Thinkorswim Android App – Thinkorswim Mobile Tutorial

Thinkorswim Android App – Thinkorswim Mobile Tutorial

So how do you effectively use the
thinkorswim phone app in this video I’m going to show you everything you need to
know so you can monitor and create new trades just from your phone hey how’s it
going on this channel you will learn the steps I took to go from trading with a
full-time job to trading as a full-time job so if you’re new here consider
subscribing and at any point in the video feel free to check out the notes
and links in the description below I’ll list out any valuable resources down
there now today we are looking at the sink or swim own app just lay note this
is the Android version of the app so if you’re using an iPhone there might be
some differences I am in the paper trading version of the account right now
you can see that because it is yellow up here if you want to switch between
accounts right here you just go to the left top left button and then up here it
says switch accounts and you can switch between the accounts now this is what
the general home screen looks like and it’s really customizable so right now I
have it set up how I like so I like to have watch lists at the top right here
top positions it shows you your PL of your the day for your whole account so
if you have multiple positions they’ll show here right now it just shows I have
one position an apple that is up $280 roughly and then it shows down below the
net liquidity of that so right now I have about a quarter of a million
dollars in Apple for shares but again this is a paper trading account if you
have more positions those will come up along this side over here and below I
have orders so if I have any working orders or open orders you’ll show me if
those are working or filled and then any alerts from charts like teching text
alerts or alerts if you know stock goes below a certain price I can
see those there and then here I have my overall account balance and you can
click on each of these so I can click on this and it will show me my overall
account balances and I can actually go up here to the top right and you can add
or minus a ton of different things to see in the account balance so if I
scroll down all of these are supposedly visible now if you don’t have a balance
in those it might not always show up so if I wanted to add something I could
come down here to let’s say Forex buying power and I can click on that the I on
the left side and that will come up here to show and if I wanted to move that I
can click and drag on the right side here and that’ll move that up in the
list and that appears down here and I can see that now going back to the main
screen if I want to change how this is ordered I can click up here on the gear
up here and this will show me that kind of that same editor screen so down here
I have a few things hidden such as news messages chat rooms and trader TV now if
I wanted to add those I could again click on that little eye icon and it
will change it and then if you want to change the order of these you can just
click on the side and drag to change the order and then click up here to set that
now to actually look at stock charts there’s a few ways to do that you can
either click up here at the top left at these little bars and then you’ll see
quick quote right here and you can just type in a symbol that you want and it’ll
also show you reasons that you have looked up down below so if we just type
in Apple again we can click on Apple and that’ll take
us to Apple so another way to do that going back here this is how usually I do
it it’s a little quicker you can just go to watch list and then you can type in
the symbol right here as well so again we’ll just go to Apple and up here at
the top I can click Add to watch list so if I have a default watch list set
that’ll add to that so if we go back I have Apple down here now you can have
a lot of different watch lists so if you click here it’ll take you to all your
watch lists because this is a paper-trained account I don’t have many
watch lists on it but you’ll see all those here and you can switch between
ones or create new ones and then over here this little edit button right here
you can edit and take away or add more symbols to your watch list so down here
if you actually scroll along here you can see the watch list gives you a bunch
of different information on these stocks in your watch list this little spark
chart here is a really short time frame so it’ll only show you like the last 15
minutes of what the stock is doing so if you don’t really trade on a shorter
timeframe this might not be very useful but sometimes it’s kind of nice to see
that and then it’ll show you a lot of different other things to change this
you just go to this little gear here and it’ll come up with that editor platform
again where you can add or change around the order of different options to
actually look at the stock chart let’s go to Apple here and up here we see
there is the actual stock price of Apple and then the net change for the day and
on the side the bid and a spread this little arrow here drops down another
menu that gives you just some more basic fundamentals of the stock now I don’t
really use that so I like to have that – now we have these four tabs here as well
the chart the news for the stock and then the options chain and the profile
which gives you some more deeper fundamentals on the stock so looking at
the chart here you can just drag it around scroll zoom in and to change the
timeframe night right now up here you can see I am a six-month daily chart so
to change that I can just click on that and it’ll bring up my favourites so
these are a few favorites I have right now and to create new ones you just go
to this timeframe right here and you’ll have daily chart a intraday chart and a
tick chart so if I want to create a intraday chart that shows five days or
two hour candlesticks I can do that and then click on this favorites and then
I’ll add to my favorites and then over here you also have a recent as well so
that’s pretty useful to having different time frames that you want and you can
quickly you know quickly change between those and look at the chart that you
want to potentially trade on so other aspects of the chart is up here you can
this little bell is your alert creator so you can create alerts or the chart
based on if it’s above a price or below a price and you can just once you have
that set down here and you can click create alert and that’ll you know you
can have it set to just make a notification on your phone or you can
have it to text your phone as well and the alerts will also show up on your
computer app if you are on there going back to the chart now this little
question mark here next to the belt brings up some information on just what
more things on the chart are so you can see on the side here I’ve brought up
this that we didn’t have before and actually another way to bring that up if
I just tap on a screen I can make it go away and if I tap on the screen again
it’ll bring up this bar again or other menu so first we have up here is
actually styles so if you want to have a certain chart setup with certain
indicators and a certain time frame you can set that up here so if you wanted a
three you know month the daily chart with candles at a certain color and you
come in here and add certain studies so maybe you want a certain amount of
moving average and different indicators for that daily chart you can save that
here and have that preset and so if I go back to that I can bring that up every
time and then if I wanted to maybe switch my chart to a shorter time frame
with different indicators I can do that as well I don’t use this feature very
often on the phone because usually I have a computer that I look at the
charts more detailed on but if you mainly trade from the phone this is a
very useful application of it now the next button below this little flask is
or your indicators so right now I just have one moving average on here and you
can add a ton of it has the same amount of studies on the phone app as on the
taas actual platform on the PC so you can add anything you want on here I can
remove this as well and then it’ll come back here on the chart and have all
those saved and you won’t have to add those every time generally it will save
so you don’t have to re add those now the next button below is the visible so
right now you can actually see that this 1000 here is those shares that I bought
an apple so and this visible icon allows me to take that away so for positions I
can see if I have positions and it shows me what price I got that position at and
then if I had working orders or alerts and actually drawings as well I can – as
well the next icon down here is the crosshair button so if I click on that
it should bring up crosshair so it’s over here now to activate it you want to
click and hold on the chart and that’ll be able to allow you to drag it and you
can bring it to each a different candles so if you wanted to see the high of this
certain candle you could click and hold it and then leave it there and it will
give you the more detailed data on that Pacific specific candle so that can be
kind of useful if you’re trying to determine prices of highs and lows for
that candle and then to get rid of that I can just click on this again now the
next little menu down here is actually for drawings so right here this is your
drawing sets so if you want to have again kind of like the styles you want
to have drawings for shorter time frame you can save those in a set and then you
can have another preset that’s more longer-term time frame drawings so if
you don’t want to have to delete your drawings and then create new ones for a
certain time frame you can save those in different presets now to actually create
drawings this little pencil down here brings up either new drawings or remove
drawings and clicking on that brings up trend lines price levels Fibonacci just
about everything they have on the taas platform as well so I can just click on
trend line here and it can be a little finicky to get this to work properly
sometimes but it’ll activate so I want to click and hold on the chart and you
can see that it brought up this little line or dot so I can come down here and
maybe if I want to try and draw this support trendline I need to drag it to
there and then I want to click and then it’ll bring up the next trend line and
it can then click and drag and then drag that to maybe where I want so if I you
know wanted to see that oh this I think this is a little trend line it’s making
and then click to finish it and have it stay on the chart if I want to edit it I
can click and hold and it should bring up and activate the drawing again and
down here I can click properties done or I can just click this little X right
here to delete it that’s pretty much everything for chart
and analysis so the coming here and actually trade we just come down here to
the trade button and this will bring up the trade tap so I can change if I want
to buy or sell and then how many shares it’ll just default to a hundred but if I
click on here I can come in and change to an exact amount if I wanted to buy a
certain amount of shares now and then below you have the limit you can change
this if I click and hold I can go through the whole tab here usually
limits the best way to do this though and right now it’s the limits unlock so
it will change to the price that Apple is currently at so I don’t have to
change that around and look at the chart to see where I need to trade and then
down lower it’ll you know tell me how much a hundred shares are fifty shares
sorry is gonna cost me and I can change it to the time and force I can change it
to good to cancel so if this order doesn’t get filled today it will maybe
get filled tomorrow so and then in here it’ll show me what account I’m trading
in and right now it’s at a margin account and I can confirm order and it
will come up again just showing you the details of the trade and then I can send
the trade in so here it says that trade was sent and it says my order was
actually rejected now that is because I have all my account in Apple already so
let’s actually come in here and sell apples so I’m just gonna quickly sell a
hundred shares of Apple and that’s all gonna be the same so I can quickly send
coming here and sell on hundred shares of Apple and down here at the bottom you
can see it says I sold 100 shares of Apple at two hundred and twenty-five
dollars so up here if my order didn’t get filled right away it would have that
working order here but it got filled so I go to the fill tab here you can see
that order of a hundred chairs got filled going back to the chart you can
see now I have nine hundred shares in my account
another way if you have positions so quite often how I use the app is I will
be at the home screen and I will see that you know look at my position so
right now my positions may be up a certain amount and I want to quickly
sell some to take profits or the position is losing and I need a close
out of the position to cut my losses so I can quickly actually come in here and
click on Apple from here and it’ll show me how much I’m up on it will show me
how much I’m up on it on the day and total and I can just come in here and
click on it again and I can click trade Apple so that’s another way to get to
this trade area of the platform and quickly trade if you need to if you’re
looking to options on Apple we can quickly go to the chart again
and the options tab here so that’ll bring up the options chain and quickly
you will have if you – this you can see that you have the different dates for
the expiration of options and then you can change what kind of spread you want
so if you want to have cell a you know sell or buy a call you can do that or
you can change to you know more complicated strategies now as well you
can change the strike so if I go in here and I open one of these up and I only
want to see 10 strikes or I want to see more I can change that here so we can
quickly go in here and pretend that we are going to sell a put vertical on
Apple so we probably not want to do today
let’s do next week’s expiration and I can come in here and click sell and we
can sell 10 of these and it will sell the price I selected
and then the closest strike so I can click on that up here so to do that
again I can click on this if I want to create the make the vertical longer or
change the strike price of the put I’m buying back I can click on this here and
change the strike so I can make it wider like that so I don’t think I want it
that big though let’s just keep it a five-dollar wide strike and then down
here I’ll have the limit again and then you see actually down here is really
cool you will see the basic profit loss graph and so it says my max profit on
this is $1400 and oops and my max loss is $3,500 and I can go in here and then
click confirm paper order and send that in and see if we get filled so right now
you can see that it’s working and maybe I my price was too low below the market
again I can go in and change that so let’s try and change that by clicking on
that so it actually sold so I don’t have to change that so it but if it did I can
click on that and it came up with replace order so I can then quickly go
in and change the price if I want to try and get filled right away now I can
quickly go and look at that spread now if I come back to the main screen and
then click on Apple again and you can see here I have my spread so I have the
10 call puts I sold and then the 10 puts I also bought back and creating that
vertical now this is basically the major use of the phone app and there are a lot
of different settings and other things you can do in the app that I didn’t go
over you want another quick way to get to
your watch list you can actually drag out from the side here from the right
side of the screen and then I’ll bring up that the one watchlist I had so I
only had Apple in that watchlist but you know if you wanted to change that or add
more you can go there to quickly edit and then if I come over here and drag
from the left it brings up essentially the home screen but it’s not in the same
order as we want so if you were you know in a chart looking at chart and you
wanted to quickly change you can just drag out from the side here and then
quickly go to you know maybe check your balance and then from here instead of
having to go back to your home screen you know I can just bring this out again
and go to you know maybe check my positions so that is another way to do
it other than just you know going back all the way to the home screen and then
going from there just about everywhere in the platform has some sort of
settings you can change so just to show you what that would look like if I go in
there positions this gear everywhere is always the Settings button so I didn’t
go over all of these gears and all the settings so you’re gonna want to go into
this and really play around with looking at the different settings and adding
what you want and don’t want so this this app is really awesome it’s like the
thinkorswim platform it’s extremely customizable and very powerful once you
have it set up exactly how you want so I hope you liked this tutorial on the
thinkorswim phone app if you want to learn more about the thinkorswim phone
up and the thinkorswim platform make sure to check out this playlist right
here now if you want to just learn more about the stock market and how to read
stock charts make sure to subscribe to the channel and if you have any
questions on this platform make sure to ask them in the comments below

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