MR. Productions ‘Possessiveness’

MR. Productions ‘Possessiveness’

One can be possessive in love but not to the extent that possessiveness overtakes love. Every thought and every step of mine heads only towards you.. I Love You Swetha! With every movie echoing the only word – love, love, love everywhere.. It sounded so interesting and I got into love. But only after I stepped into this.. I understood that this is a quagmire which messes up life. Why do you talk about Madhuri Dikshit instead of Mummaith Khan when we are full on rocks? Hey, get me another beer. Well, enough of boozing. You said you would meet her? Be careful, you might call her father instead of her. Hey, what are you doing? Waiting.. Then I’am coming. Where are you? Almost there.. I’am nearby, just 5 minutes. Hey, can’t you just find any other girl in this world? Get the hell out of here. Every idiot woos my girl. Do you know him? Will you please stop it for now? How would I know? I just thought he is your close friend like Ravi. For an insane, milk in a baby’s bottle also looks like whisky. Keep cribbing.. If I ask for a picture, you stand a kilometer away from me.. whereas for a picture with Ravi, you wouldn’t even maintain a millimeter distance. If he suffers from fever, you buy fresh fruits and rush to his house hurriedly.. even if I say am suffering from typhoid, you just send me a “take care” message. If I ask you to come with me for a coffee, the entire world looks at us.. but for a burger in Barista with that beggar you sit in the open lawn and eat. I sacrificed for you so much, I became an insane and he became a baby for you.. damn! Even customer care guy would answer my call much quickly than you. Out of curiosity I would like to know.. Don’t they have any other work? Either they always chill out on roads or hangout on phones. Now, tell him this clearly to that idiot.. If he has money in excess, ask him to donate it so that he gets blessed. Otherwise I will get pissed off if he gives you some costly gifts. You hit a like on his picture and now you say “it’s not like that” ? Why did you hit a like on his picture? Why?? Is that necessary? The moment you said that you love me, you said that every thought of yours will be mine.. is this the way you keep thinking about me? and that every step of yours will be towards me, is this how you keep spying me? Rakesh, I already told you that to love you is more important to me than exhibiting in public. If someone is in trouble, I give a kerchief and come back. But, the moment any small trouble hits you, I hide my tears. If someone gives me a costly gift, I don’t expect you to gift me something which is much more expensive. My only ray of hope is that you will love me like a baby. Above all, trust is the only that keeps two souls united. Why would a girl love a guy though she knows that he boozes a lot? Because she know that she can make him stop boozing at a point of time. Why the boy still loves her though the girl is close with lot of guys? Because of the faith and trust they both have. I don’t break that trust. That is the reason I never question you when you talk to any girl or hang out with any girl. Because if one loves someone through heart and soul, such love sustains forever. Tell me one thing now, if we have some relatives at home.. if your mother serve more food for them, does that mean they are more important than you? The same applies here as well.. He can never be more than you.. Not just being more, I cannot even compare anyone with you. Rakesh, I will not shout at you because you are questioning me.. I will think about it. I can understand that you did all that out of frustration. I just hope that you will think and realize at some point of time. Did I raise grudge against my Mom just because she used to hit me during my childhood? The same is with you, my anger will not last longer. The way I love you is similar to the love I have towards my Mom. I always want you to share all your love only with me. Did Sita had grudge, because Rama asked her to prove herself after 11 years of Vanavas? Did Sita get angry on Rama? No! I’am after-all Rakesh.. even I get doubts. Can’t I be so possessive about you? I thought Ravi is like Ravan, if I know that he is just a random friend, why would I get frustrated? Not Ravi, I dont even mind if you hang out with Ravan also. How come you realized so much in 2 minutes? Our Subash portrayed all our romantic incidents to me at once, that is when I actually realized… Idiot!! Who is that? Tell him that I will kill him one fine day.

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  1. I have seen this short film long back 5 years,taxiwala chusaka i got a doubt that heroine might be the same heroine in this short film and yes it's her.

  2. Mve chala bagundhe Ad hero 👌👌👌👌👌👌 no words for this mve🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐 Ad hero u have a bright future

  3. Chesinavi yadava panulu malli covering okkati
    Memu yavaru thoo anthaga rasuukoni pusukoni tharangam andi and I het girls

  4. Hero sir u superb I love you actually I am Banglorian I don't know Telugu that much ayna kuda I am watching

  5. Super ra babu nuv chela chela bagundi enka song ity enkani aa tone super enka ammi kuda hiro ity vadi matlaki 👌👌👌👌👌😍😘 lovers anty alany undali 👌👌👌👌

  6. Super bro 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  7. Its a wonderful message mam i m proud to be a anantapur district that ur expression s r awsome if all girls think like u our life become heaven

  8. Sunday book lo priyanka interview chadivaa after i m watching this video but i m not recognized her
    Face chala maripoindi ga

  9. This priyanka acting very very nice compare to taxi wala and I like itt aloottttt this movie and dialoguees support and encourage rakesh alsooo… What you say frdss? if yes? For your response Hit one like…

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