TRIP REPORT | Aeroflot (ECONOMY) | Hanoi – Moscow Sheremetyevo | Boeing 777

TRIP REPORT | Aeroflot (ECONOMY) | Hanoi – Moscow Sheremetyevo | Boeing 777

11 thoughts on “TRIP REPORT | Aeroflot (ECONOMY) | Hanoi – Moscow Sheremetyevo | Boeing 777

  1. Great video and congrats to your 1st long-haul trip report! Aeroflot's 777 looks very nice and amenity kissy is very good thing in Economy! Also food looks yummy, especially the 2nd meal served before the landing! Good job and thanks for the inspiration, I think I'll also try Aeroflot 🙂

  2. The meals look very delicious. I still cant believe that Aeroflot provides an amenity kit for Economy class passengers! Royal Brunei should do that too! btw Thanks for the vid and Merry Christmas!

  3. Video hay lắm anh. Hy vọng season 4 của anh tràn đầy thành công và có thêm các trip report về các đường bay tầm xa nhiều hơn nữa để em có thể xem hết 😀

  4. An excellent TR, very detailed! What can I say? It seems Aeroflot economy is on a higher standard than the most of European airlines. I was surprised they still provide the eco. pax a complimentary basic amenity kit. Thumbs up for you! Greetings

  5. Wow, love this review. Very well edited, well filmed, and very detailed. You should be very proud of your work 🙂

  6. Wow. Great video of this flight. Here in the US, we don't know much about Aeroflot and I haven't heard great reviews before. This looks like a pleasant flight with this new plane, nice cabins and food. Good job.

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