Hello Friends and Patients! In today’s episode, we will not only debunk
the top 10 myths on beard growth, but also tell you a magic treatment that is scientifically
proven to grow a beard faster or fill in a patchy beard. Will also discuss on the true facts on beard
oil and beard growth supplements. All that’s Coming up! Before we start, make sure you have subscribed
to our channel along with the bell notification clicked. Let’s start listing out the top 10 myths & facts
on beard growth and simultaneously touch on some important scientific aspects. The first few myths are on some basic facts
on beard growth and then next few are on the treatment for beard growth. #10. Shaving or trimming makes the beard grow thicker! This I am sure, most of us have heard about
and even believe it! This is completely false. This is actually an illusion! because when
the beard hair or any hair for that matter is shaved off or trimmed, the thicker portion
of the hair is exposed just above the skin, giving the illusion of a “thicker” hair. So, shaving has no physiological or biological
effects to your beard density or beard growth rate, and this applies even to your scalp
hair. #9. Beards are itchy, scratchy, and create flakes
or dandruff! This is actually not true for everyone. This may be true if you are growing a beard
for the first time and in initial 1 or 2 months. As you continue to grow your beard and start
caring for it, you will never face this problem. #8. Age and Beard Growth:
Like for instance, I am more than 20 years old and I have very few beard hair or a patchy
low density beard and as I already have crossed 18 years, My beard will never fill in! This is a myth! Beards improve and develop more as you get
older. Typically, men report peaks in the beard growth
around 30s and sometimes even in their mid 40s. So, if you fall in this category, have hopes!
and stay positive! #7. Full bearded look is the only attractive beard
style! This is not true! This depends on which beard style best suits
your face and personality. There are many beard styles to choose like
the solo mustache, mustache & goatee, stubble, 5 o’clock shadow, short beard, long beard,
lumberjack and so on. #6. I have a Patchy Beard or no hair at all on
my face and I can never grow a full beard! The truth is: Everyone of us have the required
facial hair follicles to grow a full face of beard. These were already formed when you were a
5-month old fetus. These tiny hair are called vellus hair, which
are difficult to see with your naked eye. At the end of this episode, we will show you
the remedy to convert these vellus hair into full thick beard. Please stay hooked! Beard growth normally starts at puberty due
the effect of androgens mainly testosterone and the di-hydroxy-testosterone (DHT). This beard growth depends on two main factors
– the levels of androgen in your blood and the sensitivity of androgen receptors located
on the hair follicle, to DHT and testosterone. We have discussed this mechanism of DHT and
hair loss in my previous episodes. Some of You may have normal androgen levels
in blood, but still do not have a proper beard. This means the sensitivity of androgen receptors
is the reason for this and this in turn depends on your genes and the race. So people who do not have proper beard growth
may be completely normal in all aspects. #5. I cannot grow a beard or beard growth is too
slow, My father or uncle had no beard or patchy beard! This is not always true. As I already discussed, Beard growth rate,
the density of beard and the thickness of beard hair depends on numerous factors like
the androgen levels, sensitivity and even genetics. But most of the times, this bad result is
due to lack of commitment! and lack of patience! So the amount of time it takes to grow a full
beard varies from person to person and can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. In initial stages, it may appear patchy and
this is the crucial period where most men try to trim it off or shave it off because
it is looking ugly and patchy. Never do this! Continue growing it without trimming it or
shaping it for atleast 3 months before you decide to remove it. #4. Beards make you feel hot in the summer! This is a myth. Beards actually act as a protection from the
sun and block the harmful Ultraviolet rays from falling directly on your skin. It actually provides a “cooling” effect under
the skin when you sweat and then get some breeze into your beard. #3. Beard Growth Oil can boost or promote beard
growth This is a myth. Whether its beard oil or beard cream or gel,
it never promotes hair follicle growth. Many beard oil formulations contains oils
like tea tree oil. But apart from moisturizing your skin which
might help to prevent an itchy beard, they do not have any effect on growth of beard
hair. #2. Beard Growth Supplements like the Biotin and
Collagen help boost beard growth This may be true if the cause of slow hair
growth is due to nutritional deficiencies, which also equally applies to your scalp hair. Most men are found to be deficient in these
elements and even vitamins. If your diet is deficient in these elements
like biotin, collagen, zinc, magnesium and even vitamin A and D, taking these supplements
will certainly help nourish your hair follicles and even helpful for your overall body health. #1. Minoxidil Solution (brand names like Rogaine,
tugain or mintop) can promote facial hair growth and help grow a full beard. This is a fact!. Many research studies have proven that minoxidil
can increase beard growth and help men achieve a full beard or fill up that patchy beard
by converting the vellus hair follicles into mature hair follciles. Minoxidil is an FDA approved treatment for
hair growth which increases the vascularity or blood flow around the hair follicle and
promotes hair growth. More blood supply, means more availability
of nutrients and better the hair health. So the best solution for beard growth is apply
minoxidil like 5% on only the area where you need facial hair and take biotin, collagen
and other supplements as discussed already. Make sure to protect your eyes from minoxidil
during application. You might experience some minor side effects
of minoxidil, like skin irritation and dry skin and serious allergic reaction is extremely
rare. So, there you have it folks! Please hit the thumbs up button if you found
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  3. Please look at the side effects of minoxidil I had severe side effects it varies from person to person just be careful it's not for normal use as people portray it to be it's a dangerous substance.

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