Rampaging Trump Threatens to Obliterate Turkish Economy

Rampaging Trump Threatens to Obliterate Turkish Economy

we have had in the last 24 hours an absolutely
unhinged, unrestricted, unfettered rampaging Donald Trump, who has threatened to obliterate
the Turkish economy. We have the tweets. Why is Trump talking about obliterating a a country’s
economy that he can’t even find on a map? Because it all relates to pulling American
troops from Syria. And I’ll explain and we will have a discussion about it. A Donald
Trump, once again has brought up this issue of pulling troops from Syria. He’s been talking
about this for some time now, and Donald Trump made the announcement that he is pulling back
troops from the North of Syria and allowing Turkey to do a military offensive in the area. Now, there are even supporters of Donald Trump’s
that are saying, this makes no damn sense. This includes a Republican presidential Brown
noser, Lindsey Graham. Uh, this includes Brian Kilmeade on Fox news. We’ll get to that a
little bit later. But Donald Trump took to Twitter and said, don’t worry if Turkey does
anything I don’t like, I will destroy their economy. Nice. Right? Even crazier is that
in threatening to obliterate their economy, Trump patted himself on the back for being
a genius and also referenced previously destroying economies. I don’t even know that I understand
what he says here. Let’s take a look quote. As I have stated strongly before and just
to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, this
is someone with a deep, deep, deep problem consider to be off limits. I will totally
destroy and obliterate the economy of Turkey I’ve done before. They must with Europe and others, watch over
the captured ISIS fighters and families. The U S has far done, far more than anyone could
have expected, including the capture of 100% of the ISIS caliphate. It is time now for
others in the region, some of great wealth to protect their own territory. The USA is
great, incredible stability evidenced by these tweets, right? I will totally destroy and
obliterate the economy of Turkey. Also. What is the mean I’ve done before? Does he mean
he’s previously destroyed Turkey’s economy? Does he mean he’s previously threatened to
destroy Turkey’s economy? Does he mean that he’s previously destroyed other economies?
I don’t know what he means, and this is not merely just more Trump insanity. There are
not only really important policy things to discuss with this entire Syria thing within
hours of Donald Trump doing this. Turkey has already attacked Kurdish, uh, positions in
Northern Syria, which we’ll talk about in a little bit. Uh, Trump originally said we’re getting out
of Syria and you had rightists say that that’s good because they just like anything that
Donald Trump says you had some rightists say it’s bad because they are wanting more troops
in as many places as possible. You had some leftists say good. Anytime Trump wants troops
out of somewhere, we should support it. But the real analysis required more nuance we
are against as progressives, we are against pointless counter productive, indefinite,
sometimes illegal military engagements. No question, no argument from me in the big picture,
we want troops out of Syria. But when Trump does it with seemingly no strategic imperative
or timing or common sense, when we should be concerned about why it’s happening, what
was the strategic reason to pull troops unilaterally when Trump said he was going to do it? I don’t
even know if it was months or a year ago at this point in time. We never found one. Although there were significant,
uh, sort of motive elements that we could find that related to Russia and they related
to Turkey and they possibly related to Trump’s business dealings in Turkey could relate to
KASHO Shoji now, I mean we’ll talk about that. And now the reason for this particular pullback
is to let Turkey run an operation which Trump is already threatening to destroy their economy
over if he doesn’t like how it goes. Does anybody else see how bipolar and ridiculous
and nonsensical this is? And I was going to tell you at this point in the story, we will
see what the next shoe to drop is. We actually know what it is within hours of this announcement.
Turkey struck Kurdish targets in Northern Syria and we’re going to discuss that next.
And if you’re counting on Trump’s stable genius to figure out or to try to even parse this
in any way for you, uh, good luck.

100 thoughts on “Rampaging Trump Threatens to Obliterate Turkish Economy

  1. He just wants to show he could fulfill at least one election promise to brag on so he can use it for the re-election spin fest.

  2. Donnie forgets that other nations also have good hitmen or maybe he’s that clueless he doesn’t really know.

  3. One minute he's talking on the phone to Turkey's leader and agreeing to allow them to take over the war in Syria, the next he's tweeting threatening Turkey…how can any foreign Government take anything he says seriously? He tells them one thing and the publicly says practically the opposite.

  4. He already destroyed the American economy, people just don’t know it yet..they’ll know in 10-15 months…when it starts to affect them personally.

  5. "I will totally destroy and obliterate Turkey's economy. I've done before" Whhooah. Getting ahead of yourself somewhat Don. You haven't quite finished off the US economy yet.

  6. When I saw the thumbnail for this video, I thought "did he have problems with the country or the Thanksgiving bird".. Because it is totally plausible that he is having some dumb beef with a bird. With this dumb guy, any crazy thing is plausible.

  7. Let me make it clear the context first. Before I tell you what the hell is Trump talking about when he says I destroyed Turkey's economy before.

    Context of Turkey: After 16 July 2016 failed Coup attempt in Turkey, Turkey declared a state of emergency. This state of emergency last 2 years long. In this period the incumbents used this as an opportunity not only against the ones who tried to make a coup d'etat but against all political opposition. The incumbents abolished civil liberties and political rights (which has been never strong). In this period incumbents arrested (of course through courts which are de jure independent but de facto depent on incumbents) a lot of foreign citizens (as hostages) to leverage against western countries.

    The American Preacher: In this period in December 2016, the USA citizen preacher Brunson arrested with the claim of being involved with terrorist (in Turkey this term used with a extreme context, for example a painter, musician, author, journalist, academics etc. can be arrested because of being a terrorist, if they are critical against incumbents) and being a foreign agent. There was only anonymous witnesses and nothing else. But this is enough in Turkey to be arrested and to be sentenced.

    The Judicial/Political/Diplomatic Negotiations: As stated above Turkey was using the preachers case a leverage in negotiation with USA. In this period 37 senators and 78 congressman wrote letters to Erdogan to release the preacher. In 18 July 2018, the court decline to release preacher Brunson the third time. After this Senate declared that they will prevent official creditors to credit Turkey. One week later, in 25 July 2018 the court declared the release of preacher from jail to house arrest. USA incumbents declared this is not enough. Next day first Pence then Trump declared that if Turkey won't release the preacher they will use economic sanctions against Turkey. In 1 Augustus 2018 USA used sanctions against Turkey's Minister of interior and minister of justice minister. In 12 September 2018 Turkey released the house arrest against preacher and abolished the ban on leaving the country. Preacher Brunson took flight same day to USA.

    What is Trump talking about?: In this process especially the threats of economic sanctions from Pence and Trump made a shock in financial markets (which was already week) and exchange rate rose from 1$=5TL to 1$=7TL. So briefly Trump is talking about that situation when he mentions "I have destroyed Turkey's economy".

  8. He destroys the U.S economy for sure with his trade wars, egregious tax cuts, climate deregulation and not mention adding trillions more to the deficit.

  9. Maybe he's confused and worried about Novembers Holiday??? He wants to destroy turkey . . .This guy is out of control!!! Someone HELP THE U.S. WE'VE ELECTED AN ANARCHIST!!! 😵🙏🏻🥵🙄

  10. There isn't a word strong enough to describe how embarrassingly weak, cowardly and pathetic trump is. Hey trump Turkey is starting a military offensive in northern Syria, you going to destroy their economy with your "unmatched wisdom" like you've apparently done before because they are doing what they pinky swore they wouldn't when you agreed to pull the troops out? No because you are a coward and the only thing you have successfully done is prove the USA can not be trusted. Took them les than a day to make you a bigger fool/idiot/weak leader/no clue/ignorant than you already were.

  11. Oh shit I'm been impeached, how can I deflect the situation, "I know I will start a war somewhere else" phew see how clever I am. AND YOU AMERICANS WILL FALL FOR IT YET AGAIN.

  12. So Trump almost nuke Iran, nuke Hurricane Dorian and now obliterating Turkey's economy…cant wait to see who/what he'll threaten next….

  13. Nothing new here the US is know for abandoning allies when ever it suits them! Just ask the Hmong people of Vietnam.

  14. He’s obviously mentally ill. I don’t understand how everyone doesn’t see that yet. Who are these lone trump supporters who are willing to bow at this mans feet? What are their lives about?

  15. So what is really going on here. Why does Trump withdraw those troops? Their number is way too low; there will not be a wave of sympathy of friends and family since there are so few. Why does he do as Erdogan says? Well, the answer is Putin, of course. Erdogan is another one of Putin's allies. Putin has told Trump to get out of Erdogan's way. But sure, Americans, still no need to resort to Second Amendment action! That is just used against coloured presidents!

  16. So let's see. Countries drumpf has angered or betrayed so far:
    Iran by backing out of the deal
    Most of europe by backing out of the iran deal and trying to threaten them with sanctions if they didnt back out as well
    China with the trade wars
    Turkey by threatening to destroy their economy

    And not a country, but now the Kurds as well by simply leaving them at erdogan's mercy, and you just know erdogan is going to not give two shits about civilian casualties.

    And of course let's not forget selling out the american public to the 1% even more, but that's pretty much the motto of the GOP and corporate dems. "me and mine first, the rest of the country, well, never, actually."

    Edit: To add one more thing, this of course shows the entire world one thing. The word of the american government, and any contracts made with them, are worth jack shit. The US will break agreements and contracts the second they see a benefit, or whenever the current monkey in the oval office has a brain fart, never mind the consequences for others.

  17. Trump thinks he destroyed China's Economy 🤣🤣🤣
    And "we shouldn't be in the middle East?"
    Then why attack Iran…..

  18. Our country has been taken hostage. Mr. trumputinjongunbinsalman is the leader of terrorism, moscow mitch is the snapping terrapin, and the entire GOP is the (SS) scheissestaffel.

  19. Well, Trump always wanted to be a dictator. Most CEOs are little dictators as it is, and Trump is still very much a CEO. I'm sure he dreams of being Master of the World. All that's stopping him is a few people with common sense and the courage to use it.

  20. “great and unmatched wisdom.” Jesus, this guy thinks he’s a god. He’s thinks he’s Jupiter Optimus Maximus.

  21. Coming from a functioning human being "in my great and unmatched wisdom" would be obvious sarcasm. Eg. "Why are soaking wet?" "Well, in my great and unmatched wisdom, I didn't bring an umbrella, despite the forecasts for rain."

  22. This guy let's Turkey launch it's third military campaign against Kurds in Syria and then goes on an unhinged rant threatening their economy. Somehow he has managed to enrage both the Kurds and the Turks for absolutely no reason.

  23. Well there's one case in which I applaud Trump. The Turkish government are guilty of the Armenian genocide; something that is still being denied across the globe

  24. He is lying. Why would he do that when he has two towers there? He is helping Turkey and Putin at the same time.

  25. David, when he is talking about destroying an economy, he is talking about ours. He knows. His supporters don't, but he does.

  26. His motive is he did this at the behest of a dictator. He's The Tangerine-tyrant and he wants to play dictator. In his perilous wisdom he has to consult NOBODY!! If his fellow dictator tells him to jump, he'll have Preacher-Pence do it on account of his bone-spurs. I'm sure Agent-orange's lover Valentino-Vlad had his say as well.

  27. There are only 1000 special forces people in Syria right now. It took years to set up this whole system with our Allies. These special forces main objective is to train the Turkish people to protect themselves. And all of this together has resulted in Turkey not attacking Syria and the ISIS problem reduced. Along comes Trump. He wants to be friends with all of the "enemies" of the US, Russia, North Korea, China, to name a few, and Turkey. Most of his time is spent talking to foreign nations who have previously been our enemies!: One can only assume that Trump is setting up "quid pro quo" deals with our enemies. So…Trump speaks with Erdogen from Turkey, and one half an hour later tweets that he is pulling out these 1000 men, and a day later Turkey attacks Syria. Trump tells us "he will ruin their economy if the attack"! However, it truly appears that Trump "gave Erdogen permission to attack and that Trump gets something in return. MY GOD, TRUMP IS COMMITTING HEINOUS CRIMES RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACE AND CONGRESS DOES NOTHING! Congress should have removed this career criminal, treasonous, racist, misognist, POS from office right after Charlottesville, NC debacle. Congress should now insist and follow the law to get a transcript of his conversation with Erdogen. Congress should immediately stop this pull-out of troops, which are not only important to the stability of Syria but also to the rest of the Middle East. CONGRESS MEN AND WOMEN HAD BETTER GET UP OFF THEIR LAZY, DO-NOTHING BUTTS AND START BEING THE CO-EQUAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT OR THEY ARE GOING TO BE OUT IN THE NEXT ELECTION!

  28. Regarding destruction the Turkish economy "As I have done before": He is referring the crash of the Turkish currency against other currencies in Jul-Aug 2018. The underlying reasons for the crash are valid long-term economic issues, but this crash coincided with a US-Turkey spat at the time. Although Trump's tweets and tariff announcements did contribute to the short-term panic, Trump believes he is 100% responsible for the "obliteration".

  29. "Trump Threatens Turkey" on the thumbnail made me think of a deranged maniac threating a large bird.

  30. All of this is to give Putin the territories he wants. Russia is connected with all of these despot countries. Trump didn't give an audience to Erdowan at the UN so now he's mad at Trump. But this is a bad move. We can add slaughter to Trumps resume. It's about GAS and OIL! And Putin wants it. This is why Trump supports big gas and oil lobbyists and countries. Russia, the Arctic, and Ukrain, Saudi Arabia and Iran, Turkey and Syria, what's next? North and South Korea, China, and Japan going at it? Trump is getting his war and he didn't even have to do anything just lie as usual to these countries.

  31. So, how's it goin' in the world's newest banana republic? A bankrupt polity,
    kruel kops ready to blast  anything on sight, a gutless Supreme Court that's been a Wall Street handmaiden from the
    get-go, a loathsome crowd of unwashed and mumbling toadies and eunuchs in a
    crooked free-range hen-coop sponsored entirely by corporate cash whilst the newest flaming Hitlerian hoo-ha with the brains of a wine cork will never leave the palace, constantly mutters about conspiracies, traitors, enemies, and plots, and wouldn't know truth or honor or integrity or courage if the pie-eyed and hopelessly illiterate pumpkin-headed cretin stepped in 'em.

    Any idea how thrilled the planet’s decent people are that this banana republic
    is more or less safely sequestered behind wide, deep oceans where it can safely
    shrivel and die without bothering people who actually matter?

  32. Turkey wants to obliterate Kurds but progressives give them a pass because they would rather criticise trump.

  33. If you make me look bad I will nuke you. Otherwise I don’t give a shit, what deals do you have going in 5 years time… I’ll commit now but no promises. (Presidential calls across the globe). But don’t cry when the chairs are all taken and the music stops.

  34. He’s very clearly referring to his “good” and “easy to win” trade war, which now has apparently “obliterated” China’s economy.

  35. trump threatens to "obliterate" the Turkish economy, AND TURKEY AND PUTIN JUST 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣WHAT A BLOODY MORON🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡.

  36. Impeach that treasonous Putin's puppet immediately! Just sickening and disgusting! Despicable even! Enough of this foolish lawlessness! Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Period! Just sickening! Impeach!

  37. "My great and unmatched wisdom."
    "I know big words, I know the best words."
    "I am a very stable genius."

    The history books are gonna love this guy.😂

  38. Trump: In my great and unmatched wisdom, I have asked Turkey to invade Northern Syria, massacre the Kurds, and release the 11,000 ISIS detainees, and kickstart ISIS again.
    I am such a stable Genius! I am the Chosen One!

  39. Probably because turkey used the (Turkish Trump Tower) in Istanbul. As a tool of possibly comprised tactics etc. The guy is so compromised by so many countries it's stupid.
    Was it a national deal?. Or a business deal? Hummm Is it odd that (No one in our government knows) or knew until after trump announced the policy change. Humm right.
    Is it odd or strange (that no one in government leadership EVER knows what trump is doing ) untill it becomes a scandal or known by the public. (Then the government leadership finds out) AFTERWARDS. You would think (the nation's leadership would say the heck with that, the heck with him, OUR NATION'S SECURITY AND PROCESS AND POLICY (INVOLVES US AS LEADERS OF THE NATION ) as not ALWAYS BEING THE LAST TO FIND OUT, EVEN AFTER THE PUBLIC FINDS OUT OR AT THE SAME TIME THE PUBLIC FINDS OUT.

  40. Is it time to March into DC and just demand that he leave? I mean a genocide is happening as we speak because of him. When is he going to do something that gets YOU killed? :/

  41. Yes! He has destroyed and obliterated the US economy by starting the trade war with China, just the effects are coming kind of lagged.

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