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Wanna One, IZ*ONE, I’m sure you’ve
have heard these names in recent years Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or you’ve just gone into kpop and if that’s the case I’ll let you slide just this once These three groups were formed under a little survival show called Produce 101 Produce 101 started off as a girl group survival show that aired in 2016 It was a large-scale project in which the public produced an 11 member girl group from a pool of 101 girls from 46 entertainment companies through online voting with multiple elimination rounds The show gained lots of popularity and success after its first season leading Mnet to air multiple season and including male trainees and idols in its second and fourth season. With the show becoming a household name with its immense popularity having hundreds and hundreds of contestants at this point and let’s face it being run by Mnet Produce 101 had its fair share of controversies throughout its years as well as theories and conspiracies surrounding the show And let me tell you There is a LOT Every season of produce the trainees audition in front of the judges and get graded A through F according to their talent and abilities Male trainees in season two revealed that the program was secretly discriminating the boys in lower grades It was revealed that the lower grades were served different meals and has limited bathroom times One of the label said the bathroom is allowed for usage starting from the ‘A’ group so that the trainees and lower groups have incidents where they can’t take care of their basic biological needs We understand that it’s necessary to group the trainees because there are so many of them but it’s unfair for the grades to affect everything The food is also becoming a problem because the boys get food in order of levels and side dishes are limited and top tier boys get all the food while the lower tier boys are left with just rice Another label said they’re all growing boys, but they’re eating just rice without any side dishes They’re not given enough food and they’re forced to fight over it The boys in the lower tier levels have to eat and get strength, but they’re getting weaker. We’re worried this is making young boys feel the beat in the boys are also allowed out of their dorms only in order Because there are so many boys and the lower grades can only leave after everyone in the upper level has left The lower tier boys wait over six hours just to be able to go home A third label said The label can only follow the staff’s order because if we complain it could be bad for our trainee Trainees are working so hard just to get their faces out. We’re sad that their effort is being twisted A fourth label said Produce 101 is a place that fulfills trainees dreams We participated without choice so we could get their faces out, but we thought maybe it was a mistake Seeing how they’re being treated by rank even outside of broadcast The program is being run through adult logic and it may become a program that steals young people’s dreams Mnet defended themselves by saying we’re moving back groups because there are so many of them The trainees are treating each other with respect while competing There is nothing that viewers have to worry about However, when the viewers heard of the process many were appalled Netizens with comments such as are they crazy. There are humans. Why are they being treated differently? This is ridiculous and more Ma Eunjin was a contestant in season one of Produce and was supposed to debut as a former member of a girl group Playback Rumour spread like wildfire saying that she was a school bully and a Block B and EXO sasaeng Some articles say that the agency or Ma Eunjin herself confirmed the rumors to be true I’m not sure which is accurate, but it was a huge deal back in season one Bullying was a huge topic in season two of Produce 101. Many male contestants have left the show due to bullying and assault scandals The topic resurfaced once again in Produce 101 due to former idol trainee Yoon Seobin Yoon Seobin was caught in some unfortunate rumors involving him being a bully back in his school days An anonymous netizen wrote about how Seobin was well known bully who engaged in delinquent behavior on a daily basis while also uploading alleged photos of him smoking while underage In addition, the writer claims that Seobin changed his name. A petition was formed to have so been removed from the show He was later dropped on the show as well as his contract terminated under JYP Entertainment Kim Dongbin, Kang Daniel, and another contestant were caught in a cheating controversy asking fans to pick certain songs for them during the concept evaluation through SNS Daniel in particular had a cat emoji in his Instagram bio which later turned to four The fourth song listed in the concept list was “Never” His fans seemed to catch on to his secret message and started a vote for “Never” Coincidence or not? All three were penalized and publicly apologized Whether it’s fighting for position in a group scary seniors being portrayed as lazy or hot-headed Mnet is no stranger to evil editing At a press conference for Produce X 101 PD Ahn Jun Young shared As I heard the words evil editing every year I’m doing my best to make up for it. I think it’s unfortunate that due to the limited time Not everyone can be put in the spotlight That’s why I’m doing my best to at least show the trainees charms online He continued season one was 71 minutes season two 100 minutes season three was extended to 130 minutes This year’s season will also be 130 minutes. The production team hopes to show each and every trainee in any way possible We strive to make the trainee stand out even a little bit as they work hard and desperately move towards their dreams I will do my best to not favor particular trainees Well that all sounded good in theory, but it seems as if the PD forgot to keep his word If you watch the recent three episodes of season 4 you can already tell favoritism due to very few contestants getting screen time Not only that but in episode 3 we were shown a pretty bad edit of trainee Kim Hyunbin He was able to catch some screen time because he was the only member in his team that knows a track they were performing We see that Hyunbin was getting frustrated with his teammates for not picking up the choreography and lyrics quick enough This caused one of the team members to take him aside and explain to him that he was coming off too aggressive Many netizens were angry and called out the show for editing Hyunbin as arrogant when he was just desperate for his team to do well Season 1 Heo Chanmi fell victim to Mnet editing when they showed her unstable singing and being greedy for vocal position The flick made twice sixteen video fans of the show claimed that voting is rigged Popular contestants like Lee Gaeun and Kim Jonghyun we’re shown as promising contestants and always highly ranked and both the finales fans were shocked at the outcome Both shared the unfortunate fate neither made it to the final group and both placed 14th place In Produce 48 every ranking looked like a roller coaster Ranks are constantly changing with that rate It was quite unpredictable who had to make it into the final lineup Trainees, and now members of IZ*ONE Jo Yuri and Kim Chaewon were huge shockers Jo Yuri’s rank was controversial due to her ranking shooting up so high in the finale from 18th place to 3rd place Mama told me always thunder Kim Chaewon was the same Her past rankings fluctuating between 15th to 30th place with the final ranking of 10th place Produce 101 is known as the land of wasted talent National producers gained a reputation over the years where they choose “visuals over talent” These hundreds of contestants throughout the years many trainees go on the show to get recognition Trainees get praised for their abilities but are told their visuals will become a problem Season one contestant Jeon Soyeon now member of girl group (G)I-DLE was and still is an incredible rapper We first saw her skills in season one showing off her mesmerizing rapping and great flow Fans of the show recognized her talent but kept bashing her looks Season four Miyu followed Soyeon’s fate Miyu was a talented composer and singer but was heavily criticized for her appearance Season four Han Chowon was shown as an ace She could sing, rap, could pull off any concept, and had the visuals But in the end she fell short and was placed one place shorter of making the final group Han Dong Chul is a producer behind shows Show Me The Money Unpretty Rapstar MIXNINE and Produce The producer came under fire when his interview with High Cut was released During an interview with High Cut magazine, he was given the question Guys probably will not be interested in the male version of Produce 101. How do you plan to attract male viewers? Producer answered, “Female or male people watch if the program has good strong format. It’s a matter of quality” he said I’m not sure how to say this But the reason why I first created the female version is because I wanted to make healthy for guys He continued I’m not sure how to say this But the reason why I first created the female version is because I wanted to make healthy for guys Even though the contestants just seemed like a younger sister or niece aren’t they adorable? I wanted to create a type of that gives you that feeling and the male version will also serve as that type of for female viewers I once heard that Rain’s performance was like for girls The male version of Produce 101 aims to fill that fantasy If it’s entertaining enough, then the male viewers will watch it too So after the article was released Han Dong Chul and Mnet were getting heavily criticized especially since there are so many contestants that are minors and just the way he described the show is discussing both Mnet and Han Dong Chul would quickly to apologize and retracted what he had just said in the interview as a “Huge misunderstanding or bad wording” Han Dong Chul officially stated on July 22nd I am shocked and apologetic for the big misunderstanding caused by the words that I just used for expression The way the words were misunderstood does not reflect my original intention He continued I am sorry for causing trouble Because of my error in not thinking more carefully about what I said in the reflections of what the original intention is In the light of this incident, I promise to be more cautious about my words Mnet explained to local news outlet Bizenter that what Han Dong Chul meant was to describe the show as such powerful content that you can’t take your eyes off it I don’t know if it’s just me But to me, I can’t comprehend how someone can mess up wording that bad It just blows my mind, but let me know what you guys think If you watch the past three seasons of produce you may have noticed that every trainee center has ended up in the final lineup No wonder everyone wants to sit on that solo rise stage So I’m excited to see if this year will be the same It’s become a run-on theme that anyone who sits in the first place see in the first episode is cursed and won’t make it to the final lineup Chanmi in season one got evil edited by Mnet and had almost no screen time despite her high rank Moonbok in season two was always getting criticized by netizens So young in season three was shown as a bad leader on her team and she forgot her rap Seobin in season four had his contract terminated with JYP and left the show after allegations of him being a bully in his school days Some say that the curse extends to being the last one to sit on the throne as well Since Somi and Daniel have both had troubles post-produced in their careers debuting, but that’s a story for another day We all love an underdog don’t we It’s no secret that Mnet loves to push their narrative with their editing In season one of Produce we were introduced to Sohye Since the beginning Sohye was portrayed as a trainee with little and no skills Which fair enough she was training to be an actress and not an idol but before being on the show Throughout the season she showed drastic and speedy improvement in lots of hard work Which led her to be in the final and ultimately winning the spot in I.O.I Netizens started to speculate that Sohye bombed her audition intentionally and pretended to act untrained so that she could impress the trainees and national producers later on the show and that showed how much she improved This would later be known as the Sohye strategy for seasons to come I think all Somi fans and Produce fans in general want to know the big Produce mystery behind Who was Somi trying to throw hands with in an episode trailer for season? 1 showed a small clip of Somi arguing with someone out of frame while another trainee seemed to be holding Somi off from getting more confrontational The scene never aired and to this day It’s a big question mark as to who Somi was trying to fight and why Rumors spread that it was possible that JYP entertainment begged Mnet not to air the scene or paid Mnet off to protect Somi’s image. I guess we’ll never know but I still want to know If you made it to the end, Thank You I try to get a lot of information out to you at once I know there’s probably more I missed So if I did leave it in the comments below I’m currently watching the newest season and curious how it will end up Will this year’s “Pick Me” center make it to the final lineup? Who will be our underdog this year? Will my one pick actually make it to the end? Leave your comments below on who your one pick is or any predictions you have the season I love to read them

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