's going to bite you BIG AGAIN ! We're have a tremendous economy right now,but….. ……………

  4. The fact that wages in America have not kept pace with the TREAL cost of living is what this is about!! and talking heads are against a free people because when wages are to low to support the wage earner they get Government aide! And so the wages of wage earners affects us all!!!

  5. First it was Communism then it was BOLSHEVIKISM and it became into ZIONISM none of them work all enslave people under a harsh dictator as in Zion World Order they rule through Central Banking and in USA the "federal reserve" this is" the shadow Government" that tells the deep state what to do!!!

  6. GM definitely needs to bulid parts as GM autos are breaking down at very high rates, both new and used. The bigger problem for GM is their quality control and the fact GM wants to move all their plants to China and Mexico.
    Who the hell finances autos? I understand leasing a new auto with good credit, no downpayment and get a new auto every 2-3 years for a fairly low mt payment no maintenance worries no plan to buy out at end. But to put money down on a new auto and make payments for 3-5 years losing 35-55% of its value by time loan is finished seems illogical when there are many good used autos to buy straight out. It seems these automakers believe most will keep buying new. Well they've pretty much tapped that group of folks and their forcast should be planning to sell less autos over time, not more. And this trend of getting away from affordable cars is strange. Its either suv, crossovers or trucks. The car options new are very limited from American auto makers.

  7. I've bought my last GM. Been driving them most of my life. The last one started falling apart before I got it paid for. Go ahead and get you one of these junker's. I've washed my hands of them.

  8. gm is going to sell out to another company so they dont have to pay pensions. The workers didnt earn pensions either because the cars always suck.

  9. My house is paid off, but I still wouldn't buy a new car. I pay cash for good used vehicles, so thank you my fellow citizens for trading in your cars for new ones, thereby I avoiding massive depreciations in car values.

  10. Typical car sales man scam, Oh yes the payment will be the same, but now you have to pay 2 more years , You have to be crazy to buy a new car. Oh and they will be happy to finance it for you too. And what is he doing talking to the CEO of Toyota about the GM strike, Toyoya is a Non Union shop.

  11. This was no deal based on what I've heard….3yrs as a temp before becoming a permanent employee… that's outrageous…it should be like 90 days, to 6 months at most…Sounds like the Union sold themselves short…and GM plans to hire more temps….It cost GM about $30,000.00 an HR for labor cost in Mexico for $10,000 workers at their GM plants…when they pay them $3.00hr…compare that to American plant employees that make $20-$30 hr….That would be $200,000.00-$300,000.00 an HR for 10,000 workers…now consider how much it cost GM for 40hr….$1.2 million for Mexican workers for 40hrs, compared up to $12 million for 40hrs for 10,000 American workers….Now consider how much annually…say $57,600,000.00 million for 160hrs a month for 12 months….for 10,000 Mexican workers….now compare that to $576,000,000.00 million for 10,000 American workers…the margin is quite dramatic…factor in the cost of bonuses, that cost of insurance, paid vacation, retirement, profit shares…..There is a reason GM won't agree to a contract that requires them to keep jobs in America, protected by a union, and labor costs that high….They have a bigger plan to outsource manufacturing to places like Mexico due to the cost savings, and profits…plus to hire more temps, that would otherwise be jobs created for people who could support a family, with proper coverage, and time off for the more important things in life, but they use people as temps, till they can move to the next phase, and close more US manufacturing, and assembly plants….the devil is in the details of the contract, BEWARE…! 4yrs comes fast…then we'll, if you go on strike, GM will have taken that into consideration, it won't effect them then…..You guys have no idea….

  12. Neil Cavuto should follow She-pard Smith and resign, his bias talent is being wasted at FOX,when he could be working at CNN or MSNBC

  13. uneducated ppl making $63 an hour by standing in one spot pressing a button lol..all these workers don’t deserve that type of wages.$25an hour is good enough for these uneducated workers

  14. This is outrageously hilarious having Jim Lentz, Toyota CEO, discuss the GM UAW deal. Considering Toyota is a non-union automotive company that has 0% desire to become unionized. Most profitable auto company in the world, yet pays their employees less than both Ford & GM, while working the employees 2x as hard.

  15. The workers who voted for Trump in 2016 now realize that (a) Latino migrants coming here to seek legal asylum didn't take your jobs. GM's CEO did and (b) Donald Trump lied when he said "Don't sell your home Lourdstown….I'm not going to let jobs leave".

    Choose better in 2020. Liars need NOT be rewarded with re-election.

  16. The union fat cats are getting rich off the backs of their members, those people working in the Southern states in non union jobs are perfectly happy. Ask them, and they’re happy to tell you they are doing well and are treated fairly. The UAW is just a big corrupt money hole.

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