I made it to day ten I really hope I have gotten some growth because I’ve been so consistent so… here we go my
face is all beat because I’m about to film another video but before I do that
let’s see… so for those that do not know this is how I stretch my hair I just use
African thread yeah so let’s take the back out I think the last time it was
here somewhere so let’s see it’s gonna tie everything up and leave the corner okay so lets … okay okay No… okay let’s keep my face straight oh my God okay I’m not gonna count these
little straggly bits cuz I’m gonna be cutting it but wow are you seeing this but guys I believe
it worked I believe it worked so it’s down to here using the whole sections is even the whole back section is even past the ‘V’ so here Wow okay I was in a lot of doubt can’t believe this just gonna do it one more time whoa look my face is straight
because when you turn to the side it gets long it looks longer yup can’t believe that side I think the side was around there as well so I think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
measure it okay maybe it has I think the side grew just a bit okay guys look yeah I think it definitely
grew I think it’s grown trim measure and
then do it for another ten days and then I’ll be back with the follow-up in ten
days time which I think should take us to the end of January pretty much this
is all the shed hair I have a look at that this is really small so you can’t even see it there that that is it look I can actually
count the strands it’s definitely done well for my
shedding I’m very happy so I’m gonna go ahead and trim some of my hair and then
I’m gonna measure it yeah


  1. Hello great video! I can definitely see ya hair growth, I’m on my own Rice water journey. This is week three, I had a lil set back on week 2. But I will keep going

  2. Darling Jay Jay, your hair looks fine and very thin at the ends. I think you need a whole lot of protein, collagen, keratin, etc., to pump it up. Are your nails thin? If so, you need a whole lot of B12 or B Complex. Better take care of that before the unthinkable happens.

  3. Look at 0:05 and then 0:15 it shows day 1 and day 10 length. Totally different and alot of growth. You all are very confused saying it's the same length. Smh. Thanks for the video I am making some today for me and my baby girl and will be adding tea tree peppermint and grapefruit oils to counter the smell. But I will do this for 10 days twice a month and see how much growth we experience. I'm just confused as to how to make the rice water. Do I rinse rice-cover with water and let it sit out for 48 hours-strain and refrigerate to stop fermentation- add some in a bottle and use every night for 10 days. And keep in fridge to prevent bacteria from growing for the 10 days ??????

  4. I will try this out as I'm starting my hair journey. Will let you know how it went after 10 days. *fingers crossed*😰

  5. Can you use rice water in protective styling such as braids and if so, would you then have to rinse the rice water out of the braids and moisturise or just leave the rice water in and moisturise?

  6. The last time i did a homemade protein concoctions my hair was as brittal as a saltine cracker. I believe that my low porosity or whatever it's called doesnt require that much protein. Im reluctant to try the rice water. Any 4c, low porosity, TWA tried the rice water and it worked for them?

  7. Okay I have a question pleaseeee reply….. if you do this && you put gel , edge control Etc will it interfere or like will it still work because I know I’m going to want to do my hair && should you use a specific type of rice please let me know♥️

  8. I have a method that will repair heat damaged hair instantaneously and promote astronomical growth! Video coming soon 😉

  9. So many questions lol! Did you do it once a day for 10 days? Did you do the same thing everyday, like put in the rice water, add the cream and then the oil, or did you change something everyday??

  10. People who used rice water hair was coming out but they used it to detangle their hair. Do you think that could be the reason? I would spray it on my scalp then Oil my hair and use my leave in conditioner to detangle my hair.

  11. OMG it really works !!!!!! you look so amazed like it really works lol. your hair really grew tho, im so going to try this myself for 10 day's on my channel.

  12. 'Thats true 'i did rice water only one day at time and my hair grow after few days to inch or inches ,but i saw that my hair turned well not in critical stage so i stoped doing it bc i was tired lol😓😫🤣😅😂❣

  13. omg thank you so much. I did this for one month and I can already see so much diffrence. Even my friends asked me if i was wearing hairextensions. greetings from The Netherlands!

  14. Isn't it true that the many times you should use it differs with the type of hair porosity u have bcuz many many low porosity people ive seen use rice water too many times damages their hair compared to high porosity (which I have) i have used it for 5 days straight starting at least everyday now and it hasn't caused any damage so far 🤔🤔

    Edit: im just trying to make sure for many out there to prevent from damaged hair….so be careful

  15. I tried both white rice and black rice to make my rice water and I found I had much better results with the black! Have you tried it yet?

  16. Small u tubers lets support each other. Join me as I start my rice water and inversion method hair growth journey.

  17. Hey if any of you are too lazy to do this (like me lol ) its available online I bought mine last week and im already seeing results cant wait to show off my growth and it smells yummy!!! ill leave the link below https://www.ebay.com/itm/RICE-2-0-MEGA-GROWTH-ESSENTIAL-GROWTH-SERUM-2-OZ-100-NATURAL-ALL-HAIR-TYPES/382974403912

  18. Venus Williams daughter 😝 have you got a video on how you do the threading? I may have to try this because I did not believe this at all.

  19. Our hair is a plant. My grandmother sprayed me and my sister’s hair with Infusium23 every day and our hair was down our backs. It’s just the hydration as if you’re watering a plant every day. You can use any liquid

  20. Wait are you saying each day you use the rice water you keep it in all the way to day 10, or when you use rice water you leave it in for like 30mins/1hr then rinse it out ?

  21. I’ve been using rice water for 3 days and don’t see no results does that mean that it doesn’t work for my hair or do I just have to wait longer

  22. Thank you for sharing dear. First explain to me well. After putting water of rice you live it for how long before washing the hair? please help me because I want to try it darling. You look beautiful

  23. Nice hair length, but you leave paragraphs in the comment sections instead ps explaining in the video?

  24. Maybe im the one still confused but when did you wash your hair?? Like do you wash it everyday since you put it on everyday or what do you do??

  25. Great video, thanks for this! Did you rise the rice water out daily or did you just spray it on everyday and leave it in

  26. My hairdresser always complains about how I have so much hair. My hair is extremely thick and it's under armpit length. I just can't wait to use this so I can come back with butt length hair 😂😂 (that's my goal)

  27. Does this mean you use it everyday for 10 days , if so does that mean you wash it everyday and conditioner it regularly for 10 days too ??

  28. My hair is thin now from going through a stressful time and it used to be nice and full, I lost a bit of hair and I overall hope this works !

  29. As I'm watching this I have rice water in my hair, I started off with 2 inches of hair (My hair is super short) I just want to reach 4 inches so I can get box braids. 🙂

  30. I’m so confused now. Some say use rice water twice a month and rinse out and some say use it everyday without rinsing out. I guess I should try both ways and see what works best for my hair.

  31. After watching enough videos I've decided to undergo the rice water challenge and see if it really works. Starting on Monday. Will be giving weekly updates. Don't worry. I won't disappear by God's grace and I will be truthful.

    Hair length (front)
    Sun 03 Nov: 1.38 inches

    Sun 10 Nov: 1.46 inches
    Sun 17 Nov: 1.58 inches

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