52 thoughts on “The decline in the stock market is really just getting started: Economist

  1. Trump should not have broadcasted over and over again about the economy . Huge mistake on his part and it might cost him in 2020.

  2. the stock market is phony baloney. it is not message the economic success of w country, it messages how much each citizen is getting screwed

  3. This twat doesn't know anything unless she has a crystal ball. Stock market corrections are normal .Alan Greenspan said the economy was great in 2007 when we had the "Great Recession"

  4. Everyone relax, Mnuchin spent the whole weekend calling the banks and performing stress tests. Everything is cool.

  5. The Economist is not a reputable publication. It's full of articles writen by technocrats, RINOs, and Socialists. You'll never read an article touting the benefits of free-trade or free-markets. The Economist isn't a publication about Economics. It publishes articles about mostly lieftist issues.

  6. Near zero interest rates for several years inflated the largest stock market bubble in history. There is no way to normalize interest rates without a massive stock market crash.

  7. The same stupid cunts that were praising tRump for the gains are now blaming Obama for the decline, just read the comments.

  8. America is finished liberals will take the white house in 2020 and destroy capitalism – China & Asia will dominate the future done deal

  9. Don't worry. The Fed will jack up interest rates and get the bear market going along with a deep recession. Then, they will blame Trump.

  10. Good job, Mr. Trump, on starting the trade war with the Chinese, even if your gripes could have been easily resolved through normal channels like the WTO without actually alienating the Chinese consumers who, like us, can vote their feelings with their purchases. They dramatically demonstrated that today, didn't they, when Apple's earnings came in way lower than expected due to slumping iPhone sales in China, and the stock, and the stock market, reacted appropriately. China has a whole lot more people than we do and sales of a lot of our high-margin products there, if Apple is any indication, are going to be affected negatively as the Chinese people continue avoiding American companies for their purchases. It looks like there are a whole lot of American products that are going to be ignored as Chinese consumers start looking more seriously at South Korea, Germany, India and their own country for similar products that we, quite erroneously, assumed we'd continue selling them despite your tariffs and loud harangues about how bad China was. Funny thing about business relationships. Economics contribute a great deal to their success, of course, but so do loyalty, sincerity and friendship. Maybe you should take a Dale Carnegie course before you decide to make unilateral decisions about how our country's international trade is conducted.

  11. Everyone complaining, but it doesn't impact normal people. This is the best thing for normal people with a 401k. Your going to buy a whole lot more for a lot less. We know long term stocks go up like 98% of the time. People retiring will also have dividends reinvested at cheaper prices just wait til it comes back around.

    I been buying cheap high paying dividends, Up $200 this week on $5000. made $50 today. Buying mostly monthly dividends. All mine keep going up, been lucky.

    Can't wait til we see a bull run with my choices.

    With gas food and housing prices coming down, income up and unemployment down this is the perfect economy. Still seeing too many unfulfilled job openings though.

  12. Hope the Stock Market collapses again, this time no baleout by Trump, you bankers can sink or swim. This time Trump will kill the Federal reserve.

  13. Drug Enforcement Agency told a recent congress hearing that Mexican drug cartels are laundering cash by buying huge amounts of Bitcoin through Over the counter via underground Chinese brokers. DEA told congress…"Bitcoin is a favourite currency for drug cartels". This is endorsement by DEA that Bitcoin is an asset for cartels to invest their billions. They are urgently buying to  corner Bitcoin to explode its price. Forex traders are rushing to buy Bitcoin cfds last 3 days to catch the massive bull rally in Bitcoin. Don't miss out! If this news gets out to wall street, every stock investor will rush to invest in Bitcoin while price is low. Smarter investors are buying son of Bitcoin….Bitcoin Diamond for $1 in Binance.

  14. Here's Pomboy back in 2011 preaching some more doom and gloom:

    And still bearish in 2013:

    Aaaannd here she is 2 years ago, with the same sentiments:

    She's a perma-bear and is therefore NOT a credible source.

    I guess if you say there's going to be a crash every single day of your life, eventually you're going to be right – Question is, is she right this time even though she's been wrong for the last few YEARS?

  15. Let the old bull market die. It was Obama's low interest bull market. Just end that and let Trump have its own rally driven by real innovation, growth, and wealth creation.

  16. There is a big increase in home improvement currently under way…not too many new homes. This is good for revitalization of existing housing and communities.

  17. Fuck fox news. The Trade war like this is hurting all over the world. Included the US and China. But Chumpfuck said otherwise. wake fucking up, people.

  18. C'mon Stephanie–you're talking way to pessimistic for these Trumpets who think the economy is the most bestest it's ever been in the history of the universe (according to Chump).

  19. The trade war is so easy to win. Call me Tariffman…still can't believe the leader of the world no 1 country could talk and act like a kid.

  20. I can't wait for the market to crash again. Then the home will be cheap again… fuck u rich assholes who screw the world over.

  21. Shrinking demographics = deflation = falling stock prices. Labor shortages will abound, wages will rise. You will seek employees but will not find them, you will long for the times of low wages but they will never return.

  22. "Behold I have sent them a proud leader, both cunning and foolish. In their times of wealth they stole from their workers, now they will not find workers anywhere. They will search across the seas, in lands far away, but no one will leave home for them. They will demand for the government to intervene, but the government will not have the means to help."

  23. Diversify and expand. You rely on one country, you die. They control you…..The world is huge. Many of US companies need to explore.

  24. She's a bear. If you look for negative you will find negative. If you look for positive you will find positive. She was wrong 7 yrs ago because she can only think bearish. You can not underestimate the US when it comes to rallying

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