The Biggest Scam Of the Modi Government !!?!! (Hint – no it does not have anything to do with Money)

The Biggest Scam Of the Modi Government !!?!! (Hint – no it does not have anything to do with Money)

The BJP, in it’s first term, wanted a “Congress free India” and made us dream about “better days” In it’s second term, it was ”
Long live Mother India” and that “our soldiers are fighting in Siachin” By the third term they said “We are working but it will take time to change the country” In the fourth term they said that the Hindus were in danger and that “the Temple shall be built there” And in the final term, when people started questioning.. about their work in the past four years,.. regarding development, smart cities, black money, corruption, etc But the BJP is not a newbie It knew that their performance will be questioned one day If not him, he will definitely ask You can’t shut everybody’s mouth, understand? But what if you suppress the entire issue? And remove any basis on which the questions are asked.. by making any such data disappear, that could’ve triggered any questions Probably the biggest scam of the Modi government, bigger than demonetisation is the data fraud No data, no questions, no outrage Not just once, but lets see the 10 times when the government made the data disappear Data fraud number 1: Farmer Suicide More than 600 suicides in just one state within 3 months Now you can figure out why the government hasn’t released the farmer suicide death data nationally from 2016-2017 We’re not talking about 2018 yet. The official reasons state that the reason behind this is some technical malfunction But the government knows that if this data is released, it’ll have to face the wrath of the farmers and common people Data fraud number 2: Unemployment According to our Prime Minister, there are so many jobs that it has become difficult to count them Yes! The issue is not unemployment The issue is about the unemployment data How is the opposition going to cause a ruckus about it when they don’t have any data Wow! That is called politics! The government that promised 1 crore new jobs every year is now not even ready to accept that unemployment is rising They’ll make you fry pakoras but will never call you unemployed Now the government has asked for 3 extra months to collect the unemployment data.. to jack up the number This means there will be a lots of ‘pakodas’ in the next 3 months Data fraud number 3: Right to no Information The government is so busy working that it does not want to share the information They are not ready to share the data with the citizens And how does all that matter to the dumb public anyway? That’s why we don’t need the RTI Act What is the need to share everything with the public?.. to, you know, control them if they don’t fall in line There will be no unrest in the country if there is no data about the frauds Why is the government doing so? After all, the RTI is has been internationally accepted as a good transparent act CIC is being punished for messing up with Modi Now that was a strong response! At the moment this move is on hold after the opposition caused a ruckus But RTI is f****d. Data fraud number 4: lynching Whether you are a BJP supporter or not,.. but all these cases of lynching have embarrassed us internationally It is a shameful act and there’s no doubt about it People are being lynched over beef, train seats, kidnapping But when the government was questioned about it in Rajya Sabha, it said it didn’t have any data on lynching The union minister even said that there is no need of an anti-lynching act As if the lynching incidents will disappear on their own Data fraud number 5: Demonetisation It has been almost 2 years Since that scary night of 8th November 2016 It was supposed to eliminate corruption, black money, counterfeit currency and terror financing in one go Instead it ended up killing 150 people who were waiting in the ATM line.. and slowing down the growth of the economy An year later the RBI released the data saying that 98.96% of the cash returned after demonetisation So there was hardly any black money And digital India failed too Even today we’re waiting for the RBI’s concluding report on the macro economic impact of demonetisation No one knows the extent to which demonetisation impacted our country Data fraud number 6: GDP The BJP, after coming to power, changed the entire method of GDP calculation Even today, this method of calculating GDP is not clear to many people And the base year is going to be changed again in 2017-18 It’s simple mathematics. If the growth of the base year is low, the growth rate will appear to be higher than what it actually is.. in charts, advertisements, on TV, internet and Mann ki Baat And that’s all the government cares about, not the actual ground realities But when the base year is changed so frequently, the back data has to be released as well.. that is, the impact of this data on that year The economists believe that this data will also reveal that growth rate under UPA 2 was actually better than Mr. Modi’s term This is why back data has not been released still How can they accept that ‘GDP growth’ was also a jumla (slogan)? This is not just data theft but a dacoity Data fraud number 7: No statistician, no data On 31st January 2018, T.C.A. Anant retired It was his office that releases all the numbers, data, charts and reports And the government is in no hurry to fill this post It has been more than 6 months, and no successor has been found And even if they find one now, it’ll take months Even our shastras say that no data is better than bad data This is called the ‘Policy of Chanakya’. Get rid of anyone who gives you a bad score That’s called politics. Congress will never get it. ‘Congress’ reminds me of a data fraud number 8: Let’s rob this country together and let’s be-fool the people together The RPA makes it clear that the political parties cannot accept foreign funds In 2014, the Delhi HC found both Congress and BJP guilty of violating the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. In March 2018, the government passed a bill, without any discussions Now that’s called politics. There is no data about the sources of funding of the political parties for all these years. The reality is that these people, who call others ‘anti national’, are selling off the country And the Congress is also supporting the government quietly Data fraud number 9: Electoral Bonds The political parties are well aware that the common people like us are so busy that they will never understand the Electoral bonds. These bonds help the rich to donate huge amounts of money to the political parties.. and no one can find out anything And all these changes have been made in the name of transparency This number can be used only by the government and not by the common people So it can use all the data about election funding in its favour The government knows how to get the data and its’ importance Data fraud number 10: Aadhar Everyone is talking about Aadhar.. about privacy, about development But no one knows what exactly the government is doing with this data The amount of data that gets leaked and its impact on our lives The data that goes to big companies We are just giving our data and it is going somewhere The government claims everyday that the Aadhar data is completely safe And yet there are news all around.. about the leakage of data and the accounts being hacked using Adhaar details So basically the government is not willing to share its own data,.. but it is distributing the data of the citizens to everyone Remember! No one knows the amount of data that is going to be leaked in the next 9 months But if it does, it will have a major impact on the elections Under the Swachh Bharat mission, the data is getting cleaned out too Even the opposition is sleeping! After data of 2G, Coalgate, CWG even the opposition does not want it anymore We can’t even find out if the government has actually done anything or not because there is no data That is why the only data we have is”the temple shall be built there” But the next time someone tries to involve you in their communistic agenda,.. just question them about the data instead of ‘daata’ (God) If you have watched the entire video, it means either you really liked it, or really hated it So write your opinion in the comments section and express all your anger Support our channel. Subscribe! Press the bell icon Don’t leave everything to Mr. Modi Politics is not that boring, it can be fun too!

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  1. Thanks Akash. What you guys are doing is simply amazing.. I saw you interviewing Mr Ravish and what inspires me is although people like you have been sidelined from mainstream journalism but still you guys havent given up.. We need more people like you. Thanks again

  2. I wish we had educated PM and not chai wala and educated Ministers not murderers and corrupted ones. BJP is ruining India but आंडभक्त will remain ignorant piece of shits. Wish I were rich to move out to any other country and leave India shit place.

  3. In short congress ka naara tha ki hum bhi khayenge or aap bhi khaiye
    Bjp ka naara sirf bjp party khayegi koi or khayega to ya to desh chodke bhaag jao nahi to aap chor hain party khayegi to vo deshbhakt

  4. Sir then what too doo we the youths are now tired of modi g but the z and y ganeration are still the bhakts of mandir here is my question❓

    Q1. Whom to vote please tell us openly .
    Please sir please u are doing a great job continue doing it

  5. Bro there are few real men left in this country many of them has their eyes close but keep on bro you and few more are pure generalist hand off to you 🙌

  6. Akash your videos are great..but you should start some campaign or something like that so that the majority of citizen who actually do not know will understand what is actually going on.. Don't politicise it but you can start and after all we are standing behind you..
    Because if something is not done against this, it will be a disaster for the common man of this country and I think only riches will only survive

  7. Those have intelligent brain from the beginning has got the scam long before it came out in public domain There is no escape of Modi Sarkar from there conscious ..though they can hide the truth to modi bhakat ..

  8. lekin ye modi fir b jeetjayega 2024 me kyuki logo ko iske alwa koi dhikega nahi kyu sab to antinationalist ban chuke us samay tak

  9. Chor hai sala , govt biki hui hai , mukesh ambani ko chod kar 80 percent share all almost at life time low…, public ko barbad kar diya hai , psu bank icu mai chal rahe hai ..

  10. Swatch bharath , yes share market ko saaf kar diya , khatam kar diya sabko , BJP fraud hai , swiss ke arbo rupee nahi aaye , ulta public ko note bandi mai line khada kar diya , where is growth , where is swiss money

  11. Aaree bebakufff kavhi to suchh bola karro…
    Jaanta, Tere jaissa Congress bhakt nahi hai.. wo work se vote calculate karte hai,..

  12. इस तरह की हरकतें करना कोई फ्रॉड शातिर अपराधी की ही मानसिकता होती है । मि0 नटवरलाल !

  13. Mujhe apki yek baat or imandari a6i lagi jo apne na hi BJP ke heet me bola na hi congress ke heet me. Apne to sachai ke bare me bola

  14. 72 साल भारत आजादी हुए हो गया है जिसमें भाजपा पार्टी के 4 बार भारत में सत्ता के लिए चुना गया भारत की जनता के द्वारा पता नहीं क्या सोचकर पुराने समय से भाजपा पार्टी के सरकार में जनता न ही कर्मचारियों अधिकारियों व नयी नौकरी देने का काम नहीं किया भाजपा पार्टी के मोदी ने गुजरात में मुख्यमंत्री के समय में क्या किया गया कि जनता ने बताया से बत्तर करने के बाद देश के प्रधानमंत्री के लिए चुना गया भाजपा पार्टी के सत्ता में ईवीएम मशीन का सबसे बड़ा घोटाला खेल से ही हुआ है भारत की जनता अब तो समझो ईवीएम हटाओ देश बताओ

  15. Akash ji u r doing a splendid job keep it on, my request to u to make a video on relation between leaking of aadhar data and a large victory of BJP in 2019 election.

  16. thanks for spreading awareness sir..not immediately but definitely we will be able to aware people and that's a very good work…

  17. Bhai bhot se log aise hai jo modi ko support krte hai qki uske bhashan k wajah se , unhe kuch pta hi nhi bs modi modi krte hai

  18. Sir after watching yours, rathi sirs and ravish Kumar sir videvideos I really feel scared. Pata nahi but aisa lagta hai jaise pahle jamane me hua krta tha.. Ek raja or baki sb uske gulam.. Raja Jo krna chahe kre hme koe hq nahi hai usse sawal krne ka.. Or agr krte bhi hai to maout ki saja ke liye taiyar ho Jao..
    Evm me hr bar froude pkda ja rha hai mtlb hm chaha kr bhi govt nahi change kr skte. Ye to chalo kuch Evm ke bare me hme pta chal jata hai ke button koe bhi dabao vote bjp ko hi mil rha hai.. But un Evm machines ka kya Jo dur daras ke gavo me hai..
    Might be in future India will not belong to democratic country

  19. 70 Years of Congress rule has given what to India, When BJP has come to power you are talking about development, don't talk nonsense and foolish. Bakwas band karo. Nehru ne kya kiya tha India ke saath, denied nuclear assistance from America, rejected India's permanent member ship of Nuclear suppliers group, and about lynching, done on Hindus, it seems that you are converted to third class religion. Shame on a people like you.

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