57 thoughts on “Trump predicts 4.8% GDP growth in second quarter: Charlie Gasparino

  1. That would be insanely high. Just tremendous. Right now at the big stores like Walmart, grocery stores and Home Depot they are renovating like crazy. New everything, even my friend are working late to move the old stuff out for new equipment.

  2. 7 simple (!) reasons why the US will lose a trade war:

    1. While the US has a trade deficit on goods with China, the European Union and others, it has a pretty substantial surplus on services and primary income. Countries can and will retaliate on the latter

    2. The numbers on the trade deficit – in the form presented – are lying. For example 4.5% of the US deficit with China are Apple iPhones! The value creation here is obviously with Apple in California and not in China. Putting a tariff on these (and thousands other likewise products) will hurt US companies and tax the US consumer.

    3. The US current account deficit could surpass 1 trillion dollars this year (during times of rising interest rates! that's ~ 5% – 6% of gdp); countries like Germany, the Netherlands with a current account surplus and roughly half the debt-to-gdp ratio of the US can just outspent the United States in case of a trade war, supporting the local industry, creating demand, etc.

    4. Exemptions: thousands of american companies are currently applying for exemptions to stay competetive (and rightly, necessarily so), this will minimize the overall tariff potential; Trump will simply be unable to put tariffs on 500 billions of chinese goods.

    5. Currency manipulation: especially the Chinese are quite advanced when it's about manipulating their own currency, Trump slaps a tariff on chinese goods (for national security reasons…) and the chinese
    yuan drops a couple percent (see latest numbers); especially with rising interest rates in the US, the dollar will remain strong, mostly neglecting negative effects for exporting countries

    6. Moderate economy: yes, you've read that right, but the numbers don't lie. A 4% gdp increase with a fiscal deficit of 5-6% is not strong – the money has to go somewhere, right? And currently it's not going into longterm goods, education, etc. – only tax cuts (neglected by tariffs). Also it's expected that the current growth is – also – caused by building up inventories, to prepare for times of rising tariffs.

    7. Global trade agreements: esp. the EU is active here (past two weeks negotiations with China, Japan, South America) – they are setting standards, the US will have to follow.

  3. Requiring U.S. labor made products be used in any and all construction using any federal funds or requiring federal permits with minimal exceptions would have been a much better way of reviving american industries like steel and appliance manufacturing than placing a TAX aka Tariff on trade.

  4. R E A L I T Y….. T I M E !!
    June 05, 2018
    After Donald Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum from the US’s closest allies last week, economists warned that they could result in thousands of US job losses. The latest numbers from The Trade Partnership, a DC-based economics research firm, suggests that the impact will be even worse than originally estimated.
    Some 400,000 jobs will be lost, with 16 losses for every job created by the tariffs, the group said today. That’s more than three times the number of job losses it expected earlier.
    As Quartz has explained, it’s true that steel producers in the US may see a slight rise in jobs due to tariffs. However, the (much larger) industries that depend on imported steel will suffer, like automakers, construction groups and even financial services. Just over 400,000 people in the US work in metal-producing jobs, economist Jed Kolko wrote in March, but 4.6 million work in jobs that depend on metal.
    Employers in industries that use metal will have to pay more for raw materials, charge more for products, and could trim or move jobs. “Steel consuming industries face annual employment declines of 97,614 in each of the first one to three years the tariffs, quotas and retaliation are in place,”
    the Trade Partnership says.


  5. Yes, but this is all before the tariffs really kick into the economy. All from the tax cut,now lost with the tariffs,which will slow the economy. Of course no one here is talking about higher interest rates, which will come from these numbers. Now Trump will want to interfere with the Federal Reserve. That will be a total disaster in the making.

  6. We're way beyond paying much attention to Trump statements. He's surpassed over 3000 lies and exaggerations, thus far.

  7. Anyone remember when ALL the rectumlickums' favorite word was austerity? They sure lie about the debt.

  8. LMAO "Tariffs are the greatest!" said said Trump. 4.8% 2d qtr growth… -1% 3rd qtr and -2% 4th qtr after the world shout back at Trump "Tariffs are the greatest!" LMAO

  9. Here we goes taking credit for what Obama did it has nothing to do with Trump don't be so blind and Mindless if you do not know anything about politics know this he's a liar and a cheat he's never worked a day in his life any good ever was in the military he can't speak for us he has no life experience

  10. They laughed at Trump for suggesting 3% could be broke and went nuts calling him dumb for suggesting 4% was ever possible.

  11. Duffy how about predicting first quarter for 2019.Wait and see how you love this economy in twelve to eighteen months. SELL SELL SELL WHAT EVER YOU OWN.Now he wants we the taxpayer to subsidize the farmers due to his tariffs. BRILLIANT. How about those that got that big tax cut pay for this subsidies?

  12. Anyone remember the $1.3 TRILLION Omni Budget DEBT stimulus ..increasing US DEBT.. while cutting revenue .. Via tax cuts for the rich. DUMB DUMBS ???

  13. If trump gets to that 5 percent mark he can have 7 women gang bang with coke and Russian vodka and it wont make a lick a difference.

    Trump will get a 3rd term as president

  14. Gas ass parino is trying to straddle both sides of this so he can avoid that giant shit sandwich him and Neil cavuto had to eat on election night.

    These are hacks in the tank for globalist and they have to talk down America first as much as possible

  15. I love reading all of the comments from all of the butt hurt Libtards and Democrats lol. I swear it's like these stupid bastards are mad that unemployment is down at a all time low for whites, blacks, and Hispanics and our economy is the highest it's been in like 70 years lol. You dumb ass's are just made that Trump has proved all you Libtards and Democrats wrong again and you losers can't stand it LOL. 😂🤣😂🖕🖕🖕

  16. Where is all the winning? I haven't seen one criminal in the doj, fbi, irs, cia or federal judges prosecuted. Not one win. Sessions is a fatal mistake. Mr Trump is our last hope, please step up, military tribunals.

  17. Greetings! When will we be able to get President Trump CLONED??? Then we can all have our very own Prime Minister/President/Chairman/Emperor, Donald J Trump running our Nations! What a guy LOL!!! Kindest Regards from the UK.

  18. The administration is bailing out the farm industry / welfare for them because of the terrorist that he started to protect them… This is him taking responsibility for his policy despite the fact that in the long-term the farmers should make out and have much better environment to trade in

  19. Sure, foreign countries and US are buying/selling before tariff become effective. Let's find out Q4 whether Trump is dog or not.

  20. WOW! Great job, Mr. President! A GDP of 3% is still great, but above 3% is fantastic. It's for our country and for us all, folks.

  21. It takes sometimes decades for it to come to fruition and he's taking credit for Obama's implementations and the tariffs he put on the countries are costing me Triple what I was paying two years ago because of the tariffs and they're not even implemented yet taking credit from Obama he's going to pick your pocket with one hand while you're looking at the other that's his profession cuz otherwise you would actually have to work for a living you'll see nothing's going to get paid for and we're really going to be in trouble

  22. Q: how much will trickle down to bottom 3rd the trumptard support base?
    A: NONE, but ur costs of living will rise.

  23. It 4% in 2014 wait for the end of the year it won't 'be as good which trump won't tell what is our debt up to now

  24. This excellent economic news will as have been expected, will be used by this American President as a license to plead for forgiveness for past and future transgressions.

  25. The GDP is at 4.1%
    They said a 4.0% GDP rate was impossible. It was a thing of the past.
    Hillary Clinton: “Trump’s policies would throw us into a recession, the last thing we need.”
    Barack Obama: “What magic wand do you have? And usually, the answer is he doesn’t have an answer.”
    Barack Obama was the first US president EVER not to reach 3.0% GDP in a year.
    Paul Krugman, The New York Times: “So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”
    Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks: “In the event Donald wins, I have no doubt in my mind the market tanks.”

  26. Obama turned around a recession n had 8 years of continious growth recovery. Lying dotard Trump is trying to fake it out discocery trend as his own. Get your head out of ur @ss Trumptard.

  27. So for 2018 the actual GDP = 2.9% not Don The Con's delusional 4 or 5 % lie to the under educated and naïve, and 2.2 % for 2017, sad right. The USA deficit for 2018 is up 17 % $779 Billion , lets go for a full Trillion for 2019, yes that is TRILLION. Seems Republicans only care about the deficit vvhen another party is in the VVhite House, tragic eh.

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