The ONLY Oil That Could Save You MILLIONS!! How To Use Black Seed Oil + Benefits

The ONLY Oil That Could Save You MILLIONS!! How To Use Black Seed Oil + Benefits

Hi welcome to my channel, my name is Selina Zinchuk if you’re new here welcome I hope you consider joining our family My channel is about DIY, natural hair and beauty if that’s something that interests you Come on and join the family. We will be very excited to have you over so as you can see from the title today, we gonna be discussing about black sea oil And the benefits that black sea oil can do for your body both internal and external So let’s look at black seed and all the benefits that it has To our health if you would like to see this video then continue watching Black Seed oil has been around for so many ages But unfortunately, people are now just starting to know about it and that’s in my case. Same with me I’ve been seeing black seed oil on the internet let say for the past two months now for some reason YouTube kept on suggesting that video to me and then My husband got a flu which took a very long time so I decided to watch one of the YouTube video on black seed And then after that I went on our good old Google and I started to research About black seed and I found that Black Seed is also good for the respiratory system which the cold that he had so I immediately Order it and started giving it to him now The more he started taking it His cough started to get better But this is something that you have to continue taking it, when I say continue taking it not like for a long time But at least in his case, he’s supposed to take it for at least a week or two weeks straight So I started to make more research into Black Seed, and these are the awesome benefits in which I got to know about black seed. Black seed oil Have so many different names according to which part of the world you are living some people know it As black onion seed. Others know it as Kalonji oil and then some people also call it black cumin seed so it depends which part of the world you are in but all of those name are the same thing Some people also call it Nigella Sativa in those days People took black seed to be very important from my research. I saw that the Muslim Muhammad referred to black seed oil as the oil that kills everything except death And then it was also shown that king Tut when they open up his tomb they saw black seed oil in it because those days people believe that Whatever that is important to you on earth When you die you take it along with you so that you can cross over with it to the afterlife So they found black seed oil into his tomb So this also made the research to be more extent people really wanted to know how Important this oil is that people have to take it with them to the afterlife? So let’s look at some of the places in which black seed oil is grown Black seed oil origin is from North Africa the Mediterranean Europe and Asia and since then it have spread all around the globe So we have more access to black seed and black seed oil now The 2 great ingredients or compound that make Black Seed oil very important it consists of Thymoquinone Which is known as TQ, or Thymohydroquinone, which is known as THQ There are many ways in which you can consume black seed oil I would just give you a few ways you can consume it and you can also make your research on your own One of the ways is just by taking a teaspoon of it in the morning on Empty stomach and also a teaspoon of it before bed time. Some people have problem with the taste like Me in that case. So I take mine with honey So I take a teaspoon of the oil and then I pour a few drops of honey into it I give it a mixture with my fingertip and then I just put it down my throat Another way you can consume black seed is by Drinking it as a tea, So you can boil your water add a couple of teaspoons of the black sea into that hot water let it sit and simmer for About five minutes and then you can take that and add honey to that tea And you can consume your black seed in that way as well Another way you can use black seed is through black seed extract Or simple you can just buy the black seed capsule And you can take that which is much better if you are afraid of the taste of the Black Seed Hundred and one benefits of black seed and all the review that I saw on Black Seed I’m pretty sure and I believe that everyone should get to know more about Black Seed and give it a try In promoting your general health either through supplement or on your hair and your skin But this is something that you need to discuss with your medical doctor because some people claiming that it do cures so many diseases and illness, but this is something Again, you have to discuss with your medical doctor so when I watch this video I went into the comments section and I saw so many great review about Black Seed I personally, I have a very very bad eye problem, which I started wearing glasses from a young age at the age of five that means I had my eye problem from at the age of two or three but my family, got to know it late so this is something that I am interested Into giving it a try because I saw a review that a lady says she have a eye problem Which I know it’s not as bad as mine because my eye is – 17, which is very bad. I’m literally blind And she said that it helped, it is helping with her eyesight And then I also saw a review of a lady who lost her sense of taste and smell For so many years and she was just living with that and since she started taking black seed She got her taste back. So that’s like a miracle? so this is something that people should look into as just for your general health and it also stimulates your hair, your dead hair follicles so that’s something to also look into so I bought both black seed oil This is the type that I bought from Amazon This is $25 and then you guys know I’m a DIY baby So I also got the black cumin seed I’m going to be making so many DIY for hair and also to Take eternally with the black seed So I got a little bit of note down here of just the most important things that I wanted to Mention to you guys also So they say, studies shows that black seed oil which is the compound TQ. Have being found to be antioxidant, it have a lot of antioxidant it has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties it is Anti-cancer that means people who have cancer it also fight the cancer cells It is antibacterial, anti-fungal research claim that there are 101 Illness and diseases that black seed oil can cure so I just drop down some because if I’m Listing all the 101 this video gonna be so long which I don’t want So I’m just gonna read through the most important one that I drop down But if you don’t find anything, which is related to your issue I will encourage you to go and read on it And then hopefully you will find something to cater to your issue. So let’s look at some of the Importance or some of the things that people claim that black seed oil have done for them Black seed oil can help with your heart Health if you have a bad heart it can help with that it can also fight fungal infection Black Seed oil can also help with your allergies It can also Help with your skin as I mentioned earlier it help cures the cancer cells Which is very big black seed oil can also cure your acne black seed oil can boost your fertility if you are trying to have a baby Black seed oil can help with your hair and your scalp it have a Regenerative properties which can wake up those dead follicles on your scalp It can help with flu, fever, It help with cough and asthma, like what my husband was having, it helps with diarrhea Black seed oil help with high blood pressure This is something very big because my grandmother she suffer from high blood but I want to make more research on this before I buy some and ship it to her And then I also want her to ask her doctor if she can consume it. Black seed oil can cure Insomnia, it can also help with upset stomach it helps with toothache Black seed oil can also help with breast cancer, Black seed oil can also help with weight loss it help with diabetes, seizure It can also help with cervical cancer It prevent radiation damage it help with your chest conjunction it help with your vision This is some thing in which I got very interested in, it helps with migraine headaches I know so many people suffer from migraine headaches from the stress. It’s also helped with that it helped with breastfeeding and Lactation it help with insect bites and also mode on your skin lips, if your lips are peeling it help with it It help with constipation, it help with back pains and body pains it help with stomach pain it helped with prostate cancer it help with General weakness, it help with chronic fatigue it helped with heart attack it helped with bone cancer This is just the few that I mentioned on Black Seed the 101 plus sicknesses and illnesses that Black Seed Can help with if I haven’t mentioned anything? which you are suffering from I will encourage you again for the second time to go online and read more about Black Seed and And I’m pretty sure that once you have faith and you take this as the dose which your doctor recommend again I am NOT a medical doctor All of these information I’m giving you is from research which you can also do for yourself. So Please discuss with your medical doctor before taking any herbal medicine I will update you guys on my journey with Black Seed oil If it’s helping with my vision or just my overall health or just my overall health and then I will also Make diy with Black Seed oil for our hair and skin If you love this video, can you please give me a like leave a comment down below and subscribe? I will see you in my next video

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  1. thanks for sharing and yes black seed or the oil is a miracle one because in my case, It helped me intence of breath and migraine. then I stopped last month but I didn't notice anything with my eyes or maybe I didn't take note of that. pls, let's see from your update as you know I use eyes licence too, full as usual.

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    I love your top and hair.
    Secondly you are looking beautiful, with your cute smiles let me start watching now.

  3. I love your youtube write up.
    Like, comment and subcribe lol.

    I have never tried using black seed oil before but from your explanation it must really be good.

    Sorry about your eye problems, but is hard for one to notice that.

  4. Girlbflax seed is a big seed that Indians use! My husband’s mom uses it in cooking and they are really tasty to eat!

  5. Hi Selina, I haven't heard about black seed oil either but that is great that it can help with your eye sight b/c -17 is really bad. Mine is -7 so I can't even imagine. Can't wait to see the DIY's you create b/c it is good for so many things and I have terrible allergies. My husband has high blood pressure so please let me know what you find out about that too. This sounds really amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Also, you look really pretty and I absolutely love your top/dress.

  6. I used to take a tablespoon of black seed oil by mouth daily like a vitamin or something. Don't remember why I stopped. Gotta start up again. Yes it has many benifits. Love the hairstyle

  7. I love your you did your research and delivered it educationally , very informative and interesting, it does have lots of benefits ❤️

  8. Your makeup and hair are beautiful likewise your outfit, thanks for sharing this amazing video ❤️❤️

  9. Wow…its amazing to hear so many good stories about Black Seed Oil. In Islam it's said that Black Seed is the cure for everything except death.

  10. Wow sis thanks for the information I didn’t know it had that much benefits, that’s nice that it help the lady get her sight back, thanks for sharing sis 💕

  11. Just like to say your hair looks very nice. I have tried black seed oil and yes it taste bad, but this stuff is great. I first used on my hair and omg dry hair turn so soft.

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  14. How can you make your oil with black seeds? Please Selina am very great full for the explanation and uses and benefits of the plant, l will try it and see how it help me with my health problem. Thank you again baby.

  15. Black seed oil took away my back pain the first night I tried it. That's right I have no more back pain! I have been taking it for three months now, it's a miracle oil from God.

  16. Hello to everyone and Mrs. Zinchuk. Yes, you are correct and I believe its a cictrazant ( spelling maybe wrong). A review I read said " it cures everything except death." Now, that is powerful !

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