50 thoughts on “Trump touts GDP predictions that are up to 5%

  1. Hell yes greatest president this country has had in decades!! Great job Trump, loving all the winning!! VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER AND VOTE TRUMP IN 2020!!

  2. What Trump is doing is something we have never seen in our lifetimes. Yes, Reagan also cut taxes but Reagan cut taxes at a time that high-paying, living wage jobs were fleeing this nation en masse and being replaced by low paying, often temporary employment. Our nation has been on a downward spiral ever since. Trump on the other hand has combined aggressive tax cuts with the return of high paying manufacturing jobs. For the first time in our lifetimes there are more jobs than people to fill them. Given the rules of supply and demand, wages are on the rise. We now have the hope that living wages will be restored to families in the near future meaning a single wage earner will be able to support his/her entire family. What a hope! For those liberals that don't understand how capitalism works, let me ask you this: Which do you think brings in greater revenue –taxing a few wealthy people at a 90% tax rate or millions and millions of new workers at 20%? Which scenario leads to economic heat death and which to never-ending hope for human aspiration?

  3. …sure, unless you are a farmer. Thanks famers for electing this guy and taking it up the butt for Wall Street and the rest of the wealthy economy.

  4. Just be honest and admit that the GDP is MUCH higher than all the predictions when Trump took office and remember when Obama was talking about the impossible 'magic wand' Trump would need to get beyond 2% and already proved wrong within 2 years

  5. Seasonal adjustments after winter produce variance. Qtr 1 was low so qtr2 will be high. Take the average of the two.

  6. I am so disappointed in Trump.. he should have said 150% GDP growth..apparently some people believe in anything.

  7. Dumping Facebook could be the result of their terrible practices being called to light inclusion so many people being censored by them for having different views.

  8. I wish some of the people who brand fox as Trump propaganda 24/7 would watch stuff like this. They go out of their way to not get caught up in that. Some kiss his ass too much, but Cavuto is kind of a never Trumper and has called him out on several occasions.

  9. They doubt and doubt ! Trump is working on gains for every quarter.. these people only see what's right in front of them "it's to good to last, it's like eating celery " bla bla bla.. it's a quarter by quarter game… next quarter Trump will pull something else out of his ass and people will be saying the same shit, until there are no quarters left !!!! When Trump is gone these idiots will still be scratching their heads ??? This is why America is in such a bad position, we have a bunch of no skill doubters running it…

  10. Absolutely no way gdp is up 5%. Trump is loose with the truth. He is a shady new york real estate developer, lying to sell a product or property is what he does best. Don't believe a word he says until there is concrete numbers.

  11. Government numbers are misleading. If the numbers were far more accurate, it'd show that the economy has been in recession for years.
    Of course the US GDP is made up of a bunch of fluff. 70% of GDP is consumption!

  12. In this phony consumer, debt-financed economy, higher interest rates are going to send the economy right back in recession, and we have nothing to show for it but more debt and weaker economic fundamentals. The current savings rate should make you go nuts.

  13. Durable goods orders rose much less than expected in June, but would have fallen for a 3rd consecutive month but for a 20% month-over-month increase in military spending. This does not indicate an improving economy but a larger government and bigger budget deficits.

  14. The EUSSR guy Junker/Drunker is not even a President, just a marxist/communist anti democratic fool like the rest of the EUSSR.

  15. What kind of Magic wand do you have that will bring companies back and increase the GDP to 4% asks Obammy. A Trump Magic wand is what it is Obummer.

  16. Never happen and what about the dead and missing Vietnam vets why don't you get them back after all it was a war you ran from

  17. Crazy how if this was obembo had done this the media would be praised like a god but since it’s not they cry like spoiled brats.

  18. Obama was handed an economic disaster, Trump was handed an economy that had been increasingly improving for 7 years.

    Obama's highest yearly GDP: 2.9%
    Trump's highest yearly GDP: 2.3%
    Obama's highest quarterly GDP: 5.2%
    Trump's highest quarterly GDP: 4.1%

  19. It’s called accountability, we never asked for accountability when Obama was Doing the destruction in our country, I think Trump has a Plan and is working , one thing I know he don’t like to lose ,

  20. Take the tax cut savings as earnings to boost growth. Trump should cut the corp tax rate to zero instead of 21 %! The growth will be phenomenal!

  21. Fake GDP to keep you believing until it crashes.they (1%) will keep squeezing it out of all of you until it crashes than they will buy it all for bottom low price while everyone is left with nothing to invest. It's how they control the economy. The rich gets richer and tbe rest will continue to be their slaves working for nothing. It's coming.

  22. so many smarty pants predicted previously on trump looks like theres more of em. Obama ask what magic wand it was right under his nose the America 1st wand.

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