Modern Economy – Who The ATO Are Watching In 2019

Modern Economy – Who The ATO Are Watching In 2019

There’s two areas of the modern economy that the Tax Office is really
targeting again in 2019, and I’ll go through them right now. A lot of Australians getting into these areas
of the modern economy, the Tax Office has you in their sights. Crypto, cryptocurrency. So, statistics say that between 500,000 and
1,000,000 Australians are starting to invest, if
that’s what you call it, into cryptocurrencies
like Bitcoin et cetera. My opinion? Go and YouTube Warren Buffett on this. I think he knows what’s
going on with crypto. Thin air, maybe? Go and have a look at that. Whichever way you look at crypto, we have the guru at Paris Financial as far as dealing with
tax with cryptocurrencies. One of our partners, Andrew Bragg. Not a lot on top, but a lot in there when it
comes to cryptocurrency tax. Mr. Andrew Bragg, go
and have a chat to him. The tax rulings around cryptocurrency… cryptocurrency, they’re very clear, lot of
people don’t understand them. And a lot of tax agents don’t really specialize in this area. The bald man does. Go and see him. So crypto, Tax Office
are looking at crypto. Ridesharing and renting rooms out at home, and bits and pieces out at home. That’s got very common
in the modern economy, to do ridesharing, stuff like Uber, other ridesharing apps like that, and people doing those sorts of things. Certainly Uber, you’ll be
in the Tax Office’s sight, with the way you’re dealing with your tax. These people at home
renting rooms and spaces and plant equipment and
those sorts of things, I think they’ll take a little
while, the tax officers, to catch up with you. Don’t think you’re making
a heap of dough out of it, and they’re just throwing
a shot across your bows at the moment, be a couple of years before they can try to collect
on these sorts of people here making a few dollars for themselves. These are the new age areas that the Tax Offices
are targeting in 2019. I think they’ll make a bit out of this, because a lot of the tax
agents don’t understand it. And these two, they’ve got
you in their sights as well. Little bit more information there for you on your new age people in
the 2019 Tax Office targets. See ya.

One thought on “Modern Economy – Who The ATO Are Watching In 2019

  1. 20190729: Thanks for the video. I just now posted a comment on the ATO Community discussion board. Responding to a complaint about Tradies and the cash economy. Thought you might like to see it.

    Stalin asked Party member to complain. Then he liquidated they who did. MONEY is equal to BITCOIN. The Internet is Big-Brother's ULTIMATE instrument of Mass surveylance. YES it is morally wrong to avoid a Tax that others by Law must pay. We now get into the philosophy of Tax. It starts with a discussion of the need to tax. Then it goes to how much. The fairness. It is a fascinating subject that can become quite broad. And distracting. But it boils down to the 2 things your mother tells you. Daughter! Son! There are only 2 thing you must do. 1. Pay your taxes and 2, In the end, die…… So, asking a Functionary at the ATO a phiosophical question, as you have so unwisely done, is like asking a VOGON to explain the meaning of life. Because I can guarantee you will throw up when you get an answer. And then you will be given to 2 choices. Either die in the vacuum of space or tell the ATO what you think of their poetry. …. So please, don't talk to the ATO about Injustice. You see, resistance is useless. Now if you want a more complete definition of an ATO officer: Watch this video. But be warned. They are watching everything you do. And yes. Plastic notes now have a microwave chip that tells the Authorities where they are and who's grubby hands are holding them and there is also a built in camera with facial recognition (that's a joke). …..PS: Never try joking with a VOGON. If you need to – then I'd suggest you try a small joke on a Police Man or Woman as a way to learn this valuable lesson. And still, be prepared to run. Not that that will help you in the end…Personally, I pine for the days when my people lived in small villages of no more than 100 people and the wise Chief ruled that there shall be no more than 20 rules/laws.

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