Point Production Décembre 2019

We will explain some… Stop! Stop! Stop! Enough with your shit Now, I want a production update! nya, nya, nya… “production” So, now a production update Chopper. On the material list, you could see The Walk Point’s body and Horn Point’s body were said to be in PVC We succeeded into making them in resin Remaining parts still in PVC are The ears of the smallest Choppers: Small Chopper, Horn point, Guard Point and Walk Point Hope you wrote all that down, and Small Chopper’s. Backpack’s straps. The cotton candy’s rod will be in metal for steadyness purpose All details are available on our website No hcanges on the shipping dates. We’re still on track Natsu! We made an aging test, which is letting the statue displayed in the factory to see how it reacts And the long flame on the back collapsed We had to shorten it So the long flame in the back was leaning bit by bit Closer to Igneel’s body and this was unacceptable to us So we had to shrink it so it would not collapse under its own weight Shipping starts early this month We’re a bit late because of a shortage of electronic parts Production was stopped in factories Delivery will go on until august Sasuke! Sasuuke! Sasukee! Saske! That’s how they say it, right? “Saske!” As you could see on our website, Susanoo’s bow and arrow Were supposed to be in PVC. But we’ll be able to make them in resin PVC parts will be: heads, Chidori, the katana and the hands No delivery changes Domestic policy Athena and Boa Pre-engineering for PVC parts for head and hair is done We’re satisfied with the result We can move on to the resin parts Athena’s delivery will be late We’ll inform you soon with new dates Broly KOD’s delivery is almost done We’re off by one month because factory had issues with the kikoha’s production Regular version of Broly is under production KOD’s version is almost done with 1 month off of delay Follow-up with the Krilin’s case Since the production is going forward A production sample is displayed in Paris’ Tsume store The curious case of horse meat in yoghourts Naruto Kurama T1 was approved on site for painting and sculpting We should receive it soon with all the PVC parts Which are still being fine tuned No changes for the delivery Asimov We’re unhappy with the result in factory So we’ll take six more months with them To get a product fitting our expectations Grendizer The present will be shown after the celebrations It will be sent to customers and shops Rei Factories are working on it and we should have a sample to show soon Ranma Shipping starts in January if you’re really impatient You can see T1 in our Paris’ Tsume Store Madara Production will be done before Chinese new year and shipping will continue until march No changes for other statues That’s it for today, We all wish you great holidays! If you want to read what I just said, check out our blog! “Au revoir!”

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