The coal miners have been trapped for
two days and it is likely they will run out of oxygen very soon. We’ve learned
that a phone has been sent down and the President himself has called to raise
the miner’s spirits. Hello yes hello. Hello, Mr. president? It’s great to hear your
voice sir. Yes, the entire country stands behind you men. How are you doing? How are
you holding up? We are safe sir. Is the rescue mission
going to make it in time? Well okay, well. We’re running low on oxygen sir. Well, listen, the economy is doing
great. You know the media never talks about how well the economy is doing. It’s
truly unbelievable. Uh, that’s good to hear sir. Any word on that oxygen? Four percent. Four percent GDP
growth. Everyone said that was impossible. They said, they said Donald that can’t be
done. You’ll never get above 3%. But we did it.
We did it. We got above 4%. Can we go back to the oxygen question real quick? And a lot
of people don’t remember this but when I first came into office they said the
economy cannot keep going up. They gave all the credit to Obama– Okay sir, hey is there anyone else there we can talk to? –Never work. we did it we got
above 4%– Okay Mr. President, we’ve got to go now. Bye sir.
Maybe let’s wait a few minutes and call back. And the Democrats are meddling. It’s
just one big conspiracy that’s all it is. Excuse me, Mr. President,
your son is done with football practice and he needs someone to pick him up.
Okay, tell them I’ll be right there. And let him know the economy is doing great. Mr. president do you have any comments on the zombie outbreak that has
destroyed the East Coast? The media they only like to talk about these zombies
they say oh who are these zombies, where did these zombies come from? The economy
is doing great.

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