100 thoughts on “US economy is great, China not doing as well: Moody’s chief economist

  1. hmmm…. reminds me of so-called experts talking about the economy in 2007 before it fell off of a cliff.

  2. …declaring victory after the first battle may be a little premature. And if China falters, who will buy our debt so we can continue to bitch about how awful other nations are to us?

  3. The media thinks they are also a market analyst, a doctor, a immigration specialist, a lawyer they know everything lol

  4. That is why nobody is believing chief economist any more, China still grow around 6 percent this year, but he is full of bullshit.

    Wake up American!

  5. Is that fake Stormy Daniels anchoring FOX. Fake news on Fox again! USA in really sooo behind China, Korea, Japan, Europe…and WILL FALL further behind if we are not competitive!! and Trump is making us become the new HERMIT COUNTRY. Just came back from Beijing and Shanghai…WOW..this is why USA is afraid. Dynamic, Dynamic and More Dynamic then ever before. I don't see any slow down and people are not worried at ALL about the USA tariffs. Come back to USA – LAX , a crummy airport, highway, buildings. Flew on United to Houston…old airplane, airport, highway, and increase crime, homeless everywhere! NO wonder Trump is freaking scared as hell. New York, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, SF, Houston, DC are diarrhea cities, old OLD outdated and again OLD. Every 6 mos…i go to China and its very Energetic any Dynamic.

  6. Lol, and now a little propagandist video to calm down scared Muricunts :), before the real storm kicks in. Sorry guys but Chinese, EU, and Indian economies are only going to get bigger and bigger compared to USA. Japan and Russia won't ever surpass you cause of smaller population , but EU, China and India are different ball game. Your population is not big enough for the long run. Sorry. This Fox business channel must be the most bipolar piece of propagandist channel i ever watched in my life. They THEMSELVES made who knows how many videos saying that trade wars will hurt USA and are very dangerous. This is just a game they play. I expect their very next video to be completely different and against Trump. News for sheeple, many similarities with CNN and other MSM.

  7. Far too early to suggest success. This is nonsense. There is a long game to be played yet and not so sure that the US is prepared for the pain that a trade war will bring.

  8. There are so many things that are simply not to be discussed on air. I cannot understand why everything needs to be exposed. There are many things that should not be in the public domain. The press is bound to bring in their prejudices or biases and that will distort the whole thing.
    Take CNN for instance. They feel that they have the legal and moral right to criticize the administration on every policy. Somethings are best handled by the elected head of the state.

  9. Thank you I’ve been saying this forever. Trade wars hurt countries with trade surpluses.

    Once the US manufactures here then bye bye China, Germany, Mexico, Canada.

  10. So education of the people on these topics is good, such as GDP and trade deficits. The why spoil it by just keeping the explanation only to the experts, perhaps the experts don’t what to held accountable for their mistakes.

  11. Great PRESIDENT TRUMP makes America great again . And hopefully he could make the evil regimes on the earth collapsed. (e.g. The Community Party of China .This authoritarian party is enslaving Chinese people and threatening Taiwanese people …..Then certainly, All humanity will suffer unprecedented catastrophes at last ……… )

  12. Smartest things I've heard people on these new shows say yet. It's about time somebody actually gave president Trump some credit. He is not a moron. Brash, yes. But not a moron.

    The part I take exception with, is this idiot saying we need to keep these discussions with the professionals. There's a lot of us that are a lot smarter than they give us credit for.

  13. "There's a huge problem of imbalance. But it is NOT the result of bad trade deals, or NAFTA, or the WTO, or what the USTR was negotiating…..A trade war isn't going to solve it…..We are heading to a massive trade war in the world because Trump doesn't know what he is doing at all. He is making it up. He's a hopeless protectionist with a seventeenth century view of the world. There is no tariff problem in the world. The average tariff problem in the world today is 2%. The average in the U.S. is 1.7%….Don't bend to lobbyists…..This is getting out of hand….There is going to be some event no one can predict or control." David Stockman, Chief financial advisor, OMB to President Ronald Reagan

  14. How can China be great because it's the US who build China by decades of imbalance trade due to currency manipulation and taking advantage of trade deals that one sided towards China

  15. She is rude, she needs to shut her mouth because she is not the expert on trade. Let them answer the questions Please!

  16. If you are doing so great you don't have to keep telling yourself that 😂. America is like that fat chick keep looking in the mirror keep teeling herself she's hot.

  17. You can't argue with the Liberals. If the sun rises in the East and sets in the west according to a conservative, they will dispute it.

  18. Once we become a vassal state of Russia who knows how great we will become. Putin the next president of the United States of America! The president gets his tower in Moscow.

  19. It's all about sex, Still remembering Donald Trump was able to having great sex with by Putin provided Rusian hookers and other female staff, his daughter or hairy pets, now only able to grab pussies and having golden showers to get some pleasure makes grumpy.

  20. President Clinton delivered Most Favored Nation (MFN) statue for China in the early 90’s with the promise of open markets by the Chinese Government. This was the start of China’s global ascent. China’s MFN statue was renewed in 1996 and then made permanent in 2001 with the same promise of open and fair markets. Later the US was instrumental in China being excepted into the WTO. Again, China promised open markets. With a trade deficit of $375 billion in 2017 and still no open, fair markets in China the US has been played for a fool.

  21. Go President Trump..We Patriots are with you and we are tired of being the door mat of the world~let them pay instead of the American Taxpayers. We are sick of being the piggy bank for the world as well. NATO-Europe better start paying their bills or they can pay for a military and fight their own battles. Which do you prefer? You are getting off cheap as we have paid for our military. You are not even paying for our jet fuel to help you. Better rethink this as friends don't treat friends unfairly and have their friends pay their way for over 60 years. C'MON get your mentally deficit chit together!

  22. Trump's probably targeting $500 billion in China tariffs to make up $1 trillion the US loses yearly due to both the US trade deficit with China (about $350 billion in 2016 and $380 billion in 2017-data by the Commerce Department, according to the New York Times) and Chinese espionage in the US (up to $600 billion per year, reported CNN). China has been raping our country for a long time, and it's time for us to bring China to justice. It's the right thing for Trump to impose high tariffs on Chinese imports. We might lose some now, but we surely will gain a lot later. After all, it's for all of us and for the future of our children, and most importantly, it's for our country. Let's set aside our differences and give full support to Trump.

  23. These guys are pulling the same shit the financial pundit were doing right before 2008 financial collapse. They raised the deficit to a trillion dollars more. The Bill for that tax Break will be due in 2020. This is not only evil at a new level. This is also, and more importantly , Financial Impropriety. This is highly unprofessional this is down right ludicrous. Fat Nixon also gave Golf Course Owners a sizable tax break. Who among us owns a golf coarse hum?! Besides the Tax Break will turn out to be unconstitutional. Why you ponder? Because it wasn't written by Politicians, it was written by Lobbyists. Whop, whop! You screwed yourself for allowing your Hubris to dictate your selfish and self-grandstanding moves. Usurper Fat Nixon. Hell's Bells, y'all.

  24. as a chinese, i am happy to see there are so many dotards in the usa. and the world will also be happy to see the usa fall in another great depression

  25. Actually China is doing just fine at the moment. As long as they keep lowering their currency. Which it pretty much can do at a moment's notice.

    It's not going to have as much of an effect on them. Eventually my guess is we're just going to go from tariffs to boycotts.

    Then to throwing missiles at each other. But I rather it be the Chinese than some pussy terrorist from the Middle East. :b

  26. The end game is to reset the world to 1945 by bringing all of the industries, factories, and jobs back to the United States to make it by far the unchallengable wealthiest country in the world and everyone else bankrupt. The decline of America started when tax incentives started to encourage American manufacturers to move factories and jobs to Western Europe and Japan to rebuild them so that they wouldn't fall prey to the lure of the USSR. The loss was so slow and imperceptible that it wasn't noticed until recently but no one had the guts or lack of corruption to do anything about it until now. These other economies are very fragile at the moment and now is a good time to Crack all of them open like stomping on raw eggs on the sidewalk. China is the biggest fraud of all and will be particularly easy to smash while Europe is killing itself already. President Trump is doing the right thing for American workers and taxpayers.

  27. The United States ,land of free enterprise,hate socialism,but now creating an artificial government controlled economy with tariff walls. A better word for it, a national sales tax. The same for the other countries too. Most of you are only looking at half the story here. American EXPORT products are being taxed at each of the borders before entry and final destination. Sorry to American farmers who sell to the world. New markets,where??

  28. USA is $21 trillion USD in debt. Trade war, cold war or WWIII are just distractions. We are going bankrupt.

  29. lol, nope its not great. The unemployment rate is 6% when you adjust for the boomer withdrawal and put it with a 5% "full employment rate" adjusted. This moody's guy is a disinfo moron. Everybody knows China has a 42 tillion dollar bubble that has also had the effect of China banks propping up US debt markets. Bang bang bang. Teach these decadent, jew controlled white morons in the Republican party and so called "white nationalists" who are controlled by jews a lesson in reality.

  30. "US economy is great" ? no evidence ever given to support this, no American would ever tell you this. pure fake news propaganda

  31. Hey, Donny Dotard, do you have 500 b list ready, because your buddy Xi Jinping of China will retaliate against your 200 b tarriffs slap. Yep, you dotard can bet he will fock your old bon bon back, hard! Lol

  32. When China decoupling completely from US econ, then you would know the pain. Hint: US natural real GDP is $6 T max. anything beyond that is fake numbers prop up by printing money with made-in-China cheap goods preventing hyperinflation from hitting the Dollar.

  33. Why american dont accept that they lose admit defeat . Trump is a busimess man not like duterte who is lawyer and politcally inclined for 20 years . Don't copy him


  35. Here we go again american media lying to keep the naive american peoples trust and hope 😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🇨🇳🇨🇳

  36. Ridiculous, can't believe USA are still living in its own dream, plz go out to look at the real world. American media will completely destroy this country in the future ……

  37. Trade multilateralism is not equivalent to espionage. China is the leading thief stealing everything, big and small from the US. China has been stealing American jobs and technology, which costs American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Imposing high tariffs on Chinese imports is the right thing to do. German is building a closer tie with the leading thief China! It's said that birds of a feather flock together. It's a shame, isn't it?

  38. Hey lying dotard Trump hurry up get your @ss back to US, you know China is going to retaliate your 200 B tarriffs, so hurry up you slow dotard, get 500 B tarriffs list ready. Why you chicken afraid that your loosers base cant handle the Chinese musics?

  39. Excited to see what happens in 2020. Either way, at least issues are being addressed. Great things to come!!

  40. It's called the TRUMP! effect, everything he touches turns to Platinum. THESE ARE (EXPERTS!), not talking heads who are "experts".

  41. TRUMPTARDS to the rescue. the world needs us we don't need them. Good trade amongst yourselves and see how quickly your economy goes to absolute SHIT. I will buying anything other than US, because I can buy it for cheaper somewhere else which means no GDP for you USA.

  42. This is what people miss in the trade war. If there was ever a time for the USA to do this, it's now when China is the most vulnerable it has been in a long time and our economy is strong enough to survive a short-term hit. China will blink.

  43. Why didn't people wake up to Russia and China catapulted their military technology forward by stealing US secrets. We can watch as they fall way behind as Space Force belts foward.

  44. How do these guys keep focused??? Those legs, that dress. Me: "Why are we the best game in town?"….ahhhhhhhh ….what?

  45. Soy and Corn that US produce are very automated business. That's why corn is cheaper here than in mexico. On the other hand chinese manufacturing needs much more manpower.
    Now you know who will win the trade war?

  46. Deficit is goods from hard work. The US borrow trillions and squandered it with wars. Never intend to pay back.

  47. How the fuck does a trade war have a net benefit on the US. The chief economist doesnt even know basic economics when it comes to tariffs. Otherwise hes tryna fuck people on purpose for his own gains. Americas breading a bunch of dumb asses especially on Fox business

  48. Trish Regan is very annoying as a host. She was constantly interrupting her guests in an awkward way. She might be an eye candy like Megyn Kelly before her, but boy, she really has to learn how to listen other than just her own voice.

  49. Bunch of fools talking BS if us economy so good homeless won't piles up in the streets
    if China not doing good Chinese won't keeps buying up us property delusional junky living in their own bubbles 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😴😴😴😴😴

  50. China should likewise pay restitution to those whose intellectual property were stolen. It has manipulated US media, lobbyists and politicians through bribery, corruption and the MO of let’s talk, let’s talk more and more, while nothing is resolved. Some 500k-600k Chinese on student visas are communist spies raping our educational and research institutions of intellectual ideas and employs propaganda to achieve their gaps. Their Ministry of Propaganda are very active in their information war on all fronts….all for corporatists short term gains, until it’s too late they will lose them all when China has gotten all tech innovations to spit them out of China!

  51. Lol Trump is racking up a trillion dollar deficit every year and now he’s subsidizing bankrupt soybean farmers. Nice puff piece.

  52. American Stores Stop Buying Chinese Imports…NOW
    Slowly and gradually I noticed a lot of Americans are now buying American, growing American and making in America. Some started boycotting Chinese goods. More or less I still agree that in short to medium term this ban on Chinese imports would exert tremendous pressure on the world economy, a new recession will result.

    美国商店停止购买中国进口…现在慢慢地,我渐渐地注意到很多美国人现在正在购买美国人,增长美国人并在美国生产。 一些人开始抵制中国商品。 或多或少,我仍然同意,从中短期来看,对中国进口产品的禁令将给世界经济带来巨大压力,将导致新的经济衰退。

  53. not sure how China is doing worse than America when China supplies us with all the products that we are so unproductive to make ourselves.

  54. Prophet mbonye Elvis said that China will experience a recession and it will course a political crisis. Look him up on YouTube.

  55. Build The Wall To Protect American Lives & Our Border!! America First !! The top enemy is Chinese Communist !! The real enemy snicking around stabs in our back is right here in Washington!! Democrats Commie never cares for USA . But they are so busy for 3 years to against our President !! Impeach keep blah…Blah… Impeach they are bunch of garbages!! Democrats Commie they are American enemy!!  Because Dems garbages so corrupted + they always against Our President of United States to make America Great!! We denied to use our American Taxpayer to pay for those corrupted traitor Democrats doing nothing for Our Country!! We The People!!

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