Two Giuliani Ukraine Associates Arrested On Campaign Finance Charges | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Two Giuliani Ukraine Associates Arrested On Campaign Finance Charges | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Two Giuliani Ukraine Associates Arrested On Campaign Finance Charges | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Can someone post a link here if they see anything on this on Fox news, i wonder how fox will spin it, or they will probably just completely not air it, just like they do a lot of other news

  2. It begins. GOP is gonna die, Dems will eventually fracture into 2 parties. Maybe we can debate ideas in America again then, instead of debating against nothingness and other utterly worthless ideas.

  3. How come we’re only seeing nobody’s getting arrested what about the ringleader Donald Trump and his buddy Rudy Giuliani these guys are the driving force behind all this corruption!!!

  4. Dead either way in the space project or the white house hopefully in his best interests it's dictator and the Jin has to fork over the top model.

  5. “Stop your messing around,
    Better think of your future,
    Time you straighten right out,
    Creating problems in town.
    Rudeeeeey ! It’s a message to you Rudy.”

  6. I still want to know why Rudy didn't go to his 23 million dollar bunker in building 7 on 9/11. No one knew building 7 was going to fall until around 5pm. Rudy how did you know in the morning? When only the first plane hit the first tower?
    WTC 7 wasn't struck by a plane. His bunker had its' own water, electric, and air supply. Able to withstand a nuclear blast. Rudy was just hanging out with the reporters. He's more crooked than anyone even knows.

  7. Everybody that is connected to the president Donald Trump are criminals guilty by association guilty by caring out crimes The Republican Party look like fools why would anyone stand up for these thugs ..they want to be mob bosses!! shameful …Trust if the shoe was on the other foot he would throw you in front of a truck!!! What kind of men are we dealing with…GROSS GROWNUPS or little boys … a travesty

  8. Why did Obama appointed Ambassador to Ukraine deny entry VISAs to Ukrainian investigators who wanted to sit down with our FBI?  Why did Pelosi's son front for two Ukrainian oligarchs who were so corrupt they were denied permission to open businesses, yet Pelosi's son 'loaned' them his name to open businesses…  Why was a DNC operative even IN the Ukraine back in 2015?  Time to PUT UP OR STFU DEMS!!!  VOTE!  Make this a formal impeachment inquiry with Republicans having subpoena power.  Let's get it ALL out into the open.

  9. When is Jeffrey Talpins going to be arrested for laundering foreign money (Israeli) to politicians? Talpins also collects money from individuals that exceed allowed donation amounts, and then redistributes to appear as if from others. 100% illegal and investigative journalists have recorded conversations detailing Talpins doing this. Jeffrey Talpins is Chief Investment Officer of New York-based hedge fund, Element Capital Management. Arrest him and charge him, please, US Federal Government.

  10. Just a reminder Hillary Rodham Clinton did the same thing for years. Barack Obama did the same thing for years. Have people forgotten already are they just trying to pin it on one person because the liberal Democrats are just so so one-sided. We're going to find out it's just a nothingburger with this just like how they treat the Liberals when they do this. 30,000 emails from the clintons 30,000 emails erased and she still walking

  11. "What? Rudy? Rudy who? Giuliani you say?
    Ah, I believe there was a coffee-boy once, of that name. But his coffee was barely drinkable, so we had to let him go. I wish him the best of luck for his future activities."

  12. Once again criminal activities?

    WHO is Rudy?
    What is his job?
    WHO does he represented?
    Does he represent the USA?

    The constitution and laws are nothing under trump and friends. LOL

    Nevertheless, we the PEOPLE paying taxes for the lawlessness. LOL

  13. Lmao they left out the part where Barizma paid Joe Biden 900k !!!!!!

    No wonder they predicted Joe Biden wouldnt make it through the election and now the msm is trying to make so much noise about this stupid bs.

  14. Lol they arrested two foreign Nationals, then this guy says later we got to find out if they are foreign Nationals come on PMS LSD

  15. Why is it that everyone who is associated with President Trump gets arrested and put on blast, but The Bushes, Clinton's, and Obama the real criminals/traitors are still free to continue there criminal ways and destroy our country along with their satanic celebrities???

  16. Republicans keep saying this is a partisan hit job no laws were broken.. If so many people involved with trump were not in jail you might could use that argument.

  17. First you arrest the little guys, get them to sing in court, use that info to build a case against the big guys… and then nail them ALL. Classic. That's how they got John Gotti.

  18. Trump supporters love to claim a witch-hunt & unfair persecution & media coverage. Odd coincidence that he’s managed to surround himself with THE MOST corrupt people on the planet.

  19. Hillary took in TEN BILLION from Ukrainian Oligarchs during her campaign , but laundered the money through her Foundation , so it all appears so lawyered it was declared legal.

  20. The house of cards is collapsing. These guys are so sure that they are above the law. Where did they come up with this crazy notion??

  21. Donald Trump must do what Robin Williams did. Do the right thing. With all of the negatives that is happening, how does thid guy report to work?

  22. Promise them anything rudy..just get me more money..and when you under that bus bleeding I'll pardon whats left..
    April fool….

  23. Arrest these guys, and half of the republicans. The story of the republican that was trafficking women and selling babies just broke. They now once dems are taking over every disgusting person that has morally destroyed the lives of others will have their day in court

  24. YAWNING AT M-y S-heet N-ever B-roadcast C-ontent . News ? not hatred of Trump is what you worthless liberals need to focus on. WE KNOW YOU ARE NOTHING BUT LIES YOUR RATINGS PROVE IT!

  25. And their GOP Brethren will continue the deny, deflect, obstruct charade. All aghast anyone would even imply the are anything but the most honorable men

  26. There is not one day for the last 2 years when there is not a new scandal being revealed in tRump entourage or about tRump himself. How long will it last before this phony president is removed and jailed ?

  27. 🎼 Flyin' into Los Angeles … bringin' in a couple of keys …don't touch my bags if you please, Mr Customs man ….🎶 😶

  28. Political farce anyone?. . . . Welcome to Commie America . . . So let me get this straight, the Dems and Deep State are persecuting those who investigate corruption, like Assange and Snowden? And now let me guess, they will soon be suicided like 'Epsteined'? Or will they be silenced, be thrown in solitary confinement like Roger Stone? And then will come the arrest and assassination of Rudy and Our President? . . . Well good citizens, this is what a coup looks like. . . . when we lose our Republic and invite a whole lot of suffering. God have mercy.

  29. This is all a hoax! A witch hunt I am a stable genius! If you don't like it you can all go back to the shithole country you came from!.

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