People Try Guessing Holiday Food From Around The World

– (FBE) We’re going to see
if you can guess which country these popular
holiday meals come from! – Oh my God!
Oh no, this is not good. – Easy. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) We polled our SuperFam
to see what they eat over the holidays all over the world.
– Cool! That’s really smart!
Yay, SuperFam. – (FBE) So we’re going to see
if you can guess where each of their meals
come from? – Okay, I’m up for the challenge. I don’t think I’ve
ever done this before, so I’m really excited. – This also makes it more personal,
’cause then I’m gonna feel bad if I get one of the SuperFam
meals wrong. (laughs) – (FBE) Here’s how this will work. We will give you the meal,
let you try it, and then give you a multiple choice
to see if you can figure out what country the meal is from. You’ll write down your answer
on your blackboard, when we give them to you,
and this is a competition, so… – Uh oh.
– (FBE) You’re not friends today. – Oh.
– I mean, is it really a competition,
’cause we just get free foods. I’m like eh!
– I know. – Oh!
– Oh it’s a competition. We don’t get to discuss.
– Oh nice. – (FBE) I mean you can.
– An opportunity to win! – (FBE) This first dish consists of
delicious warm hot chocolate with panettone and a yule log.
– (Trudi) Ooh! – This is the prettiest
thing I’ve seen. – This is hot chocolate? It looks like
just straight chocolate syrup. – It’s very pungeant though,
so I was like, but it smells really good,
like all the spices in there. – Ooh! – Let’s get it!
– Alright. Looks good,
what are you starting with? You’re starting with that?
I’ll start with this then. – Dip it, fondue! Oh my God,
I wish you could zoom in on that. – (Edward) Mmm.
– (Izzy) Oh oh oh oh. – That’s really good.
– That’s good. – Mm-hmm.
– That’s real good. – Wait, turn the plates over.
– This is the yule log, right? – Wow, yeah, that’s warm.
That’s beautiful. (laughs) – This [bleep] is bomb, dude!
Hell yeah, they’re doing it right! – I’m moving to this country,
whatever country this is, immediately. – This is the perfect
holiday comfort food, because it’s warm and it’s sweet,
and it’s chocolatey and pumpkiny. It kinda has all the flavors of fall. I have no clue
where this is from though. (laughs) – I have a guess.
– I have two, actually. – Mm-hmm.
– Let’s just stop eating this. – Yeah, we’re ready. – (FBE) So, your choices are:
A, the United kingdom. – Okay.
– (FBE) B, the Netherlands, or C, France.
– Okay. – Ah, the one country
I was thinking of is not on there. – Hmm.
– Okay, of course, mine’s completely a guess,
and it’s probably wrong. – (Izzy) I hope you get it wrong. – I probably did get it wrong,
like I literally don’t know. – (FBE) Ready for this?
– Well I’ve been ready. – Yes!
– (FBE) Show me your answers. – Is it the UK?
– I put France. – Look, I changed my answer.
(Dionte laughs) – (FBE) It is the United Kingdom. – Oh my God, how?
– We suck balls. – We suck!
– I had France! – Is it really?
Aw man. – I had France,
we actually were winning, we were losing together!
– Dang! – And then I suddenly
had a flash of when I lived outside of London.
And then I remembered, this was, the yule log
was the giveaway. – My only basis for it was yule,
and the yule ball from Harry Potter, so I’m like okay,
this has to be from the UK. – Wow, okay England! – (FBE) Let’s bring out the next dish.
– Is it more bread? – (both) Ooh! – (Tori) What is this? – (FBE) These are arayes, which is a pita
stuffed with minced meat and flavored with a variety
of spices. – Mmm. – (FBE) Served with lettuce
and lemon on the side. – I think I have an unfair advantage, because I kinda work
with this food all the time. – Okay. – Nope, nope, not working out. (Tori screams)
(both laugh) – Delicious. – Mmm.
– These lemons are here for a reason. – I’m getting it
absolutely everywhere. – That’s a lot of lemon.
– It’s falling. – They’re really good.
– It is. – Yeah, I can’t complain.
– Seasoned well. The lemon actually helps. – They actually are really good.
– Damn, I’m with this. – It tastes familiar.
I don’t know what it reminds me of. – Taco Bell. (laughs)
– No. This is like way higher
than Taco Bell. – That is so good. That’s like a weird festive
meal though, it’s sort of like,
here is this holiday sandwich. You know what I’m saying?
– Right? – (FBE) So, your choices are
A, Nigeria, B, Israel, or C, Greece.
– Oh shoot. – I like, I wanna go with
my gut feeling, but then I feel like
I’m gonna be wrong. – I’m guessing,
mine’s a complete guess. – I’m guessing for this too,
I have no, hell outta here! You’re already a point up!
You cheater. – I think I know.
– Okay. – I’m feeling confident.
– I’m not. – But I also might be wrong. – (FBE) Alright, are you ready?
– Mm-hmm. – (FBE) Let me see. – C?
– Yeah, I just went with Greece. – (FBE) It is Israel!
– Hey! – I’m not doing very good at this. – Oh, blah, blah, blah!
I know nothing. – It was Israel?
– Hoo, I got my point, okay good. – What kind of a Jewish person am I?
I just got fired. I’m in Nigeria. – Aw, damn it!
That’s what I was thinking, but then I was just like
“no, maybe it is obvious,” because they’re using pita,
that it’s… – Yeah.
– Then it’s Greek. – I actually work in a Lebanese-based
Mediterranean restaurant. So I was like I have
an upper advantage. I was like this is the one time
that work actually does something for me
outside of work, and I’m happy about it!
– Oh! – So far, all of these
holiday food dishes are so nice and comforting. Like, I like how
the foods are different, but everyone overall
loves comfort food, and that’s what this has felt like. – (FBE) Alright, the next dish
is a duck roast with boiled potatoes,
a brown sauce, and pickled cabbage. – Hell yes, dude.
– Okay, I’m pretty sure I know where this is from,
just ’cause I watch Food Wars. I think, I might be wrong though. – Duck roast, okay. (laughs) – I’ve never like had duck before. – I’ve never either
I’m kind of afraid. – Huh.
Intriguing. – I could get with this. – That’s good, mm-hmm. – That is a meal, that’s hearty.
– This is a meal. – But it pretty much
tastes like turkey. – I think it reminds me more
of like, we kind of like, it’s like fried,
like fried steak kind of, it has like that crust
around it. – Mmm, mm-hmm.
– So that’s like what it’s reminding me of. – This feels like
a cold country to me. – It does. (laughs)
– Like somewhere chilly enjoys this. – Now, duck is served
in some very specific places. So I’m hoping I can use that
to get this right. – I don’t know it,
but I’m ready to lose. – (FBE) Your choices are:
A, Switzerland. – Mm-hmm.
– (FBE) B, Sweden, or C, Denmark.
– (scoffs) Those are… – Those are all like similar. – Those are so similar in my brain.
(laughs) – [Bleep]
Yo, you guys are killing me with this. – There’s only three.
At least there’s not four. – This is a…
– They’re all there. – …very big guess,
’cause it’s kinda the same place. – This shows how little I know
about where food comes from. – Alright.
– I just eat a lot, but I don’t know
where anything comes from. – I’m not confident.
– Nope, me neither. – I haven’t been confident
in any of the rounds. – (FBE) Let me see your answers.
– Denmark! – I put Sweden. – So, it’s a wild guess.
– I went even wilder. – (FBE) Denmark is correct!
– Woo! Damn, I’m on a roll, dude!
– Hey I got one point. Alright?
– Oh, good job, Ed. I’m happy for you. – Hey!
– Yay! – Boy!
Nice. – Why’d we high five?
He’s winning. – Yeah, you’re right. (laughs)
– Ugh! – Woohoo!
– Wow! Really?
– Wow! That was such a guess,
like I can’t, I can’t even explain my reasoning
behind it. – Yes, okay, I…
– I’ve gotten none right. – Denmark had the most
letters similar to the word duck, so I was like,
I’m gonna go with Denmark. – Alright, I’m on the board.
But that means you still need to get
two more wrong. – (FBE) This dish is called
puto bumbong, which is a purple rice cake
that’s been prepared by steaming purple rice
inside of a bamboo tube. – That sounds amazing,
and it’s so pretty. – Hell yeah, dude.
Can I spread this? – She already knows
what to do with this. She’s like I’m just… – I think I know where it’s from. I’d be really disappointed
if I was wrong. – It looks like it could get
a little dicey, but it’s gonna taste great. – Nah, this is great. – I think I just wish
it had more flavor. – Yeah, the flavor isn’t bad,
I think the texture just got me, ’cause it’s like really grainy.
– Yeah. It needs just like
a good spoonful of sugar just on it,
or like glazed in something else. But maybe that’s just me
being an American. (laughs) – It tastes like purple.
– Tastes like purple? – It does!
Like if purple had a taste, right? (both laugh) It’s so good.
That’s really yummy. – You know what it kinda tastes like?
Um, Filipino desserts, which have like…
– I literally was just thinking that! – Yeah?
Because they have like an element of like almost hearty things
in them, like beans and stuff. – (FBE) Alright, well,
your options for this are: A, the Philippines.
– Okay. – (FBE) B, Vietnam,
or C, Singapore. – Oh.
– Shoot. Philippines…
– (both) Vietname and Singapore. – Okay.
– It’s gonna be, I think. – God this is so similar
to a Filipino dish, and I’m just like
is this it? This is not how I eat it.
Is it it? – I have my answer. – I would go to any of those places
and have this for the holidays. Those are three places
I really wanna go. – Let’s go with,
I’m just going with my gut. – Me too. – (FBE) Let me see your answer. – Yolo. – I put A, Philippines.
– Philippines? – (FBE) You’re correct!
– Oh, okay. You got one!
– Finally. Well I know, ’cause I knew they used
the words like puto or puta. It’s different from our word,
’cause ours is like a cuss word. – Yeah.
– But for them, it’s like, it’s a common,
it’s something with food. That’s the only reason I knew that. – There’s that crossover
of like Spanish. – (FBE) Phillipines is correct. (buzzer rings)
– Damn! – Yo!
– I’m Filipino! I have to get it right!
I knew it! – See, I knew she was Filipino.
– Dang it. – So when she said she knew it,
I was like if the Philippines is one of them,
then I’m just gonna guess that. – The leaf, yo, that’s like
such a Filipino custom right there. – Yeah?
– But also, I was like, I’m thinking too much about it.
– Mm-hmm. – Which means I’m still in the lead.
– Puto! – (FBE) So this next dish
is a potato salad with fried chicken! – (Izzy) Fried Chicken, let’s get it! – (FBE) And according to our SuperFam, this one’s actually
quite traditional in its country. – Oh.
– Oh really? – It’s so weird to me though,
’cause to me, potato salad isn’t traditional at all.
Like, it’s a potluck food that you take,
kind of like a casserole, like it’s convenient. – Alright.
– Alright, let’s get it! (both laugh) – She’ll eat that,
I guess I’ll eat this. – Mmm, sure is tasty.
Can’t go wrong with fried chicken. – God, fried chicken
is ultimate comfort food. It’s warm and bad for you,
in all the right places. (both laugh) – This is like a weird holiday meal
in a good way. Like, I’d be psyched for this. ‘Cause most holiday meals here,
I feel like are like kind of large roast beefs or something like that,
this is fried chicken, this is fun. – Okay, I’m ready.
– I have no idea where this is from. But at this point, I can’t win,
so I don’t care. – (FBE) A, Russia.
– Mmm. – (FBE) B, Germany.
– Mmm! – (FBE) Or C, Czech Republic.
– (both) Mmm! – (laughs) I [bleep] hate it! – That’s hard. I have no idea. – I don’t know why I kinda
see like Russians eating potatoes. – Yeah, I don’t know! – Oh wait no, ’cause maybe ’cause
vodka’s made from potatoes, right? – Mmm, okay, yep.
We’re deducing. (laughs) – Wild guess, all of these
are wild guesses. This is really an interesting
learning experience, and I’m gonna be showing off
at the holidays this year. – (FBE) Alright, let me see
your answers. – I put Russia.
– Germany? – (FBE) It is the Czech Republic!
– Oh my God! – Yeah!
– I thought Germany. Czech Republic goes in
my backup though. – I’m telling you, there was
something about the potato salad that kinda gave it away to me. – Oh my God, I suck.
– Hey! Pew, pew, pew!
– I suck! – Yeah, that’s weird,
I only chose Germany ’cause I’ve been there before,
but I never seen this food there, but I was still just like
“eh, maybe!” – (FBE) The final dish
is quite elaborate. There are some pineapple tarts,
some rice cakes, some coconut beef stew,
and a coconut curry. – Hmm, coconut and pineapple.
Interesting. – Wow.
– This looks really good. – I’m actually really excited. – So this one has like
chicken, egg, potato, okay, and this one’s beef stew. I wanna try some of the beef. – Ooh!
It has a kick to it! Let’s get it!
– Everything about it is so good. – I literally destroyed that cube,
I’m so sorry. – Uh huh, we need some rice cubes. – I’m pretty sure this is from
some sort of asian country just because of the like…
– The rice? – Oh no, but then curry,
so it’s either, I don’t know. – This reminds me, I’ve had
some South African food before, just the flavor of this
reminds me so much of that. – So it could literally be anything. – I just know the options
are gonna throw me off so hard right now,
’cause I have an idea, and it’s not in there, I know. – (FBE) Alright, A, India,
B, Indonesia, or C, Myanmar.
– What the… That was not
what I was. (laughs) [Bleep]! – I’m in a marketplace,
I’m just trying to figure out where I am specifically.
– I’m at Cost Plus. – I’m walking through it right now. And I’m just like, okay, but.
– I’m looking at the ornaments, but I’m drawn to the pineapple tarts.
(Dionte laughs) – I’m gonna go with one.
I’m like two in the lead, right? (laughs) There aren’t really
any stakes? – (FBE) Alright, let me see. – B!
– B. – Indo for the win tho?
– Indonesia? – (FBE) Wrong!
– Are you kidding me? – See, they did that on purpose. – I thought it was like Japan! – (FBE) It is Indonesia! – Yay! (laughs)
– Woo! Yes!
– I was like, if I wrote all this
and it’s not Indonesia, I’m gonna be so sad.
– Indo for the win tho, oh my God! – Oh, we both got it right!
Okay, cool. (laughs) – I’m glad I got another one right, ’cause I feel like I was
offending so many people by not knowing the food. (Izzy sighs)
– Your perfect record got broken. – I’m so mad. – (FBE) So Tori is the winner.
– Hell yeah! I’m so worldly,
I went to Europe this summer. I know everything
about the world now. (laughs) – I don’t feel bad about losing,
just ’cause I got to try a lot of good food.
– Mm-hmm. – So I think we’re all winners,
but like she won by points so. – I am the cultured one, me.
(Kendelle laughs) – (FBE) Of the foods
you got to try today, what was your favorite? – They were all so tasty, honestly.
I liked Indonesia’s actually. That last one.
– The one from Israel, I’m still tasting that.
Like, that was such a strong taste, and a good strong taste.
And I need more of that right now. – Yeah.
(Dionte laughs) – Honestly, all the food was great.
I didn’t hate any of them. – Glad I skipped my lunch for this. – I really liked the potato salad
with the fried chicken. That was my favorite one
out of all those. I think just ’cause they’re
really similar to American food. – Mm-hmm.
– So it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch
to like make it. – Holiday food just always
puts me in a really good mood. I’m just like aw,
now I’m ready to go to sleep. – Thanks for watching us
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