Top 10 Tips – Personal Growth For Entrepreneurs Part II

Top 10 Tips – Personal Growth For Entrepreneurs Part II

one of my last videos was about personal
growth and I told you that I had put together the top 10 of personal growth
now here’s the second batch number 6 to 10 watch this video until the end to get
5 more tips on how you can grow personally hey my name is Armin L Rau
I’m the founder of A Leonard Rau the entrepreneurs entrepreneur and I’d like
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latest insights leadership insights for entrepreneurs personal growth is about
the understanding and the development of your own personality in order to achieve
your fullest potential I have already done a video on the first 5 tips out of
the top 10 personal growth tips that I would like to share with you now here
are number six to five the number six is care so take your team seriously show
that you care don’t forget nobody cares how much you know until they know how
much you care here again nobody cares how much you know until
they know how much you care so tip number six care take care of your people
tip number seven meditate I meditate every morning just ten minutes it gives
you strength it gives you growth it makes you solid and it also is very good
for being relaxed you know all the time you know in one of my videos are shared
my personal vision which is I am free independent and relaxed I am pretty I’m
doing pretty well on the free prettying pretty well on the independent still
have to work on the on the relaxed part and that is why I’m meditating every
morning so tip number seven for personal growth meditate tip number eight loose
you know that does not mean I’m not asking you to win the Olympic medal but
I’m asking you to move you know to do some sports to go to the gym to go for a
job to play football with friends you can even you know combine the sports
with the social part do that in order to personally grow because there’s one
thing also when you do sports in a certain way you know for example when
you’re playing soccer or football you know sometimes you lose you know that’s
also a very important aspect of drawing you know learning to lose personal
growth tip number 9 is rest you have to rest your human being take a lot of
sleep between seven and eight hours per week if you can’t afford it like myself
I do this I mean I don’t even care if I can’t afford it I have a nap a siesta
every day after lunch every day it’s between 20 and 30 minutes that is good
for me some people say just 10 minutes 15 minutes more than half an hour
certainly too much it’s difficult to get up and running again after that
but rest take your time to rest and here’s tip number 10 the last out of the
top 10 tips for personal growth and that is you should stretch yourself as one of
my professors at Babson College used to say kneel Thornbury by the way best
organizational behavior professor ever for me I must be retired now but Neela
was unbelievable he said always bite off a little bit more than you think you can
chew and I like that and I took it sometimes even too seriously so I
probably forgot the little you know the word little in what Neal taught me so
but bite off more than you can chew stretch yourself do something you know
where you are not quite sure if it is going to work and based on that you will
grow so that’s tip number 10 now that was part two of my top 10 tips for
personal growth as an entrepreneurial leader the life program actually teaches
you all these tips tricks and to within weeks if you would like me to
help you with a specific challenge in business or in your personal growth feel
free I invite you to click on the link underneath this video and to apply for a
private planning session with myself we will analyze your current situation we
will define where you want to go to and we will then talk about the steps
between today and tomorrow and that will give you a lot of security so that you
can be even more successful as an entrepreneur please feel free to
register now or to apply now for one of my sessions it’s completely free by the
way there and there’s no obligations if you decide after the session to work
with me that’s fine if not that’s also fine you’ve got a plan that you can work
with I’m always happy to help to care and to give that was Armenia Rao from Ln
and throughout the entrepreneurs entrepreneur and I would like to thank
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forget lead yourself

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  1. I love these, not just for entrepreneurs, but also for leaders and self development. I’m challenging my subscribers to work on 12 areas in 2020 in a commonplace book challenge. You have 10 areas that I’d love to see in a commonplace book at the end of next year.

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