100 thoughts on “Secrets of Counterfeiting and Currency

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  2. 2:50 Great video but wait. No. 100% of all bills have bacteria on them, no doubt. Now, I don’t know what the source for that 94% was but that’s microbiological nonsense. Everything else was awesome though!

  3. 3:25 Won't matter anyway because how often do you see the buttons on the debit card keypad cleaned? Or the door handles of stores. Or hundreds of other public items?

  4. the security strip UV colour matches the denominations colours of the Canadian bills for $5 and $20 but the $10 should be purple, if the $100 one is purple and the $50 red then the 10 and 100 are just backwards

  5. Also, all the bills 5 and up have infrared reflecting strips on the back. They are primarily used by vending machines to identify the denomination.

  6. "7% of that 94% is stuff that can be harmful for you" holy shit it's so dangerous it has gone past the boundaries of 100%

  7. I just feel like you guys are employed by the government to help put potentially dangerous people on watch lists

  8. WHAT! No mention of Art Williams? Art stole one of the printing presses used to print money. There’s a book, “The Art of Making Money”. Art made millions of $100 bills including the security strip. The way he was able to make the color changing ink was from color changing automotive paint. Book is well worth reading.

  9. Interesting news story in Aus this week. We have just gotten a new $50 note. Theres a microprint of a speech from Edith Cowan on there. There is a typo in the text! Need a loupe to see it, but its there, ive seen it. Its a very pretty note btw. Gonna fix it in the next run, but there's like $48 million out there with a typo.

  10. "photoshop wont let you edit them"
    that's not true? at least i tried with extremely HD scans that i took myself using a flatbed scanner. it gave me no trouble at all importing the images.
    so not only did photoshop let me, but so did my scanner which some supposedly prevent you from doing.
    but hey, whatever, now i have HD scans of it so i can do some cool graphic design work 🙂

  11. to thwart the iodine pen, a lot of counterfeiters spray it with hair spray. this does something chemically and prevents the pen from detecting the bill as counterfeit.
    i could be wrong though, i read it on reddit somewhere.

  12. My understanding was that there were 13 States in the original union in the US hence the 13 stripes on the flag.

  13. Crane paper company based in Massachusetts bought the Swiss company. They produce almost all of the paper for all of the world's currency.

    It is old school cloth paper mostly made from recycled clothing.

  14. And then there was famous Portuguese con man Alves dos Reis, who, through a cunning web of deception and document forgery, got a British printer to make him hyper-fakes (i.e. true duplicates) of Bank of Portugal Escudo bills.

  15. Only idiots snort their cocaine with money. It's super gross and can cause nasal infections. Use a plastic straw or metal tube instead.

  16. While saying "do you have a bet on what color the five will be?" a bit of the 5 was just barely visible to the right of the screen :v

  17. 4:30
    my history teacher got stopped at wallmart by a mom, her child was failing the class, and she wouldn't let him go until he explained. So they started talking about the recent test the students took and grades in general. One thing the student failed was the order of the presidents. HE AND THE MOM THOUGHT THAT BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WAS THE FIRST PRESIDENT

  18. 15:18

    According to this episode, the world is going to be blown up in 3 days. Have your bottle caps ready!

  19. Denominations of U.S. Bills:

    $500+ Are collected by collectors and used to be used to pass large amounts of money from bank to bank.

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  21. The ink on money is raised in some parts because it's pressed. If you run your fingernail across the lines on the clothes or face of the person on the bill you can feel the ridges

  22. Watching from canada and ive seen this so many times and the accent cracks me up haha, amazing, love you gentlemen!

  23. I can say with 100% confidence that the treasury department and fbi take counterfeiting VERY SERIOUSLY! I went to vocational school for printing and duplication. First day the teacher cracked a joke that we were essentially going to be leaning how to perfectly recreate documents and how we " could" make fake money, but it would be illegal..well me being stupid recreated $7 bills with the teachers face and a bunch of school related imagery and funny, moderately offensive, in-jokes that developed through out the year in class- for a final exam. The teacher thought it was great.honestly i could have made a legit bill.they looked , and felt good, and if not for the obvious differences they would pass at a typical store.but i figured it was so silly it wouldn't ever be taken serriosly….i was wrong. Dead wrong.my bill was put on display with some of the other great finals projects. Well the wrong person saw it and the feds came in and locked down the classroom, seized the presses, computers, cameras, plates, and all the other printing suplies and equipment. grilled the shit out of me and my parents, arreseted and detained the teacher for 3 weeks and by the time they were done the school decided to cut the course from the curriculum.the teacher kept his job(luckily) but had to teach history in a differnt school.i was put on probation till i was 26 and not allowed to have access to "counterfeiting" equipment (including ink jet printers) under threat of jail time. They really didnt see any humor in what i did and after it was all settled they said that even with all the obvious flaws i put in(the only thing that kept everyone out of jail) it was still better than about 75% of the legit fakes out there.and that these silly recreations actually do end up in circulation and they have to treat every even febble attempt like a major operation.

  24. fun fact. you used to be able to pull the red strip out of bills. my mom used to do it. i did it a few times.

  25. There is some truth about cocaine on paper money. I had worked with a company that did random ION chemical tests on it's employees (mainly hands). They had to stop this form of testing when they tested paper money which came back positive for cocaine. This was traced to a gas station that had traces of cocaine on its counter at the cash register thus anyone who touched the counter would test positive.

  26. Guys, why hasn’t the apocalypse hit yet? Is it even gonna? Did I farm all of these Super Mutants for their Hunting Rifles for nothing?!

  27. I'm sure I'm going on some watch list for this, but the "iodine" pen test mentioned in the video, and everyone has encounter at stores everywhere with bills about $20, is easily defeated….

  28. going back to paying cash would straighten out the country in about 2 years, the bankers would be the biggest opposition and the american people couldnt do it as most cant live within their means and have 1000's in credit card debt. once you have the discipline to use it properly your probably 40 years old or older

  29. I can't recall where I heard this, but supposedly, there is some substance that is commonly found on used bills, which the counterfeit test pens react to. This can, of course, lead to major trouble for innocent people. I wish I could remember where I heard it, but at the time, it seemed more than a little likely to be true. If I run across it again, I'm definitely saving the info on my phone for future reference.

  30. 1. Those counterfeit-detector pens have no real value, other than making sure that you haven’t printed money on copy paper. They are right about it being an iodine solution. If the paper contains starch, which most common paper does, the pen mark will turn black. In chemistry terms, this is called an ‘indicator’. Even the US treasury admits that these pens aren’t a reliable way to detect fake currency. There are plenty of videos and articles, which explain why these pens shouldn’t be trusted.

    2. The coded pattern of yellow dots, which a printer makes, is real. I have a color laser printer and never noticed it, until I read about it. I printed a page, looked for the dots and they were there. They’re not easy to see, though, but if you’re looking for them, you will definitely see them. To be clear about it, they can’t just read the dots and say “John Doe printed this page.” They have to find the printer, first, and then compare the dots. For example, let’s say that you print a threatening letter to someone. When they trace it back to you, they will confiscate your printer and match the codes. This will be used as additional evidence, that you were the person who wrote/printed it.

  31. So one anti-counterfeit feature on the newer $100 bills that most people don't know about is that the blue holographic strip is actually woven into the "paper" so you should be able to stick a paperclip though the section of the bill that crosses over the blue strip.

  32. Using fake money to destabilize a nation is a classic move. When the American government does it to itself, it's called Quantitative Easing.

  33. Could you not counterfeit money from another county that is easier and less secure, then exchange if for American money? that seems more practical.

  34. I noticed the FW on one of the bills, when you were showing the small numbers. You forgot to mention that FW designates a bill printed in Fort Worth.

    An interesting story, from 15 to 20 years ago. There was a married couple working at the Fort Worth currency center. The husband's job was to destroy the bills that were not printed right. Somehow, they figured out how to get these past the heavy security that place has. They were eventually caught. They noticed that there were bills in circulation, that were supposed to be destroyed, but they did not have the * mark next to the serial number. If you pay attention to the serial numbers on your money, a bill will show up with an * next to the serial number. This denotes that this bill is a replacement for one that was messed up. When the bills, that were supposed to have this, showed up without the * they new something was up. The FW mark showed they came from Fort Worth. After an extensive investigation they narrow it down to this couple. It has been so long now, that they may be out of the Federal Pen.

  35. And did you know that on any US currency the ink will never dry so you can write your name on pieces of paper with it

  36. Brian saying "wait he just bought the right paper" sounded like an amazed little kid listening to Jason's grandfatherly war tales

  37. At first I believed is the red-white and blue colors which is the flag but is RGB …and wonder who represent the color

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