Searching For Star Notes – $3K Currency Hunt

Searching For Star Notes – $3K Currency Hunt

hey everyone its Rob with Rob Finds Treasure and we’ve got a three thousand dollar currency search to do for you here today all right so I’ve got five hundred in
ones 500 in fives and 2000 in 20’s basically 100 $20 bills to look through $100 in $5 bills to
look through and then 500 one dollar bills to look through we’ll be looking for any
kind of fancy serial notes any star notes things like that any birthday notes if I
find something cool along the way we’ll loop you in
otherwise we’re gonna start with these twenties
all right guys no good finds in the 20s We’ll move onto the 5’s now see what we get in that stack all right we’re in the second 20 bill strap of fives and we do
have a trinary here nine oh six nine oh six oh nine almost almost a radar but
not quite and kind of like a repeater but not quite either to any extent, it is nice seeing at least a trinary so far so put this guy to the side and we’ll keep
looking all right guys a few bills later not
quite a trinary cuz there’s eight six zeros and nines but it’s kind of a cool
serial number I wish it would have ended in 86 that’d be really cool I’m gonna
pull it aside for now just because it’s something different and we’ll keep
looking all right guys you finished hunting the $500 in fives
we got one trinary to show for it and kind of a cool serial number I’m gonna keep it aside just because it’s something different now that’s what we find some
cool notes here in the one dollar bills we got 500 to go through so to be a
little bit let’s get to hunting all right guys halfway through the first
stack and we’ve got our first star note B zero nine zero five nine three four
five as a reminder at the end of the video I’ll be checking for my star notes
print runs and rarities to see if we got anything rare but for now
we’ll put them to the side and we’ll get back to the hunt
alright guys halfway through the second strap got another star note it’s in
terrible shape but I’ll take it in oh nine do two one four six nine one four
and we’ll be checking that later as well that makes two star notes well let’s
keep looking just a few notes later we got a trinary
2 8 8 8 7 8 7 8 so it’s twos eights and sevens first trinary as the pines for
the ones who put that there all right guys we’re about most of the
way through the third strap and look what we got here another star note 2013
L 0 nine oh two six six seven eight it’s a third one and that’s about what
you want to start seeing you want to see about one star note purse strap of a
hundred one hundred of any bills so we’re on track still only with the one
trinary so far so we’ll keep looking or in that four strap and we got our four
star note 2013 B o six eight four two seven five eight we’ll take it start out
number four remember I’ll be checking these for their print runs and their
rarities at the end of the video we’re two thirds of the way through that last
or that four strap guys and though we got a 1988 a here so one thing you want
to check on your pre 99 notes that’s your 88’s your 95’s and I believe your 93’s I’m a little bit rusty oh no something to do some research but there’s three years
three sets of notes where you want to check for the web note and we’ll go back
to a regular one dollar bill here if it’s part of a print sheet instead of a
web sheet or a web run then the there’s a number here for the plates at the
bottom and if that numbers in that bottom right corner then it’s just off
of a sheet and if you think about a sheet it has a whole bunch of bills on
it and it’s print out in a sheet and then it’s sliced up on a web note it’s
on a roll so it’s a continuous roll like that and they feed it through them print
them one by one and if the numbers in the bottom right it’s off a sheet if
it’s above on the top right then it’s a web note it would need to be up here and
since the numbers down here this is not a web note but I always keep all my pre
2000s 1999 and older notes for myself so I’m pulling it aside and I also wanted
to show you that I also keep anything with an X on it those are pretty rare
they’re not as rare as a star note but they’re pretty rare and I keep those as
well all right let’s get back to the hunt all right just a few bills later
guys another star note 2009 b11 309 706 we’ll take it it’s now our fifth star
note so we’re a little bit ahead of the curve of what I usually see in five
stacks at once so that’s a pretty good sign and we still got another stack to
go through after he finished this one so let’s keep looking most of the way
through that last stack just a handful of bills left this is not a Series A so
it won’t be a web note but it is in 1988 and it’s not a bad shape so I’m gonna
take it I’m going to add it to the collection of miscellaneous finds up
there and we’ll finish running through these you know what we got you live, why
don’t we just run through live and see if we see anything we’re talking about
since there’s only a handful of notes left here man this Bank really had all
the notes backwards forwards you name it it’s been a struggle to keep everything
straight but it’s a lost art making sure things don’t look at this we’ve got a
trinary six nine zero six zero nine zero six six six six so that’s kind of cool
put that up there as well all right guys so let me wrap this up let me check the
rarity of permanence on these star notes and we’ll see how we did all right guys
we’ve checked the rarity of the star notes all these 2013 s are all part of a
3.2 million print run so they’re not rare at all same thing on these 2009 s
but I do want to point out one thing this starter right here was really
really close to being a seriously low star note let me show you what we have
here so this is my currency collection you check your rarity your star note so
you can see here search results for one two thousand nine star note with that
zero number and that matches that serial number it shows you all that my note is
less rare versus more rare because it was part of a 3.2 million print run size
as we go down here look at that print run be zero sixty four hundred zero zero
one through 432,000 is only a 32,000 print run that
star note would be ridiculous if you found that or any of those 32,000 star
notes to any extent we had a fun hunt we found five star notes and five other
finds but you know what that’s how it goes I hope you enjoyed the video if you
did please give it a thumbs up and as always everyone thanks for watching

31 thoughts on “Searching For Star Notes – $3K Currency Hunt

  1. Tengo 3 billetes de un dolar N.00719067 Qserie 1995…
    90980906 G serie 2003 A..
    354733337 serie 1995…
    3 de 100 dolares Serie 1996 AB35949546 I .
    …..serie 2009 66373755K..
    Serie 2013 MB 14064601 las vendo

  2. Well I'm glad you asked I was raiding a register in a small town here in NM and found an FU block web note 1988 A SERIES I almost left it but then decided it looked a little to funny to leave behind so then it sat in my note sleeve almost spent it a couple times. Had no idea what it was then JBCOINSINC put out a video so i went and looked and what do you know it was a freaking web note! They have a different inking look to them for sure like almost faded, it's pretty rare and it was in decent shape! I shit the bed!

  3. hey rob I received 2 one dollar bills in change last year and I have hung onto them .they are consecutive serial numbered biils that are also star notes .they are also brand new bills ,I was wondering if they were worth anything ?

  4. Great video Rob. I enjoyed watching. Your 60906666 note is also a flipper. Can be read even when flipped upside down.

  5. I think in my collection I have a few trinary notes. I need to look thru them again. I have only been collecting notes for the last year. Im still trying to find the fancy serial numbers but I have found 17 star notes so far and many bookend notes.

  6. I wonder if BEP officials are always on the lookout for when unique serial numbers are printed and then they have them taken out? Like low serial Star notes unique radar notes ladder notes and 8 single-digit notes

  7. 1:25 Another Rotator (Flpper)….. i.e. serial number is still readable if you rotate the bill 180 degrees. 86000089 -> 68000098

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