The commemorative $20 note

On September 9th, 2015,
Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning sovereign
in Canada’s modern era. To recognize this milestone,
the Bank of Canada is issuing a limited number of
commemorative $20 bank notes. They will be in circulation
along with the current $20 note, so it’s important to be able
to recognize the new note. The commemorative note has
the same security features as all polymer notes. It’s easy to check and
hard to counterfeit. FEEL, LOOK and FLIP is the
best way to check this note. Feel the raised ink. There are two transparent areas,
the frosted maple leaf window and the large window. The difference in this
special note is found in the large window. Look at the metallic
portrait of the Queen. It’s different from
the large portrait. On the existing $20 note,
the portraits are the same. Below it are other
metallic symbols: a crown, a garland of maple
leaves and repeated text. Feel the slightly raised,
transparent maple leaves in the centre. Look to see colour changes
in the portrait and metallic symbols as you tilt the note. Flip the note to see
the metallic portrait and symbols repeated
on the back. The 2015 commemorative note is
a historic and secure addition to Canada’s polymer bank notes.

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