Searching Australian $50 banknotes for serial numbers

Searching Australian $50 banknotes for serial numbers

so hello people here you going today and
today I have a lot of 1000s trillion dollars these are all in 50 dollar
banknotes and I just look for the serial numbers to see if there’s anything worth
collecting now the chances of me actually getting anything unique you
know any currency really is very small as sequences like radars binaries in
sweet in sequence numbers are pretty rare to come across even though you have
a mmm so for every sequence EB you have like a I know probably 10 to 20
different banknotes probably even higher that you could actually get there is a
very collectible serial number so the first one we have is two pairs in their
name and yeah oh wait oh wait yeah but nothing else not worth collecting okay
2014 yeah I don’t see anything unique in that no number 2009 double free yeah but
pop right now mmm 14600 fails and mmm if this wasn’t
106 I probably would keep it but no okay 2004 101 yeah what’s this one mm a nine
new 2009 again it’s nothing that come on so look at this one
2010 1207 no 2013 oh yeah that one’s 7 9 5 was 89 Ford we good bit 2010 again hmm
it was four seven four seven four seven okay but we’re gonna keep that also you
can you look up birth dates as well especially did your birth date like I
know 11 406 no 74 that could be a birthday so no this won’t be a birthday okay 99 lots of sevens in it
I am oh nine this one 2013 no lots of ones in it 2011 also what you’re looking
for is probably the first and last sequence of these letters but don’t have
the information on me so I have to check that later okay 18:09
new it’s actually a bit hard to actually sell these 50 dollar banknotes you won’t
actually get much out of face value for my sizer and circulated condition if you
keep the hold of them for like 20 years yeah then you’ll probably get something
but no okay so there is new unique serial numbers in those banknotes so
there is no unique first and last letters
indeed quite frankly if you wanted to increase your amount of money you get in
the longer period of time I probably go five and ten dollar notes because you do
get some years in which they have a low printing but with these fifty dollar
notes this these are the most common denomination in circulation and it makes
up majority of the money supply so every year there’s a quite a large amount of
these banknotes printed the lowest printing was in 1996 you went to went
from A to D but after though he is a they’re pretty common okay thank you
very much for watching and yeah I’ll actually I’d like to know if you
actually in the four unique letters or serial numbers in your currency thank
you very much for watching have a awesome day

10 thoughts on “Searching Australian $50 banknotes for serial numbers

  1. Hey Glen, love your work mate enjoy watching your stuff it's actually reignited my passion for collecting.. I recently started collecting notes however am a bit stuck on the sequences of numbers that may be valuable at a later stage.. For e.g All $50 note numbers
    08885121 .. 888 Chinese lucky number I think..
    Would you keep any of these notes Glen.
    Many thanks

  2. Hey mate,

    One thing I noticed when watching your video, was that one of the $50 notes is missing the "EDITH COWAN" underneath her photo?
    Is this a counterfeit note?
    Have a look it's around the 2:36 min, (KH 99338604) is the number.
    If you could let me know that would be excellent.
    Cheers and keep up the videos

  3. Just wondering how much would a Henry Parkes and Catherine Hellen Spence Australian $5 note be worth if I were to sell it

  4. Hey Glen, I have 2×50 dollar notes with continued serial number. Are these worth anything?

  5. It's got spelling mistake, only cretin Aussies could do this, stupid dumbass uneducated vermin criminals !

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