President Obama: “They Drove Our Economy into a Ditch.”

President Obama: “They Drove Our Economy into a Ditch.”

So basically here’s what this election comes
down to. They’re betting that between now and November you’re going to come down with
amnesia. They figure you’re going to forget what there agenda did to this country. They
think you’ll just believe that they’ve changed. These are the folks whose policies help devastate
our middle class. They drove our economy into a ditch. And we got in there and put on our boots.
And we pushed and we shoved and we were sweating. These guys were standing, watching us, sipping
on a Slurpee. And they were pointing at us saying, ‘how come you’re not pushing harder?
how come you’re not pushing faster?’ And then when we finally got the car up–and it’s got
a few dings and a few dents. It’s got some mud on it. We’re going to have to do some
work on it. They point out to everybody and say: ‘Look what these guys did to your car!’ After we got it out of the ditch, and then
they got the nerve to ask for the keys back. I don’t want to give them the keys back. They
don’t know how to drive.

35 thoughts on “President Obama: “They Drove Our Economy into a Ditch.”

  1. The gop is retarded even though obama did place a monsanto ceo into a fda position i like just a bit better than stupidity.

  2. Such a perfect articulation of what's happening. People on the right need to realize that Barack Obama is a president for the ENTIRE COUNTRY, he's not just here for his base, his campaign contributers, or his voters, he's here for the good of the United States as a whole. FOUR MORE YEARS of a president who will love you and fight for you no matter what side you land on. Let's move FORWARD. Bring this country back to where it belongs.

  3. I'm from Milwaukee and glad that Obama used the best possible analogy and best speech ever on GOP obstructionism in my hometown.

  4. what a shame this metaphore was not used more often during this campaign ! It reflects the problem we face today : many people "Forget" to have a global view and don't put problems in context !

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