Qatar Airways A380 Top Deck Economy Doha to Bangkok [4K]

Qatar Airways A380 Top Deck Economy Doha to Bangkok [4K]

Doha to Bangkok On an Airbus A380 In Economy Class With Qatar Airways Arriving in Doha to catch our connection to Bangkok I wonder if that’s our A380? Gate B1 for us. The famous bear. This was from another connection, but I recommend the pool. A bit expensive, but great for a freshen up. At our gate, everything is nicely designed. Our A380! Boarding was quick and smooth. Our seat, all very modern and comfy. We’re in the small economy section at the back of the top deck. A better view from the end of the flight. On the top deck you get these handy bins. Wipes were handed out. Not quite a hot towel – I wonder how much extra waste this makes? My companions IFE froze so we manually reset it by holding the power button down for a while. The IFE is modern. Not a great interface but it has a lot of content. Love the cameras! Great map too, lots of detail at the airport. About to be pushed back. There are lots of other planes at this hour. the wifi worked well. The very impressive private terminal. Off we go, sorry about the lack of focus! The contents of the amenity kit. The menu. Good to see Fresh Off the Boat in the TV section. A quick snack on departure as it is the early hours of the morning. The washroom was smart and clean. The top deck economy compartment in its entirety. A fresh and tasty breakfast after the sun rises. Someone is pleased with the length of the flatbed. The first and business class bar is just in front. Not a big issues, but I’m surprised airlines haven’t got rid of these boxes yet. The magazine was worth a flick through. Time to land. There’s the distinctive terminal. Welcome to Bangkok. Looks like and Emirates A380 has followed us from the Gulf. Very impressive. Exiting through business class. Onto the metro to get into the city. Looks like they have planned ahead for expansion, very Mirrors Edge. Thanks for joining us 🙂

26 thoughts on “Qatar Airways A380 Top Deck Economy Doha to Bangkok [4K]

  1. Amazing! Can't say more than that, just stunning! A380 top deck, I'll do it again some day. Amazing report with great detail!

  2. Wow, klasse Video ! Der Flughafen in Doha ist einfach nur Spitze 😀 War selber extrem geflashed als ich vor kurzem da war :DD Daumen hoch 🙂

  3. Wow your IFE system was so responsive! Mine wasn't really like that I don't why, I could only use the tail cam and the map didn't work so good

  4. A couple of years ago I flew LHR-BKK return and was lucky enough to travel on the A340, A380 and 777 in one trip. Qatar Airways, in my opinion, offers an amazing service.

  5. Qatar just changed equipment on route doh-bkk for my flight in august (A380->B777) 😉
    I hope they will change back to A380 😀
    Good report mate!
    You got red-button click from me 😉 Let's support each other 🙂

  6. Do the people in the first row have to share their screen? bc everyone else has their own personal screen, but I just see one for the first row!

  7. I'm so excited because I'll be taking the A350 to Doha then board another plane the dreamliner to go to norway I can't wait

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