8 thoughts on “Stem Cell Research & Hair Growth | Thinning Hair

  1. Bollocks to this man I'm un subscribing from this crap, what's happened to Howcast recently,they used to pretty useful things to make, little hacks and funny stuff. Now it's all dancing, health and hair loss.

  2. @ssa1234 Exactly, what's happened to the how to video's? Look bk in their archives an there's some great stuff.. Thank God for Kipkay(?) an the others like that still actually making cool stuff.

  3. -+-+-I've just finished my first bottle of Argan Life hair loss prevention shampoo, it definately helps, my kids remarked that my hair is starting to look fuller & that more hair appears to be coming in, it doesn't dry my hair out, leaves it more manageable. I have recommended this to my fellow hair loss recipients.

  4. Super hair food hair loss shampoo is already working My hair seems fuller with less hair loss. I also like the way it smells and that its made of natural and organic products. I highly recommend this shampoo ( w…superhairfood….c )

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