O que é a economia? [+13] ( subtitled )

O que é a economia? [+13] ( subtitled )

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Let’s talk about what the economy is for! Have you ever stopped to wonder what the economy is and why it exists? Not?

So let’s know this and other curiosities! Attention: The video is for informational purposes only! The term: Economics is a social science and its word would have come from the Greek, “oikos” which would mean: house and “nomos”, which would mean: customs or rules, ie the word economy would mean: house rules. This is the science that studies society and the phenomena related to acquiring and using material resources that would be necessary or important for well-being. The word economy is also used to describe a control or even expense reduction. But how can the economy affect our daily lives? Let’s see next! The economy and the everyday: When we talk about economics, we can think from the working rules of a home, cities, states, or even the country and also the whole world. Economics can be measured through surveys to find out how policies are being carried out and how society as a whole is functioning in the economic sector. It can also be modified according to the politicians who are in charge of the executive or legislative powers. And finally, it can be seen in the prices of various consumption items of the population, for example: the price of bread, fuel, services, among others. We can also feel the effects of the economy also on the cost of money, through the interest of a loan, financing or even a financial application. Given that the economy can be affected by a number of factors, we can mention that even when there is a sense of financial insecurity in society, prices may end up, because with the fear of a recession or crisis approaching, people begin to seek buy more of what they are accustomed to, precisely the object of what will become the crisis, such as fuels. And this is enough to make the price rise, generating an inflation, even if temporary, for the population, since it is worth that maxim of the market: the law of supply and demand, that is, if there is a lot of demand, with little supply before prices will tend to rise. Therefore, the same applies to the opposite scenario, only proportionally inversely, because if there is a low demand for some good or service and there is a high supply of this, prices will tend to fall, to try to make the consumer buy. Both scenarios are detrimental to the economy as a whole, with a healthy scenario central to these two examples. Therefore, monitoring how the economy is is fundamental, since the prices of various items that we consume on a daily basis may change, according to the direction the economy is taking, whether good or bad. And to know more about this, it is always good to seek a solid foundation of knowledge about the subject, to be able to better understand everyday events. Curiosity: When they refer to a financial crisis, this is usually due to an economic crisis, because the financial crisis indicates a lack of money in the market or in society, and the economic crisis is a crisis of economic rules and laws or other which reflect on the economy and which are generating scarcity of some matter, service or even money. Noting that a financial crisis can also generate an economic crisis, as it can affect the direction of the economy and possibly have an impact on the laws on the economic conduct of the country or region. However, the terms can be used to refer to the same problem, namely: scarcity of resources or problems related to economic management. Conclusion: Economics is a social science that studies society and the phenomena related to acquiring and using material resources that would be necessary or important for well-being. Being important for the monitoring of people in general, because the routes it is taking, will directly affect the prices of goods and services used by all people, in items consumed daily, such as fuels, beans, cooking gas, and more. In addition to affecting also the investments of each company, each citizen and also the government itself. Always emphasizing that a more detailed study base on the subject, is important, so that we can better understand what is happening in the economy and in society in general. Today’s video ends here, i hope you liked it! Until the next! If you like this video, help us with your “like” and subscribe in the channel! See you later!

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