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  1. Very wise……This 74 year old grandma is watching the world change while looking for ways to be economical even at 74. There are ways to cut back and be happy if you just look. It is all in the way you look at things…..Thanks, Jeremy……

  2. I'm a 60 yr old white male nurse I worked 30 yrs.I took time off. now i can;t find a job. Canlt wait to get a retirement check. 2 more yrs

  3. You are spot on. Wonder why Trump is trying to drain the swamp? America should come first in America. We buy things from overseas as cheap as we can, silverware, clothing and goods are all produced overseas. Services are selling cheaper. We need to start thinking of being as self sufficient as possible. Time is limited. As we get older, we can produce less, but we do have skills younger people do not have. We are working on debt. Debt is our noose. We were shocked at what we spent that we really did not need. We learned to produce more of our own, on our own. Small things add up. God bless America!

  4. I am a recently retired (quit) financial advisor after 30 years.  I am so happy to find some preppers that actually get it and aren't just talking about EMP's.  I hope to be able to talk with you and watch each other.  Spot on my man…. 

    Here is us:  www.Jazfarmblog.com

  5. Dead on sir. I'm just now trying to shift to become more and ultimately self sufficient. Thank you for sharing and teaching me, you need to share more often!!!

  6. It cracked me up when I heard Michio Kaku say that the H1B visa program is the best thing that ever happened to America. His reasoning was Americans aren't taking the high skilled jobs or can't (read that smart enough) to get education in these fields. And, we Americans are all the beneficiaries of this????? HUH! Most people I know are just trying to keep their heads above water…the only ones getting rich are the one's whose parents had wealth and only reproduced 1 or 2 kids.

  7. I just started selling homemade soaps and lotions. It's my hope to have this as a separate income on my way to homesteading. At 60 years old I live beyond my means with too much student loan debt hanging over me. You have inspired me to do better. Thank you

  8. Yes, these conversations are being had everywhere. We're having them here for sure. My income has decreased steadily since its high in 2001, and this even after pursuing a degree which has left me in debt. I've been clawing to climb out of the manhole ever since. Appreciate the "rant".

  9. A lot of people feel the same way , I am one of them. We are a divided country with a corrupt government. This may not end well.

  10. I am so glad that I found your channel, guys! After the economy collapsed, my country Bulgaria was also affected. This made us think about other sources to provide for living. My husband's family lost their business and we were fortunate to have a piece of a land where we started our dairy farm. Unfortunately we were forced to take a bank loan to start it as we were not able to buy the animals ourselves and me and my husband still needs to have a regular job in order to pay that… which is not what we want of course. My philosophy at that time of my life is – we cannot relay on only one job/ only one skill/ one opportunity. But I admire what you do as this seems to be the meaning of life for all of us who are looking for self sustainability.

  11. Can you talk about your thoughts of having some silver (or gold) on hand, barter? Really interested in your perspective.

  12. Almost a year on and sadly the hole is just being dug deeper. Rant or not, the truth is the truth. I applaud you both for taking the risks you have and making such a wonderful natural life for your family.

  13. If only 10% of the population withdraw their money from the banks, the system will brake on it's own ! as per their fractional banking system, they create 90% fictional money than what they really have ! A better move would be for everybody to stop working for 1 week, no cars, no business, nothing………

  14. Also as an idea , coz now u moved to this 20 acres land, maybe making up small huts, where people could come over and stay for 2-3 days or a week, they get to see how the lifestyle is, enjoy being off the city for a while and relax in the nature just like a camping site with some kind of an all included combo for accomodation basics "food, water, shelter, fire"

  15. I know this is an older video but it happens to be the last one I rewatched so let me say this: you two are so eloquent and precise on what you say and how and why, that your homesteading channel is far superior to most of the other ones. This is not to bring those others down, but to emphasize the fact that your videos are so good and interesting that I keep coming back and rewatching them. I’m stuck in a city life for now, but following you provides a well needed break, and motivation. Thanks!!

  16. Wow! Very powerful. I'm still work for the "man". In less than 18 months , eligible to retire with pension and benefits. But my husband and I recognize that this benefit system may be unsustainable. So we've lived very small, literally in 900 sq. ft home. Replaced things only when necessary and almost always used. I cook a lot from scratch although I work full time outside the home. I grow a garden and put plants in pots wherever there is enough sunlight on our mostly shaded property. We saved and save and purchased any large items with cash.Thus we humbled ourselves in the face of the Mc Mansions that have risen around us. We pride ourselves in paying far less taxes to live comfortably and more sustainably. Thank you for the validation that we've always felt about this economy. You both are the light in the darkness.

  17. You did very well on that sir I’m feeling everything your talking about your way cool people I’m glad I found your channel!

  18. … THANKS for this video… it should be required viewing @ least 3 times a week… forever. 😉 You guys compliment each other in a myriad of ways.

  19. Great life path advice eloquently stated. This is a path I have been on for a long while.. Start now! I am Living debt free, since I am unable to farm the farm was sold and the monthly income from the sale contributes to my monthly living, my small, note small, house in a country town. The house is also paid for, my car is 17 years old, and I turned the back yard into garden I also raise hens there. Livestock and poultry are allowed in town here. Make a plan and start now.

  20. i find videos such as this one is hard to find. videos that are based on perspective, experience, understanding and life as it is. thank you for talking about your perspective. i hope to watch more videos like this when time permits you to do so

  21. I couldn’t agree more. The system is rigged to serve a small percentage of the population, the wealthy ruling class scum. It’s slavery, nonetheless slavery we consent to without question. And! Our overlords tell us through movies like the Matrix.

    Funny, your mention of organic foods. I believe our lifestyle change to organics really helped clear the head. Many friends making the change to organics also share clarity. We now see it, are more In tune to the manipulation and abuse and believe we are not powerless but actually have a choice in the matter. Just as you stated; the banking system, ‘free trade’, taxes, government restrictions those are only a few tools used to maintain their system of control. I would add NATO governments work in conjunction as only leaders chosen by the ruling class hold the ability and power to work and benefit ruling class scum even if it generates war. War is one of their greatest assets guaranteeing endless opportunity for endless profit. The banking industry is guilty of creation no debt slaves through college loans and mortgages generates interest directly paid to the ruling scum. Health is another and why over the last 60 years our diets have declined as well as our health proving most disease, if not all are the result of diet. Who controls the food industry? Yep, the ruling class.

    It has become apparent that these entities; banking, government, agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, healthcare, corporations, pharmaceuticals, factory farms producing food, public drinking water, and even the air we breathe sprayed continuously are all arms belonging to one beast that controls this dysfunctional system to ensure it serves only the few always at the expense and needless suffering of the many.

    Like you, we’ve had enough. We’re on major downsizing mode. We are out of debt except for our blood sucking mortgage. Our plans are to sell, pack the truck and head out to find doable property and own outright, and build a sustainable homestead.

    Thanks for your time and videos. We looking forward following your homestead journey as we begin ours.

  22. Jeremy I couldn't agree more. I'm in Canada and you are in the USA. There is no difference, both countries have gone down the toilet. The rich get richer and poor get poorer. Only the rich have the money to run a campaign to get into some form of government. So guess what – 90% of the laws coming out will favour the rich. All corporations should not have Ltd or Corp after their names but should be entitled "Greed", The XYZ Telephone Greed Corp., Google Greed Corp., Wally Martin Greed Stores. I am sure you get the idea. But then you have to ask yourself who drove all that business to Japan or China or Viet Nam or India. We did because the prices end up a little cheaper and folk now a days are to lazy to make their own clothes as our grandmothers did. Do you realize that of all of the imported clothing 65% is made in Pakistan and India and the balance is from China. In the late 1990's they did a survey. They went to the employee parking lots of GM, Ford and Chrysler and what they found was that of the car workers themselves 75% of them were driving foreign cars and 80% of the foreign car drivers were driving Japanese cars. Makes me think.
    God Bless Joe

  23. Wise words Jezza. You speak the truth in everything you’ve said. Never mind president you have a new religion we all should follow. You guys are the best! More power to you. The people need to know what you say and wake up to a new way. Enlightenment will come to some. We at least know the truth and must live and teach by example. You are living the dream. God bless you

  24. I have started implementing a few of your suggestions as I agree with what you are saying and I am better for it. You and your wife have inspired me to do this. Thanks. You have made me realize that times are changing and not for the better and I need to do more to look after myself and my family. Keep up with the videos as you both are great teachers

  25. Great talk! I appreciate you sharing your views and offering advice that can help people try to get to the other side of the equation.

  26. Thank you to get that out there, what you are and believe in. I come from Quebec, Canada and we want to do just like you for the same or so reasons. Continue what you do. It is inspiring.

  27. Love listening… TYou guys are way ahead of mr intellectually…. Not judging but it doesn't seem that you are Christians… It doesn't matter to me just curious… I love you for who you are… You guys articulate well thank you for sharing

  28. Wow, this has been what I have watched for 10 years in the healthcare field. I appreciate your views they are truth. God Bless you guys for your intelligent decisions.

  29. I'm right there with you. It's sad what this world has become, especially the United States. I have always wanted to have a homestead . My grandparents were father's and preppers. Great summer with both sets of grandparents. Kansas and Arkansas. My daughter and I are talking about homesteading. The cost of living in the city is outrageous. I've started a garden this year. Yay I feel like I'm on my way. At least a good start. Sometimes my daughter thinks I'm crazy. She's use to seeing gardens and full production full of larger plants. She doesn't realize what goes into prepping the soil, planting the seed keeping seedlings damp till they have developed their second set of leaves. See my kids weren't raised on homesteads. Lots of apartments and places that wouldn't allow you to have even a small garden because of regulations put forth by city manager. One duplex I loved in watched me plant a small handful of potted vegetable plants. Once they were Lucius and green and barring vegetables, they made me chop it down because I had run a cord throughout the tomato plants to sturdy them. I cried. It wasn't long before I moved. Everyone complimented me on my little garden and potted flowers and plants. It was the only one in the complex that looked beautiful. I guess it made the rest look bad. And it was bad. I've learned allot from allot of utubers. You guys bless me so much. Your encouraging words makes me want to blink my eyes and twitch my nose and be on our homestead. I don't drive due to a neck injury that my neck had to be completely fused. So I have limited ability for lifting heavy things. I want to get away from the horrible shootings here. Gun fire close by every night due to the gangs. I'd rather hear a shot gun or rifel seeing the day during hunting season or Target practice, than what's going on here. I moved last when a 38 with 2 full clips emptied out while sometime chased a man up onto my porch to get away from the shooter. Several bullets lodged in my door frame as I was sitting in the couch directly across from the door. The bullets lodged about my head height. We're in a gated community during the night after midnight. But anyone could hide out here before midnight and God knows what could happen. I want out of this society. I'm on my way. Thanks
    God bless
    Dreamers Homestead

  30. Good points. I've been working as a contractor too, even made a career of cleaning up after the damage done by H1B 'helpers', then training junior full time staff to keep systems operational. I'm hoping the introduction of 3D printers will bring small manufacturing back to U.S. and American workers can learn to code enough to keep those and the robots going.
    There will never be as much unskilled work, but if we add skills we may stay afloat as individuals and small family units.

  31. You say that you are not qualified to give advise. The fact is that your “rant” is much better than advise. Thank you.

  32. Guildbrook Farm: You guys are one of the most REAL people I found "close to my ideology and age group" on YT. THANKS for your TIME.

  33. Your so called rant is the most well put, infornative communication on a level, I truly comprehend, that I have ever heard. Thank you so much and feel free to rant more often.

  34. I like to add to Shirley Wrights comment in that your “rant” was the most articulate explanation of the “system” we live in that I have ever heard. I personally didn’t learn anything but I can’t overstate how well you stated it. I spend a lot of time trying to educate the uniformed and I’m going to send people to watch this video.
    Bravo Zulu….

  35. The day I realised that time was the most valuable thing I would ever own changed my perspective on working completely, eg. getting $20+ an hour to do something I either didn't enjoy or really hated doing felt like selling my time and myself short….. Great talk and I am again reminded I am in the minority when I see how few views this video has had…

  36. Jeremy, You undersell your speaking abilities. I have been 'preaching' the very things you are saying in this video for years, and have never once came close to your articulation and well stated briefness in these ideas. Like some great writers, Hemingway, or Maclean, you do very well with the conservation of words. There is a shitload of information, all of which I'm in agreement with, in these seventeen minutes.

    Lol I once came here studying 'pasty butt' but ended up sticking around for a plethora of other wisdom and a philosophy so similar to my own. Cheers from out in the Wyoming Rockies, right between over the hill, and Galt's Gulch.

  37. Truth man. The major problem here is an infinite money supply form US treasury. I am not an American but in eastern Europe it is the same shit in another hand. I become a contractor not because companies are hiring contractors from outside, but because taxes are significantly lower for them. End result – I become a freelancer after being ditched. Working more for the same or slightly more. Same as in US. Even if I get clients from the US, they are startups.

    Back to money supply, if it were finite, taxes not 70% but something more like 10-30% things would look in a different colors.

  38. Wasn't a rant. Good solid advice! My wife and I love your channel. So much knowledge here. You have lots to be proud of because you actually went out and did it! We have plans for van/ utility trailer turned home life. We have a duplex now because my parents needed to be close and still have a place of their own in their 80's. Keep on keepin on!

  39. I have been beating my brains out saying much the same for years now. I can't describe the elation and sorrow of hearing this coming from another. I became a welder 3G in SMAW and FCAW as the Marsalis Shale boom went splat (I can always add to my certs at just the cost of the test), certified manual machinist graduated just as oil took a nose dive ( it is picking back up) and became a certified phlebotomist (at least I paid that out-of-pocket) for all that I'm still an unarmed security guard. I've found that most of the better paying (still crap wage) companies in my area are either job mills and/or have preferential hiring of ex-cons in exchange for tax breaks, so I do odd jobs on the side.
    CDL-class A drivers and RN seem to be the only jobs in demand until CDL is fully automated too.
    Such is life in Appalachia.
    Rather raise bees, quail, rabbits, chickens, goats and sheep, permaculture orchards, vermiculture, bushcraft, brew mead (honey wine) and blacksmith. I'll get there, just not yet.
    Keep your chin up and your gun loaded. Defeat is only when you stop trying and accepting defeat is never an option.

  40. Although I live in the UK, a lot of this still applies and you speak a lot of sense. I moved to the country to eliminate mortgage dept, produce some of my own food, a significant amount of solar power and have sufficient resources to live independently for probably a year or more. Local cooperation and avoiding government control are also the ways to go if you can do it!

  41. One of the best recent works on the subject (some 800 pages) is "Capital in the 21st Century" by the French economist Piketty. The basic thesis is that as long as return on capital is greater than the growth rate of the economy there will be strong and inevitable structural forces in the economy that will work to concentrate wealth. Seems hard to argue that this is not so.

  42. Also, your youtube value is your karmic value. You help those of us feeling the call to homestead, yet have not a lot of experience. Thanks!

  43. Just came across you guys by accident . Fantastic information. What you just said is absolute truth / genius. People should most definitely follow this advice. We basically have done the same and are much happier as a result. Keep up the good work.

  44. Yes to all you said…💜. Actually made me cry, I want freedom so bad, trying to find what I want to do at the moment, been doing so much that doesn’t matter that I have lost who I really am…working on finding that, the rest will follow 😊💜

  45. That's why I don't vote republican nor corporate demo-rat. Get money (Citizens United crap) out of politics. Social democracy FDR style is the way to go!

  46. I agree this economy is rough. The insurance is a disaster in it's own state. Jobs are hard to come by and the sad part is even if you go to school you have no guarantee of a job or career when you get out. The struggle is real and many Americans dont know what to do. Getting out of debt is the first and best advice once your debt free your free. The Borrower is a slave to the lender. I am on a journey of Self sufficiency and freedom. I have began my journey with watching your channel and the tips on why to become self sufficient. My main reason was the same as your reasons job loss natural disaster etc.. but i started a garden, raise chickens, working on learning to can. Then get my pantry started so to have food available at anytime.
    One thing I was always taught what's the live within your means and in general I did stray from that and it's been rough so this year 2019 is my reining back in and getting back to basics and living within my means of what I'm capable of money wise. I have met many people who live so outrageously past their means it's no wonder as they lay awake at night trying to figure out how they're gonna make the Mercedes payment how they're gonna pay for the mini mansion, Pay for their nails getting done hair getting done and pay for all the Macy's beauty products that they need along with paying for Every luxurious piece of clothing that they can get their hands on or the latest and greatest technologies there's nothing wrong with having technology not what I'm getting at but I know people who will sit there with an empty refrigerator or no gas in the tank but yet they all have the new latest and greatest iPhone or android but I can't even afford to go nowhere because the gas tanks on he and the refrigerators empty in general I feel that most people have become so materialistic that they forget that sometimes money can't buy everything for it does help to have money but when you look back and I've been in this situation where I've had a rude awakening this year to I've worked for a company almost 12 years and don't really have a lot show for I've sold my labor with no real enjoyment or successes in my life so as of 2019 I began my journey as I said above my goal is self sufficiency to where if I lose my job I don't have to worry I can go take that minimum wage job and still make a few wins me or I can do something better yet that I enjoyed.
    But you guys do a great job on your survivalist and prepper videos however you prefer to put it. You guys are amazing keep up the good work!

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