Social Media Growth Hacks that Really Work!

Hi everyone. Cecilia Elise Wallin here again. Today I am going to talk about social media
growth hacks that really work. In order to really dive into this I’m taking
you into my computer. First you must start to figure out your equation. First lay your foundation: Your website. This is what my website looks like right now. So this is my latest blog post. With a pinnable beautiful picture. And in a few minutes I am going to talk about
some smart social media growth hacks you can do with Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. But first I am going to talk about building
your foundation for success on social media. your brand, your website and your ideal audience. Think differently. The main important part when you are trying
to grow your brand on social media is that you have to post a lot of content. You have to create a lot of new content and
in that process you will learn to start thinking differently. Creating and posting consistently helps in
two different ways. It’s well documented that YouTube’s, Facebook’s,
Pinterest’s and Instagram’s algorithms reward consistent posting. So if you want to grow your audience fast
you should post at least once a day, and probably more often on each platform. But the other reason consistent posting is
so important is that it will force you to be more creative and develop your ability
to think differently. And thinking differently is what in the end will make you worth following. If your ideas are new – and open unique
perspectives – people will listen to your podcast and videos, buy your books and read
your blog posts. Get in the mindset of not being a consumer. The biggest benefit when you start an online
business of this kind is that you will constantly be creating on social media. Be confident. Think differently. Be systematic and analytical. Often the conventional wisdom is wrong! An excellent way to stand out from the crowd
is just being yourself and being a little bit crazy, seeing and exposing the truth behind
the conventional mainstream advice which isn’t helpful anymore, or maybe never was. Copying everyone else isn’t going to make
you successful as a marketer on social media so you must differ from the majority, that
includes your content, your style, your lifestyle and so on. Be a contrarian in the market. Don’t say the same things as everyone else
in your niche. Look at what everyone is saying. How can you say something which is the complete
opposite, but which makes much more sense. Try to find where the conventional wisdom
is wrong and take a contrarian position. Talking about social media growth hacks I
want to talk about Pinterest. So Pinterest has lately generated a lot of
traffic to my website, since I started to stuff everything I have on Pinterest with
keywords, and started to pin consistently. Here you can see my Pinterest account. Not only in the description of my account
but also in my account name I have a great amount of relevant keywords, as you can see
here. But it doesn’t end here. All my pins have a lot of relevant keywords
in their descriptions and all my most important boards are stuffed with relevant keywords. Since a couple of weeks I have started using
Pinterest consistently. I pin manually, because it’s fun, I learn
a lot about my niche that way, and I am convinced that manual pinning is the best way to get
my pins seen, clicked and repinned. I get a lot of traffic to my website from
Facebook as well of course. And here you can see my Facebook group Influential
Entrepreneurs. here I post my videos. My YouTube videos and my Facebook videos. And I also repost my Instagram photos and
quotes here. Here you can see that I have posted a quote. I post a lot of quotes on Facebook. And what’s good with this is that I choose
to post my very best ideas as quotes and as a consequence they get shared a lot on Facebook. That’s all for today. Thank you for watching, liking and subscribing. And see you in the next video!

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