QANTAS A330 ECONOMY Class: QF30 Hong Kong to Melbourne (2018)

QANTAS A330 ECONOMY Class: QF30 Hong Kong to Melbourne (2018)

hello there welcome to One World Flyer
and Here I am at Hong Kong Airport please join with me on Qantas flight
qf30 to Melbourne Australia, Hong Kong Airport is very busy at the moment
because it’s always been like that I don’t know why but if you’re flying
Qantas from Hong Kong you can check in as early as four hours before departure
rather than the usual three hours it’s always a painful moment to say bye to my
family here but I’ll be back in 9 weeks so I think I can deal with that I’ll be
visiting Cathay Pacific the cabin lounge of today today as in 29th of April 2018
is the second last day of The Cabin’s operation Oh I spotted my gate to
melbourne on my way to the cabin let’s go in for the one last time here are the famous Cathay Pacific’s
solus chairs the cabin has a bunch of them this is the health bar where you
can order fresh juice smoothies and Chinese herbal tea this is the buffet
area with a wide variety of food available here’s the quiet zone of the lounge it’s
always empty that’s why I love it I’m gonna miss this lounge so much it’s
got excellent tarmac view look at that that’s my Qantas flight to Melbourne
which has just arrived from Melbourne as QF29 bye the cabin you’ll be missed now let’s
go to the wing wow there’s another Qantas Airbus A330-300 right there that’s QF97 from Brisbane this is the famous noodle bar at the
wing you must come have some noodles if you
have a chance to visit the noodles are really long if you’re not into noodles
there are two buffet areas one downstairs and another one upstairs now it’s time to catch my flight to
Australia Qantas A330-300 economy class has a 2-4-2 configuration each seat has a sit pitch of 31 inch and a sit wisth of
17 inch every economy class passenger gets a headset a pillow and a blanket
Qantas economy offers very generous recline by the way my seat is 41A and
the lavatory is right behind it wow so many kangaroos here so the a330
next to me is going to Brisbane and the 747 is going to Sydney Legroom is okay for this nine hour
long flight now let me show you some seat features first at the top you’ve
got a larger Panasonic touch screen TV with USB port and headphone jack a
literature pocket which can be handy to store your boarding pass
mobile phone and passport then a tray table which you can fold it in half down here you’ve got two seat pockets
where you can put more stuff in there one thing I absolutely love about Qantas
long-haul economy is the netted footrest which I find a way better than
the standard hard and fixed footrest a universal power socket in between seats
that means you have to share with your neighbor the touchscreen is very
responsive and quite easy to use it’s like an iPad you just swipe around and
press whatever you want to watch the system has plenty of movies available to
watch the flight map isn’t an interactive one so
you can’t zoom in or zoom out yourself qantas have redesigned their economy
class menu showcasing some beautiful Australian sceneries dinner will be
served after takeoff and breakfast before landing dinner has three options
and breakfast the two Qantas planes next to us left
earlier than us qantas has sent many excellent safety
videos and that was by far my favorite right there’s the 747 off to
Sydney I find it strange that the cabin crew didn’t fully dim the cabin look at all the light pollution I’m watching Sky News and that’s the
sweetest thing I’ve seen in my whole life I like it so much when airlines give you
the whole bottle of water for long flight a cabin manager came to me and
gave me a fast track card for custom at Melbourne Airport I wonder whether he
gave it to me because I’m a gold member or it’s because I have a connection at
Melbourne either way what a nice touch lemonade is served as a welcome drink
before dinner dinner began one hour into the flight fried rice sure so this is my dinner it came with a
pudding a bread and water for the main I had fried rice I have to say it was so
bad I usually like airplane food but this one has to be the worst I had since
I started this channel the rice was dry the vegetables looked sad and the
mushroom was hard to but at least dessert was good before I went to sleep I
asked at cabin crew for an eye shade and earplugs about six hours to go see how
long I can sleep four hours and 28 minutes I think that was my record for a
red-eye flight in economy for me and we are not far away from Melbourne I just feel lucky because when I wake up the
cabin crew are serving food already so this is breakfast fruit platter with
water and tea followed by banana muffin the fruit platter for me is a big
improvement from my previous experience Qantas used to serve quiche at this time
of the flight although I’d still love to see them bringing back hot breakfast
which they did years ago the sunrise for me is just stunning what do you think of Qantas Airbus a330
economy do you think you’ll survive here on a long flight let me know in a
comment below thank you and good morning ladies and gentlemen please remain
seated the aircraft is still moving until the captain switches off overall a fantastic flight with Qantas I
found this a very comfortable food was average dinner was poor although
breakfast was pretty good cabin crew on board this flight are friendly and
charming please if you enjoyed this video
subscribe now if you have it follow my Instagram it’s a very new account oneworld.flyer and consider be a patron of mine if you like my work I will have
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you next time

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  2. nice video jayden sorry that i a havent been commenting on your videos lately but i will still keep watching them

  3. I will miss the cabin lounge. However, I am looking forward to visiting the deck lounge in August!

  4. Nice trip report! The cabin looked good but as you mentioned yourself the meal was not very impressive. Have a good upcoming (almost) weekend! Best Regards from Copenhagen, Denmark – Maxi and Maro.

  5. Last time I took QF30 it was delayed by 6 hours, but I got a $100 meal voucher for that, so I got a free Ramen dinner lol. I missed the beautiful sunrise as I was sleeping 🙁 Great video again!

  6. Man.. every time I watch your video it reminds me of my trip to Hong Kong last August… your videos are bringing me back so much memories! I remember just binge watching ur videos before I went to HongKong because I was so excited!!! Thank you so much for making these videos man..

  7. Excellent video Jayden!
    It’s unfortunate the Cabin is closing down. It was unfortunate Qantas’s fried rice wasn’t good. I thought Qantas’s food was amazing but it looks as Q Catering didn’t do well. The menu was also quite limited which is disappointing. Also just to let you know Express path cards are only given to Qantas Gold members and higher. I love when Qantas welcomes you back. I believe when the Qantas flight attendant welcomed back onboard she said We would like to welcome back our Qantas Emerald. QANTAS EMERALD??? I see the Check in Premium Economy signs for Qantas Club and Silver members. If i was a silver member i would instead check in via the Business Check In Queues. If i saw someone who has Oneworld Emerald checking in via a long Premuim Economy lane i would call them stupid. I saw on the upcoming flight videos in the description and that there was only 2 upcoming Qantas flight reviews and i was said there wern’t going to be Qantas flight reviews for a while. 🙁 However theres going to be BA reviews!!! Thanks Jayden!

  8. Hi Jayden, according to a safety policy, at least with LH and German Authorities, we dim the cabin light only to the lowest level. During Night Take offs and landing, we used to set the cabin complete dark. That has changed.

  9. 15:13. I have found the catering out of Hong Kong to be sub-standard when compared to Australian catering.

  10. I never fail to be impressed with Qantas's menu, it's one of the few airlines that have a vegetarian choice in the regular menu. Even though I order a special meal, it's nice knowing that there is a back up in case the order isn't filled. But that still isn't enough for me to keep flying with them lol.

  11. G,day, enjoy your reviews, living in Adelaide last 4 flights to HongKong ( into china & Taiwan ) always on Cathay, it be a pain going via Melbourne or Sydney although maybe to go on the A350 .. it be worth it… , the fruit is a good idea for breakfast , but muffin mmm not really, maybe the mix tubs of yoghurt and muesli be a better option. 🙂 again thanks

  12. Also will you deeply be saddened by the retirement of the Qantas 747s? The queens of the sky's will be deeply missed. I'm sure the 747 have given you many memories, safety in the skies. If Qantas gave you the opportunity to fly on the last commercial 747 flight, would you go?

  13. Your flight reviews keep getting better! The narration was on point and the shots were great. You really made the video feel like a true adventure. Thanks so much for your lovely work 🙂

  14. Great review yet again Jayden! The IFE looks exactly like the one on MH A350 Economy Class yeah? U’re right, the food do looked real bad

  15. One of the best trip reports. The narration to explain each and every aspect of the trip report was really appreciable. It feels as if you are watching a mini documentary.

  16. Hi, I just subscribed bcz I liked the way u cover the trip by ur voice and not writing only like others, well done.
    Have u done trips to Singapore?

  17. great review Jayden, very honest and thorough. how mant times have you flown between HK and Oz ? and, regards to your mum

  18. Honestly, having the fruit platter for breakfast is awesome, I'd much rather have that than a heavy breakfast that makes me feel bloated the rest of the day. Some omlettes are good, but some are just dripped in oil which is gross.

  19. I just had this flight on 7/6/2018.
    I did not enjoy this flight. The meals were terrible. Dinner was small portion, no salad, or appetizer. I only got chicken noodle salad, one bread, and a coconut pudding. No proper meal tray.
    Breakfast was worse. No hot meal, only fruit and a small banana muffin, no dessert, no bread, no yogurt.
    I am very disappointed with this flight.

  20. Is QF lounge far away from other CX lounges? I realize that I can use CA miles to redeem CX business class tickets. Plus does CX offer limo service?

  21. Nice video! Breakfast looked nice but the dinner… By the way, how did you manage to shoot such stable videos with your phone without using a gimbal/stabilizer?

  22. Awesome report, hope you enjoyed your flight!! Qantas A330 look up to date compared to some other there

  23. Another absolutely outstanding vlog! I love them all as you know! Flight looked excellent for Economy putting the main meal out of the equation, but I too love the fruit platter and with lounge access myself, I don’t have to worry about a heavy meal onboard. I’m finally flying to HK next week with BA A380 and back to London from Singapore A380 with A359 CX in business between. I’ve been longing to try the HK Lounges. I’ll look for you now on Instagram. Until next time!

  24. I guess the dinner presentation is the worst airplane food i have ever seen in my entire life just going by the looks and the presentation so small and unappetising

  25. I prefer the old caption style…, but I do like voiceovers! It makes the video more interactive.

  26. Hay one world flyer I am a nervous flyer but also very interested in airlines and aircraft but the thing that scares me most is turbulence so when you are recording and there is turbulence can you look outside with the camera.

  27. I would expect Qantas to have a far superior meal compared to Fiji Airways. It seems they are inferior to the latter in terms of meal and in-flight amenity.

  28. AAAAggghhhh yes. I remember going in that lounge on my flight to Hong Kong from Australia. It was really good!! lmao nice review mate!!

  29. What do you think is the least turbulent aircraft that you have flown on? I haven'd flown on any long haul aircraft only A320's and B737's, and i would like to know.

  30. Nobody ever can imagine how much i miss the Australian friendliness on board of an aircraft. I always had good food on board of Qantas planes. If yours wasn't that good than go and visit Hungry Jacks after arrival. The A 330 is generally a great plane. Large and silent. Good for a 9 hour trip.

  31. the food looks terrible and insufficient.

    i guess that's why she asked: "would you like something for dinner?"
    i am sure some opted out of this "MEAL".

  32. I love VHHH as an airport – so many great spotting opportunities! My last QF A330 flight in economy from Hong Kong I was seated in 28K which has no window 🙁

  33. I'm taking the QF29 from Melbourne to HK this coming week. After watching your video I swapped my seat to 41A, as I can see it reclines AND has no one behind. Plus a little area behind the seat! I was worried those seats with the toilets behind etc, would not recline, but thank you mate.. Now I know! Great stuff buddy!

  34. G'day young man! I am catching this flight QF30 on my return trip from Hong Kong. I'm just a little concerned with your report on this flight, specifically the main meal! I am not a regular or frequent flyer, "is it a common occurrence to receive (not nice) food on these flights? Also, would it be okay to take sandwiches on board just in case? 9 hours is a long time to go without food hahaha!

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