Real Questions – Can you stimulate facial hair growth?

Real Questions – Can you stimulate facial hair growth?

My name is Ryan, from Massachusetts. I was wondering, can you stimulate facial hair growth? The quick answer to that, Ryan, is yes. But currently there are no FDA-approved medications to do so yet. So, your hair follicles naturally progress through three cycles. The first one is known as antigen, and that’s the growth phase, and that can last anywhere from 2 to 7 years. The next phase is called catagen. That’s a short transitional phase, maybe lasts about two weeks, and then the third and final stage is the telogen phase, or resting phase, and that’s normally when hairs will fall out, and that can last anywhere from 1 to 3 months. And each hair follicle will go through this cycle about 10 to 20 times per lifetime. Now at any given time, you may have 85% to 90% of your hairs in that growth phase and about 10% to 14% of the hairs in that resting phase. So to answer your question if you can somehow stimulate those hairs in the resting phase to move over to the growth phase and stay there, then yes. You temporarily can stimulate facial hair growth, but currently there are no FDA-approved medications to do so.

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  1. i want to grow a beard, but the fact is, my baby face is the reason why i literally look 9 to 10 years younger than i actually am. college students regularly assume im one of them…..

  2. I'm just saying, even transgender males who were born females can grow a beard so I wanna know if I can grow a beard by using those stuff them trans males use, I'm a 22 year old man and can't grow a beard.

  3. AM I the only one who don't wanna grow beard?🙌🙌 I am 15 and signs of it are growing but i don't want any beards😤😤

  4. I made my beard grow fast because of this everyone should use it if your beard can't grow.

  5. Use monoxidel 10 present it will works 3 months back I have same problem by using monoxidel I growed my beard thick and long

  6. My cousin told me my little moustache looked weird so I shaved it off and now my top lip feels prickly, I need my lil beard back 😂

  7. Apply Sriracha Sauce on the face, It irritates the skin and stimulates the dorment facial hair that is underneath the skin. You'll need to do this a few times a week, for at least a month, until the new finer hairs start sprouting. Continue the process for better results. Also, I would recommend taking cloves of raw garlic along with biotin suppliments.

  8. Use your own saliva let it dry every day and in a few months you will see new hair growth ive been growing a goatee i really need to post a video because its really working. I havent tried doing the whole beard but im gonna work on it once i have a full goatee

  9. I use tea tree oil and comb it even in spots where hair isn't visible it with open up your hair follicles

  10. I have not a single hair on my face a very light moustache and I am 23
    Is it related to fertility or something

  11. And i just wasted my 1 min 07sec to get an answers which is a possibility not approved by FDA medication…

  12. Yes you can, use castor oil (naturally made), when I was in high school I had little and wanted it. That shit grew like a mlothafucka. Now I wish I didn’t do it!

  13. Medat Music
    Yes you can, use castor oil (naturally made, like from Jamaica), when I was in high school I had little and wanted it. That shit grew like a mothafucka. Now I wish I didn’t do it, cuz it grow too thick.

  14. Minoxidil 5% is the answer. I have grown my beard with help of minox…anyone wants proof i can show them my before and after pics…..i am not using minoxidil for nearly 2 years and the beard didn't shed…moreover its getting denser and better with time

  15. Finally found a video that answers my question

    Ive always wondered why when u cut a part of ur (leg hair for example) after a certain time they all start to go back to the same length of the un cut hair even tho theres no neural connection in the hair itself (apparently they all fall in an equal amount of time so new hair replace the cut and the uncut hair)

  16. Meri age 21 ho gyi h,,mere beard ab tak nhi aayi h, mere muhh par gaalo par funsiya ho rhi h khadde pad rhe h,,sayad isi wajah se mere ab tak beard nhi aayi h,, plzz help me sir

  17. Sooo you're telling me.. it's legal to cut your dick off and for chicks to grow dicks. But men cant get something to help with hair growth.. huh.

  18. My cousin was about two or three when she grabbed onto a pot on the stove of boiling hot water, her hair fell off in patches like in a horror movie. The doctors told my aunt and grandmother that her hair would never grow back because it was as if she was in a fire that burnt her skin. She was to young to remember it, or how she looked, but I never forgot what my grandmother did to her every day. As she grew up she had the best head of hair all through her life and no scars on her head. It was a home remedy, and now that I am older I may need to try it out myself someday. The one thing I can share is stop using anything that has chemical's on your face or head, natural is best. "It's never to late to share"

  19. So basically, yes, the cow CAN jump over the moon but there are no bungee chords that can throw it that far. Ok doc wtf

  20. DR I am 20 + but my facial hairs haven't grown yet much. I heard that it is caused by a disease. Is that a disease or not ?

  21. I thought Gary Vee was the first in creating this type of video style but I guess the doc was the first one on this trend.

  22. You just need an alcohol dah! I mean not alcohol that you get drunk alcohol like the green cross alcohol I’m using it but not in the face and it’s working

  23. I used Minoxidil on my face three years ago (when I was 22-23) for one year and it was one of the best decisions of my life lol, the only part of my beard I couldn't grow was underneath my lips.

  24. Doctor: yes temporary but no FDA approved
    Turkish men: alah alah.. i used coconut oil and very fast for growing facial hair
    Doctor: (thinking….we need business)

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