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  1. I was cutting my hair like that 😢 just cutting off healthy hair …..blunted ends was healthy ends and anything was damage 😞🤭😬😑😐 I didn’t know what the hell I was going or thinking 🤔 but I know I’m not the only one who thought that… when I went to the salon they did that cut on my hair when I asked for a trim .

  2. My mom side had long hair but not my dad side i use lots of stuff to see i my hair would grow no result still such as caslol oil , olive oil , natural treatment i think some people was not born to have hair

  3. Love your bun! Super cute! I’m definitely going to stick to my hair routine and make sure I’m moisturizing daily cause I just has a trim and I want retain length and protect my ends. Thanks for the tips!

  4. I Been natural for 5 years now. In the past year my hair has really grown the most. "There is no magic potion or product that will grow your hair waist length". You have to be consistent. What helped my hair grow was finding a good shampoo and complimentary conditioner. My deep Conditioners and leave in conditioners are a must. I use to cornrow my hair myself but when I found a good braider, I let her do it for me. She doesn't braid tight, and its important that you dont leave braids in for long. I take them out every 4 to 6 weeks and wash my hair. Every other night I grease my scalp and edges with a good oil. I started using the Camile Rose line. It's also important to read ingredients when buying hair products.

  5. My hair is a little above midback.My tips:Leave your hair alone as much as possible,I always have my hair in braids .Make sure your hair is moisturized especially if when protective styling. Wild growth oil (smells very weird but works lol).try to be as healthy as u can💀.

  6. I'm happy you mentioned hair trimming because I went to a professional hair stylist and my hair is very healthy I asked for a trim ans she cut 3 inches of my haid off plus she cut it all one length. So the front of my hair is longer than the back naturally and now the front is shorter than the back smh

  7. i like your tips and i definitely agree with them but the way you come off makes it seem like your downing other females who may not understand or incorporate these tips in their everyday life. might be just me tho

  8. I straighten my hair every two to three weeks but I use it he protected and it actually keeps my hair from breaking a whole lot because when it's straight I don't have to use a lot of manipulation. Everyone's hair is different though I swear by coconut oil and argan oil

  9. I swear imma go bald one day my mom keeps putting relaxer on my hair and has been doing it wrong she combs the hair when she’s not suppose to and puts it on my scalp when she also not suppose and also on my hairline😞 bruh she did it today and now parts of my hair is all fired and stuff and I think there sores too😡 I told her if I could cut my hair off because I’m so done with my hair is literally thin and been the same length for I don’t know how many years because of this I don’t even know what kind of hair pattern I have(I don’t know why I typed this but I’m just so pissed right now like seriously one day imma lose it and just shave my whole head and just go bald headed 🤦🏾‍♀️)

  10. Girl that true about trims man! I'm sticking to dusting Facts! You cut unnecessary hair when you do blow out blunt cut I'm sorry it's TRUE! She telling it right!😘😘😘 Thanks Sis for the reminder!

  11. You snapped on the pillow case comment and I was dying lol.. thinking to myself "Well I have a silk scarf AND pillow case so she talking to y'all not me!!👀" 😂😂✌🏾

  12. With the whole heat damage thing I have heat damage in the front but both my hairstyle keep telling me my hair is still growing

  13. 😂 “are you dumb” you’re right girl that don’t make sense. I use to tie my silk scarf around my pillow until I got a silk pillow case

  14. Thank you guys so much for the love and the compliments!! I’m so glad I could help you guys out. If you have any questions or video suggestions, let me know ❤️💕

  15. When I go to a hair stylist to get information on a hair cut, I’ve been told I need to straighten my hair to get a precise cut. This is when I leave. When I hear this, I feel frustrated because I only need the curl cut if the end is damage. You mention you dust your curls. Do you go to a professional as well? Thanks for sharing. I love your tip.

  16. I started growing my hair from scratch 2 years ago and I’m almost bra strap length but i still have dreams from time to time that my hair is down my butt😂😂 it’s started since the day i decided to go natural and started taking care of them.

  17. I’m new to your channel let’s definitely stay connected and become family members keep up the good work

  18. Girl thank you! Don't know why other people on social media wanna act like genetics play abig part in how you hair looks and its potential.

  19. I have relaxed hair and it's relaxed all the way up and I wanna do a big chop. But I'm only 10 and I don't see any natural hair. So I'm going to put a protective style and wait till I get that out and cut it!

  20. I keep my hair in braids for a month so when I take braids out I wash,deep condition and protein treat. Then I leave my hair out for two weeks and the put it back in braids and babbyyy, my hair has been growing crazyy

  21. If anyone knows a good site to get natural looking clip ins could you comment a link because the websites I’ve seen cost hundreds of dollars which ain’t it 💀 I need something affordable

    Ps: peppermint oil works so well for me 1. Smells really good plus I put oils into my leave in conditioner and it smells wonderful

    Pps: I heat train my hair so my hair is used to heat and still grows with not damaging my curls (however this might not work for everyone; everyone is different)

  22. Gorgeous hair and amazing tips! Are you in a hot or cold climate? I noticed that many ladies with really long hair seem to be living in warmer climates.

  23. My regime: (sometimes pre poo and finger detangle), wash, condition, deep condition and, style. When I have a protective style in, I moisturize and then massage my scalp with oil daily. If I have my hair out, once I come home, I moisturize and twist my hair for the night. My hair is to my shoulders and my goal is armpit length.

  24. Genetics doesn't play a role you just need to drink enough water because the genetic part isnt really scientific proven

  25. Enjoyed this video a lot! I’m still confused about the washing the hair schedule. I’m growing out my hair, and I heard that I shouldn’t wash my hair ever day, but my hair tends to get oily in a day. I wash it with water, but not with shampoo every day. Does not washing mean not wetting it in the shower, or not using any type of hair product or treatment? How often should I wash my hair weekly?

  26. Agreed with everything you said. I wash my hair every Sunday and use a hair mask every Sunday. I also sleep on a satin pillow case and wear a satin bonnet (silk/satin pillow cases are amazing for your face too) . For me the best thing I have done since going natural is to come up with a good night time regime. I use a tiny amount of cream and seal it in with a tiny amount of oil, put on my satin bonnet and let it rest while I sleep. It has done wonders!!

  27. How did you tame your hair at its shortest? Asking for myself because I just recently transitioned to natural and my hair is short.

  28. the best tips 💗! im 15 and did my big chop 2 years ago , this really spoke to me ☺️. and you’re so right , people love getting leave outs like get a closure.

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