Searching Bills for Fancy Serial Numbers and Star Notes – 10K in $20s

you think we’ll find anything cool in
500 $20 bills let’s find out hey hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’ve got five straps of 100 $20 bills so hoping to find some fancy serial
numbers or some star notes something rare we’ve had a pretty good run of $20
bills lately but not a good run of other denominations I actually just finished a
$10,000 $100 bill hunt and got nothing skunked so not gonna post that but
hoping to find something in this $10,000 since we traded in that 10,000 worth
of hundreds for these that being said we’ll start with the first strap and
let’s see what we find and I’ll loop you in along the way first
strap is down no star notes we got one trinary zeros twos and threes
almost a binary but we’ll take it first find it on this move on the strap
to second strap is down all we got was a broken ladder has every number except
for seven and it has writing on it a I’ll pull it aside as a cool fine but still two
straps down no real significant finds third strap is hunted actually gave us a
star note 2009 series zero zero four zero five zero zero two we checking for
its print run rarity at the end that’s not a bad find though
alright stack number four fourth strap yielded one find as well it’s the straps
of one find this one’s a birthday note 1992 November 13th on to the final strap
let’s see what we can find finished the fifth and final strap and all we got was another
trinary kind of good though cuz it’s got five of a kind in there with the fives
so that’s the best hunt or the best find of that stack and I’ll get you guys a
wrap up here in a second alright five hundred twenty dollar bills
checked not a lot of finds at all but there’s some good news here we did it
get a couple of trinary’s zero twos and threes and that’s kind of a
nice one and so is this one with the two five and six so it’s got five of a kind
which is always a good find found a birthday note November 13 1992 so that’s
a pretty good note and got a beat up broken ladder which I’m probably gonna
toss back but I wanted to keep it as part of the finds the good news is this
2009 star note is actually only part of a 640 thousand print run so it’s
right at the middle of the rarity scale so it’s not bad it’s got some inking
here as you can see and a little bit of damage on it up in this corner as well
and it crease across the middle unfortunately but at the end of the day
it’s still a pretty rare star note should fetch more than face value
despite its condition not the greatest of hunts but still a lot of fun anyway I
still like search and currency because you never know when you’ll find that
epic serial number hopefully I had fun watching this with
me if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and
thanks for watching

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