10 thoughts on “The Laws of Financial Blessing

  1. I'm so blessed with your msg about finances..I thank the Lord that He lead me to ur preaching..
    pls let me know how am I going to avail im your books..im
    currently living in middle east ..pls let me know..Godbless

  2. I wish God would give financial blessings to the 800 million human beings currently living in extreme poverty on this planet.

  3. So God is has for over 30 years has not let me start a business of my own or get a good paying job, Is because I'm poor so he is keeping me poor. That makes sense, Punish me for being poor.

  4. theres not one verse in the entire bible that states to tithe on monetary wages…not one…first fruits are not tithes in the OT and tithing was for the jews only…..we as NT believers are redeemed from the law…..in the OT malachi was talking to the priests only and not the people…for only farmers and herdsman tithed in the OT…..paul said in gal 3;10 that if you keep even one law(tithe) then you must keep them all or your cursed, not blessed as these preachers say…..tithing in the OT was not 10%, there were 3 tithes for a total of 23.5%….so look whos not doing as they should…preachers cant even teach it right…plus in the 7th year there was no tithe….when will preacher man teach that…but it is biblical and under the law….oh yes the 6th year was double tithe…never hear that do ya…oh I forgot…the festival tithe was the people eating the tithe and buying wine and strong drink and having a party…you'll never hear that either

  5. Not surprising that some commenting remain confused on this subject. They have little despite responsibly caring for their finances and residence. Me too lol. You see so many around you that have so much more than you and many are not Christians or at least don't appear to serving God. Life is simply not fair and it's easy to get caught up thinking that we should somehow all have the same. Simply not reality. Some men are 6' 2 and some are 5'. Some live into their nineties and some die young. All a part of life on earth. Hard to accept when you feel you're on the short end but nothing you can do about it. I don't believe God gives more to those he feels have taken better care of their possessions whether it's money or physical items. Poor and starving people aren't poor because they fail to manage what they have.

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