Stage 1 of Growing a Beard – Men’s Beard Growth Journey

(roaring) (clicking) – Hello hair growers, and
welcome back to my channel, my name’s Thomas, if you’re brand new. And I make style and hair
related videos every single week. First things first, I
have a few updates for you in this video, and I just
wanted to mention first, you probably noticed my intro
was a little bit different. Yeah, I’ve just started a new website, called Man Buns and Manes,
which is catered towards this whole hair growth community
that we’ve built so far. I will talk a little bit about it later, but let’s cover the beard topic first, the elephant in the room. I am growing my beard out. Why am I doing this? Particularly because, it just seems like the next natural step
for what I’m doing here on this channel. I’ve made a lot of hair growth content, thus far, and I thought,
“Why not grow our beard out?” I have had lots of
mentions from, you know, you guys, and subscribers, and
people on Instagram saying, “You should really grow
your beard out, man.” The reason I’ve always
veered away from it, is because I’ve never felt comfortable with having a lot of facial hair. And particularly, I think that comes from not feeling like it’s full enough. Like, when I look at a really nice beard, I’m kinda like, “Damn, I wish I had that.” When I look at my own,
I’m a little bit like, “Oh, I don’t know if you
could even grow a beard.” But you know what, this
is all about a challenge, so I am going to dedicating
the next three months to growing my beard out. I do wanna encourage any of
you that have wanted to go on a beard growth journey
before to join me, because I will be checking
in, once every month, for the next three months. And, yeah, so I just
naturally thought it was the next best thing to do, and I thought, “Fuck it,
what’ve I got to lose.” You know, like I don’t
have a corporate job that I go to, where it’s not allowed. I can do it in my own home, you guys will probably
find it entertaining, I’ll probably find it entertaining. So, the next three
months is all about this. Now there is a few rules with this, okay? I’ve outlined a few rules, and
I’ve made a deal with myself, and I’m making a deal with you right now, let’s shake on it. So the rules are, during
this growth process, for the next three months,
I am not allowed to shave from where I usually do
my chinstrap, up, okay? So, all of this area, all of this, is gonna get as fuzzy as it can get. I don’t even know how fuzzy that is, ’cause I’ve never let it grow that much. And the only place I’m allowed to groom is from, yeah, the chinstrap down. And that’s particularly
because I feel like this hair below here, just,
it looks really grubby, so, I’m gonna give myself
that much leeway, I guess. And, I mean, you guys can
go for whatever you want if you’re gonna join me on this journey. I really hope you do
join me on this journey. But yeah, that’s rule number one. The second rule is, I
need to take a picture, every single day, for
the next three months, of my beard growth to
document the process properly. And then, what I’m gonna be doing is giving you a time lapse at
the end of the three months, to show you the continuous
growth over time. And I think that’s gonna be
a really cool video idea, so why would I not do
it, you know what I mean? The other thing I thought
I would be able to cover by doing this sort of series, as well, is trying out different
hair growth products that I haven’t tried before,
particularly Minoxidil. So I have had a few questions
from people asking me if I’ve ever used it before. I mean, I had always heard of it, but I’d never though,
“Oh, I wanna use that.” I never went to that length. So what I’ve actually done, is I’ve bought myself some Minoxidil. This is actually Regaine,
so that’s the brand, and the actual product is Minoxidil. So, Minoxidil, this is like a foam, that you’re meant to rub on the area that you wanna promote hair growth in. I have no idea how well it’s gonna work, I’ve never really looked into beard oils, or beard grooming, or
beard growth products, so this is gonna be a whole
new level playing field for me. But, I just wanna try it out. I just wanna give it a go. So here we are, and the growing
out process of my beard, officially starts, right now, as this video goes live, okay? The one thing I did wanna mention too, is if you see me in the
next couple of videos with the exact same facial hair, that’s because I do my filming in batches, so I usually film a big
bunch of videos for you guys, all in a row, and then I
release them once a week. The reason I do that is
because it’s really efficient for me to work like that. I’ve constantly gotta–I’ve
got a full time job on top of doing this, like,
I’m pretty fuckin’ nuts. So, once a month, when I do my check in, that will be the real time growth of what my beard looks like, right now. And then, you know, every couple of times, it’ll look just like normal. Okay, so, we’ll just see how we go, and, yeah, I’m really
nervous, slash, excited to see how this turns out. Okay, so that’s the situation, and that’s what’s gonna be happening over the next three months. The other thing I wanted
to talk to you about was my new website, and why
the hell I even built it, and what’s with the new intro,
and all of the new swipes, and the Instagram. Look, it’s called Man Buns and
Manes, by Thomas in Action. So, what I’ve been
thinking for a long time, I’ve been doing so much
hair growth content, I’ve got a lot of you guys who have actually grown your
hair out in the Facebook group. If you didn’t already know,
we have a Facebook group that’s all about growing your hair out, growing your hair out support,
showing off your long locks, getting tips and tricks about hair, you name it, it’s in there. It’s free to join, and
it’s open for everybody. However, I wanted to make
something that was less about me, and my name, and more
about us as a community. And I thought, how much longevity does the Thomas in Action name
have for something like that? I mean, Thomas in Action’s
always gonna work for me as a person, but what can I
create that is separate from me, but still intertwined with all of this? So, it just made sense
to come up with the name. I really love the name,
Man Buns and Manes, I love the logo that I’ve
come up with, as well. It’s a lion with a man bun, and it just, the tag line and everything,
helps paint a picture of really what my personality’s about. If you look at the tag line
it says, “Society might say, “long hair on guys isn’t okay, “but a lion doesn’t concern himself “with the opinions of sheep.” I really resonate with that line, and if you guys feel the same way, I want you to come over
and join the community. If you do wanna join the group, head to the link in the description box, it’ll say, “Join the Facebook group here”, or something along those lines. It’ll take you to the
website where you can read a little bit more about the group, and then there’s a gateway,
where you can actually enter. So, if you’re not part of the group yet, make sure you go in there. I’m hoping that all of this beard content will get uploaded in there, as well. Perhaps we can start like a
little beard growth section, I have no idea where I’m going with this. It’s just going to be a three month stint, and we’re gonna see what
I look like at the end, and have a cool time lapse to watch, okay? So any of you that are
coming in for the ride, join me, let me know what you think of the whole Man Buns and Manes thing, and I also switched up the channel art. You’ve probably noticed
in my display picture. We got a fresh new look in here, so, that is what we’re doing. I am gonna go shave my face now, ’cause I’ve been blabbering
on for way too long. So I’m just gonna get rid of all of this three day growth bullshit, and come back, show you what
I look like with a bare face, and then we are gonna let the
beard growth journey, begin. Be right back. Okay, are you ready for this? This just does not feel right. Look at me, I look naked. Aha! All right, so, here is my shaven face, I look about 10 years old again. Wow, I actually, when I looked at myself in the mirror I was like, “Whoa, that’s what you
actually look like?” Like you can really see
my face shape and stuff, it’s weird. Just to help keep myself accountable, we’re taking the first image right now, and I’ve got to keep this
up for three months, okay? So here we go. Oh God this light is terrible. I mean, it’s good here, but
in iPhone camera it’s shit. All right, here we go. I look dead. (clicks) Photo number one done. We should probably put
this on stories as well while we’re here, ready? Oh, my God, look at that baby face, I look like I’m 10. No, this is just a little video, to let you know that I’ve
started a beard growth journey. We’ve just started at zero,
and I’m currently filming the video right now that
is going to be going live on my channel. Actually, it’s probably in my Bio. If you wanna learn about beard growth and what we’re gonna be doing
over the next three months, go check it out. (laughs) All right, bye. Okay, well that’s that done. So you guys, that is the
end of this video today, beard growth check in
number one, stage one, here we are, we’re at zero. Join me for the journey. Make sure you join the Facebook group, the link is in the description box below, and I will see you next
week for another video. Hopefully when I’ve got
a bit more facial hair. Never doing this again, bye! (kisses) (shot fired)

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