Product Life Cycle |Different Stages of product life in Hindi | Introduction-Growth-Maturity-Decline

Product Life Cycle |Different Stages of product life in Hindi | Introduction-Growth-Maturity-Decline

Subscribe Intellectual Indies and press the bell icon and never miss any update Product has a life just like a human being We born and die,and live in between Similarly is for a product,it is made,grows in market,then it becomes obsolete and closed So with this was born life cycle of product where we understood how a product was made and then died i.e got obsolete So keep watching this viedo,we will talk about this today Hello friends,my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies So the first thing that comes here is Introduction phase Here the product comes in the market and people get to know about it So if you are introducing a product then your marketing expenditure will increase And growth rate may become too less People are not taking that product or you are not making that much profit as much you are spending So the introduction phase is loss making proposition So it is seen that company makes more losses in introduction phase So to be safe from it,company tries to be as less as possible in introduction phase So after introduction comes the growth phase Here people know that this product is in the market and unique Specification and value proposition in this product is very good So people start taking it and your market share increase Profitability increases with market share As you can see the graph is steep,constantly growing up People are taking it and you are making profit Now for how long people will take your product? There will be a time when everyone will have your product Now they are not going to sell and buy your product again..this stage is maturity stage When majority of your target ausience have your product So what haappen is here you dont need to do marketing that much If your product is good,then your product will grow by word of mouth People will take your lets say samsung S8 Whether it is in introduction or growth stage,tell me above Samsung s8 is giving edge to edhe display which is no given by anyone LG tried to but samsung O LED display,the curve display is only with samsung That is their differentiation strategy So even if LG tries then also it cannot compete with samsung in that category So when s8 came in market, there was great hype, ads all over Same if you see One Plus, so many expenses was made in its introduction phase,so many events were organized Big YouTubers were informed..1 Crore was given also,I have seen live in youtube They did lot of spending but what mistake they have done is overpriced their product They came from introduction to growth phase,but that steep or growth rate,they made that hamper Why? Because the rate of their product was very high Not costly,but if they would have made it in range of 30K people would have taken more And their profitability and market share would have increased Now lets come back to the topic,maturity stage,everyone have your product and its demand has started falling Demand has started falling,from here start the next phase,declining phase where your growth rate falls completely Lets say there was an old pone..will you take it today? NO because its specifications are old now At todays date you will get a better phone at low proce,like lets take nokia n8 versus note mi 5 the note 4 Which one will you prefer? Lets say nokia n8 is still of 50K With same specification you will prefet note today This is the main agenda of declining phase You have to understand that product is now in declining phase and must close it and one more thing as one product comes in the maturity stage, launch your another product in introduction phase Like strategy of samsung or their one product grows and comes in maturity stage,they launch their another product like in case of samsung or note At one place they launch galaxy and note at other As they come into maturity they launch note and as note comes to maturity they launch galaxy IPhpne follows the same strategy..first launches a normal phone and then its S series I had to open your mind that how to handle this phase Keep one thing in your mind that the graph I am showing you is not neccessarily to be same everytime It may be possible that intoduction phase is too large,growth rate is increasing,a liitle maturity stage and then declines suddenly It may be possible that growth rate is not that much and it never declined i.e stays in maturity stage forever Like amul is in maturity stage..everyone takes it But it is not declining..everyone knows that whenever I want to buy will go for amul butter refined butter came in between but thats fake..if anyone of you is taking that stop taking it It is that cheap butter which has no cholestrol..its not butter its refined It is better to put refine in your chapata and have need to spend money This was life cycle of week will talk about BCG les say there is a company having many products So how does the company differentiate that? This topic ends here,hope you understood..if any problem ask me in comments..dont forget to like and share If you are watching our video for first time then press the subscribe and bell icon So bye good night shabba khair khuda hafiz

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