President Trump Vs. Barack Obama: Who Gets Credit For The Booming Economy? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

President Trump Vs. Barack Obama: Who Gets Credit For The Booming Economy? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Trump Vs. Barack Obama: Who Gets Credit For The Booming Economy? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. I thought I would learn something watching this video. The only thing I picked up was how this lady wanted no credit to our president even tho he had nearly as many jobs as Obama except trump did it in his first year and Obama did it in his last. Give the man 4 more years and he will exceed your unfair expectations lady

  2. If you leave the economy alone, it will thrive, but you can't take credit. If you try to fix the economy you can take credit, but the economy will fail. Leave the economy alone and it will explode. Stop trying to fix it and take the credit. Just let it be.

  3. Over 6 million new jobs: Over 600,000 new Manufacture jobs and Obama said Mfg jobs are dead. Hillary said – "We are going to put a lot of coal miners out of business" So Obama does not get the thanks for the 600,000 NEW Mfg jobs. Because they would do nothing to help Mfg jobs. Infact Hillary was going to try to put them (Coal Miners and all Non-Alternate energy jobs (Like oil) out of business.

  4. What obama did was create 9 dollar an hour jobs where skilled labor where a good job was let go to foreign competitors

  5. It was the Obozo Clown who said 1% GDP was the new norm.
    The Clown also said jobs that have left aren't coming back, Trump would need a magic wand.
    These two statements totally debunks what the Clown is trying to preach.

  6. This is Obama's economy Trump has not did anything to make the economy better if anything he is slowing progress down and Republicans always talking about welfare now Trump is cutting farmers welfare checks because of the trade war with China not buying much of our agriculture Trump and Republicans Hypocrites all the way around

  7. Republicans crying right now.. oh forgot they have selective thinking.. trump said republicans were dumb those were his words.. anybody with common sense knows Obama did this..

  8. Obama was a FAILURE. Look what he didn't do for the Economy, or for his own black people! Donald Trump gets the credit, 2 1/2 years after a failed Obama Presidency, in creating a Booming Economy. Just look around. Anyone with a brain can see the Booming Economy. It hits you in the face. Obama tops the list for Failed Presidents, while Donald Trump tops the list for most Creative, and Successful Presidents America has seen in my 70 years on this Earth!

    If you sincerely Love America, you will love Donald Trump! If you hate America, and all it stands for, you are not a true American. Try Cuba, I hear they are hiring!

  9. Obama actually hurt his own recovery . He placed 78 restrictions on businesses that any businessman will tell you , killed the economy .


  11. Let's talk about Obama is the worst president ever what are you guys like about him Obamacare that sucks premium keeps going up nobody can afford that oh wait a minute he lied he said he you can keep your Healthcare but he forgot to tell you that you would pay a penalty my friend working Landscaping he said every year when he did his income tax they would take out money because he did not have Obamacare yet different insurance and that hit him where it hurts what else did he accomplish oh yeah the stock market crashed when he was in office oh yeah he sold uranium one with Hillary Clinton to Russia that disappeared he was mocking the Bible mocking God I get it you hate Trump

  12. One of the 48 Laws of Power is to take credit for another man work so you know Trump read that book

  13. What about the deficit!!!! The economy is not maintaining growth because of Trump but inspite of him.

  14. Obama was one of the worst presidents but media think he was the best just because he was the first black president.
    Media lie.

  15. Remember when the apprentice ratings were down , he told people that they were great. Same thing why would Trump stop lying.

  16. Obama is a Marxist, therefore any improvement in the free-market economy is Donald Trump's accomplishment.
    Barack Obama was incompetent. As president, he was in over his head since day 1.

  17. Did you forget to figure in the field hand jobs that immagrants gave up? And are you counting unemployment insurance money as a job. I see an abundance of part time jobs paying minimum wage. Look at the whole picture before you parrot Trump.

  18. Seeing as how the two men's economic strategies are polar opposites and the economy improved at more or less the same rate under both of them, the lesson seems to be that presidential policy doesn't have much effect on the economy, that the economy is too big for policies to control. If it rains whether you do a rain dance or not, it means the rain dance has no effect. 😕

  19. Their comparing Obamas 2 years and trumps 1 year. Imagine Trump in 2 years, those numbers will be higher than Obamas. Look at now The economy has been at its best in US history. Also Obama added $9 trillion in debt, THAT IS NOT GOOD. So who deserves the credit, Certainly NOT OBAMA.

  20. The numbers are so much higher now and obama had absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Obama had the biggest economic downfalls of all time. 9 trillion dollar deficit increase. That is a number most people cannot even understand.

  21. Wait wait wait President Obama has been president for six years and only did 3.96 million jobs added And President Trump has been president for two years in already added 3.58 million jobs added what President Obama did in six years Trump did it in two years no matter in what trumps going to do for the year 2024 in that one on time I’m watching this video he already created 6 million jobs

  22. Obama is the most pathetic US president of all time and I think we all know why he was elected not because he was smart responsible or care taking but because he was black am I right or am I wrong?

  23. The debt doubled under Obama because he was repairing everything Bush destroyed. Now this businessman who is supposed to help the debt, is still letting it go up like crazy. 3Trillion in 2.5 years. Obama repaired the housing market, tried to create and affordable Healthcare and raised the Economy after Bush screwed all of that. Now Trump, rather than trying to improve Obamacare, is making it worse to try to get it abolished which is only making the debt worse. The only positives are continuing to raise the economy and create more jobs. Which all have to do with wealth. Health is more important than wealth and he doesn’t care. The wall will only quadruple the debt and is so pointless.

  24. Hahaha it says don't make a bad comment but y'all are talking so much dumb stuff I mean this is ridiculous and haters always lie so those figures you're saying aren't true because we all know fake news fake fake fake news haters are haters and between God and Devil GOD always wins and who's worshiping who


  26. Obama succeeded around 2 years to provide 3.96M jobs while trump 1 year of success he provided 3.58M. It’s a huge different. I admire trump on this victory

  27. Ok, if you don't blame 90% of the 2008 recession on Obama and Bill Clinton your wrong. If you don't credit 100% of the recovery boom and stock market explosion on Trump, your horribly wrong again. Let's start with the recession. Bill Clinton created "Red lining" which forced banks to extend real estate loans to people that before red lining would not have been able to qualify for. This created a huge back log of bad loans that could not be paid for, grossly weakening the housing market and thus, the economy. Then Obama is elected and business scurried to protect their assets leading to slow or no investments in the market. This was a reaction to American and global confidence, or the lack of, in Obama's policies in regards to market profitability and sustainability. This directly caused the housing bubble to burst and our market to collapse. Job losses, income levels and poverty soon followed. The only reason I stated %90 at fault is because Republican President George W, could have repealed red lining essentially, softening to housing market blow but did not. Secondly, under the Obama administration, they recognized this fact and acted to reinstate lending requirements and "best practices" that better protected world banks and the consumer taking out new loans. That credit must be given. Now enter Trump's election to office. The global confidence in Trump's policies toward profitability and sustainability spawned new life in growth and investment causing a literal race between business to "profit first". Job's, growth and ultimately our economy exploded as a result. If you disagree with any of these FACTS….. maybe you should give a hard look at sitting out during the voting process. You will do yourselves and the rest of the world a huge favor. Don't like it? Facts don't care……. vote Red if you want to be on the right side of history. Vote Left if you want to see the demise of yourself and the rest of the entire world.

  28. But what kind of jobs? Hu. What about making peace or actually keeping promises. And it took Obama longer to get 3 million and it took trump one year. Get your facts straight. All of the Democrats only care about attention, money and taking over and bringing America down. Most Republicans make America great.

  29. The Obama former advisor is so full of it. Trump personality not withstandinng, the economy upswing is entirely because of Trump policies.

  30. Obama said it would be impossible for Trump to create new jobs. Does anyone here remember that? I do. It gave me chills, in a creepy way. As of October 2019, Trump has created over SIX MILLION JOBS….IN THREE YEARS! WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE TO FILL JOB OPENINGS! So the answer is obvious: TRUMP!

  31. Fake News…dislike
    Donald Trump lifted 5 million people from the food stamps.

  32. Trump got rid of Obama's regulations, and found the magic wand that Obama said was needed..cuz those jobs aren't coming back..remember? You are all fools..TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  33. President Obama, dump is riding off his good economy, and dump did nothing but trying to take credit for it.all dump did was giveaway big tax breaks to the rich,remember president Obama save us from a recession in 2008, it took brain smart to do that.dump so dumb he would have let it collapse.

  34. It's hard to watch msm when they just openly state their opinion and not the facts. Are we watching news or people's opinion.

  35. Give him the same credit as you would give him if the economy was doing bad. Smh, these people will do anything to make sure that he doesn't get re-elected.

  36. The economy did so good under obama that the US National debt went from 9 TRILLIONS to 20 TRILLIONS!!!!!!!!
    Excellent; Long live the Kinz!!!

  37. Obama is being a Jerk though. Sometimes it is wiser to not say anything at all. Let others argue you shouldn’t involve yourself to want or make others fall. This is all If..Obama ran his terms and now let’s Hope the best with Trump..or you think pretty negatively about America..and wish very little for our people..Sometimes it seems you can see the unwanted success in some people. Like they’re happy if one is failing.

  38. If this media are real, why obama lost the election?! People are not stupid… this is why Trump wins because of this fake news.

  39. 450 dollars for a family, then 950 dollars for a family under Obama, and then 10000 dollars and more under president Trump and the Economy is booming shut up, your opinion doesn't matter take Obama and stick him up your as*, Facts don't care about your feelings, we can clearly see that Conservatism works better than Socialists scums.

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