100 thoughts on “THE FINAL AIR BERLIN TRIPREPORT | Air Berlin (ECONOMY) | Airbus A330-200 | Dusseldorf – Vienna

  1. Monarch, and now Air Berlin. 2 lovely airlines that took part on the European Aviation, that don't exist anymore. 2017, IMO wasn't the best aviation year at all… Farewell to them!

  2. I took them from New York to Düsseldorf and they were pretty good in terms of service and food suprisingly. Kind of sad to see it go. Sadly chapter 11 doesn’t really exist in the EU

  3. I am literally about to cry! It's so upsetting to see them go.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Same IFE as Icelandair???? or is that just a IFE but the Airline buys it and puts the software on it?

  5. I remember when I fly with FlyNiki to Vienna, I always get a air berlin plane. Idk why? Can some one say to em why?

  6. Ich war so sauer, als Air Berlin die gute alte LTU geschluckt hat. Nun wird AB von Lufthansa & Co. geschluckt. C´est la vie.
    Liked (the video).

  7. Having watched Air Berlin grow and prosper over the last 20+ years, even to the USA, its sad to see it coming to an end.
    Its not just an airline, it out food on the table for thousands of people who now have no jobs, sad, very very sad.

  8. Does the GPS work over water, when I go on holidays my family goes to the Canary Islands from Ireland so it is Ocean 98% of the way, would it still work?

  9. 1 like=1 tribute for Air Berlin.Goodbye Air Berlin😢😢😢.I really wanted to fly with Air Berlin but it's too late😧😧😧.

  10. Love the A330, it's special how shaky it can be, sometimes it does almost sound like the whole cabin is gonna fall apart. However, really sad that Air Berlin is out, sadly never had the opportunity to fly with them so thank you for this report!!

  11. For Air Berlin: Thank You, Thanks A Lot, We Actually Loved You, But, You Had To Go, We Loved Being On Your Trips, But, You Left, And Now.. What Are We Going To Do With Air Berlin?

  12. Only flew Air Berlin twice from Dusseldorf to Vienna and back but it was an amazing flight. Once on A320 and back on Boeing 737-800

  13. Litrely your the best I turned on the notifications and subscribed cause your one of the stars you should have 20 000 000 millions subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. late comment+ didnt know that it will be gone goodbye airberlin i always fly with you from Dusseldorf To Abu Dhabi 🙁 (And Thanks For The Free Candy's while boarding :D)

  15. Ok So How on this planet Air India,Alitalia and South Africa. Airways are still flying even after 80years being long bankrupted and airlines like jet airways woow and air Berlin bitten the dust.

  16. Malaysia Airlines bought Air Berlin’s A330-200 and I flew with that ex air berlin a330-200, nothing much changed, but Malaysia Airlines didnt charge me more on the XL seats tho(with the red bulk seat)

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