Mercedes w124 development – design, testing, pre-production, part 1

Mercedes w124 development – design, testing, pre-production, part 1

[Music] [Music] the development of a new vehicle is a year in the wrestling conflicting goals about the best solution for you complex task elaborate tools of various kinds thereby available and support the endeavor proven millions of times over to finally improve the achieved progress in a new one to unite concept the demands of the customers on comfort Use lifetime and value retention must be considered as well like the current trends, those of politics and public opinion become [Music] environmental protection energy saving safety These terms include concrete ones requirements by a wealth mature ideas and trend-setting Finally, in one realized new generation of vehicles become [Music] the most essential development goals this new series is short summarize succession of the series 123 refined measure concept modern technology increased comfort upscale equipment progress in environmental impact energy saving and security innovative fund concept with stylistic continuity [Music] at the stylistic studies and model Manufactures were the requirements to a low air resistance of taken into account at the beginning [Music] aerodynamically favorable high rear section Finally, you can still be in the model stadium convince that aerodynamics and aesthetics none to make conflicting demands Alone due to the aerodynamics Optimized form was the concept new compact six cylinder ottom engines indispensable further reasons for the complete redevelopment were increased demands pollutant emissions consumption Weight reduction Noise life Performance maintenance and repair friendliness to all requirements To be able to realize were extensive theoretical investigations required the vote of the overall concept led to the essentials to increase the Six-cylinder displacement on 2,6 and three liter restriction to only one Camshaft for valve control exclusive use of the combined mechanically electronically controlled gasoline injection in the Following began the drafting of individual concepts and the development of different construction components this requires detailed action from specialists as well Organizationally skilled coordination the individual activities the combustion chamber design of the Cylinder head made of high strength Light metal has been improved in connection with the staggered arranged valves result in higher turbulences in the combustion room the to also contribute a lean fuel to ignite air mixture with the help of the voltage optics can on plastic model in practice at real component occurring stress be made visible [Music] By reducing the coolant rooms and the optimization of the flow in the engine takes place rapid warming consequence of it Fuel savings and wear reduction [Music] the seven-speed crankshaft has twelve counterweights this results favorable vibration behavior the calculations are made with the help of so-called finite elements method that vibration behavior can be on screen time stretched and strong consider excessive this will make the vibration nodes clearly visible diameter and width of crankshafts Stocks are as small as possible means lower friction losses [Music] the forging process of the crankshaft is referred to as twist process because at the last stroke a twist takes place only thereby receives the Crankshaft their characteristic shape [Music] the five and six cylinders diesel engines with 2 5 and 3 liters Displacement build on the concept of the new two-liter four-cylinder engines in spite of a wealth of new developments was in this engine series the retained vorkammer procedure It puts in the sum of all the important ones properties the optimal combustion process for cars diesel engines as the cups pestle Control with hydraulic valve play compensation ensures quiet running and is maintenance free all motors are tilted by 15 degrees in the vehicle installed that means low height and Favorable length of the floating suction pipes principle of a belt drive with V-ribbed belts and automatic after voltage is found on all engine variants Use with this system was the reliability and service life compared to conventional versions substantially increased are other advantages the lower power losses as well the shorter space with the new engine concept is due to the modular system in the Production largely flexibility secured so on market and demand fluctuations reacted immediately can be This always represents the desired models from the extensive range of engine variants available the diesel engines 200d four-cylinder 250 d 5 cylinder and 300 d 6 cylinder as well petrol engines 200 and 230 four-cylinder 260 and 300 e six-cylinder each for the two versions with and without catalytic exhaust gas purification system for the development of the body becomes those of stylistic and aero characterized by dynamic aspects vehicle contour taken over using the latest computer Supported procedures can be done today both constructed and as well be calculated for different load states delivers the bill already in a very early age developmental notes for one in terms of strength and weight optimized structure through presentation deformations in moving pictures can the results directly on be judged while the deformation can be arbitrary excessive and the structure arbitrary be rotated and enlarged thereby determining the structure behaving to the last detail too in terms of the voltage history a color graphic [Music] at the same real loads for example, a bad distance the vibration is checked behavior and strength Features numerous continuous tests prove that even with this series met the high expectations the one at operational strength and Durability of a mercedes Body represents the protection of occupants in road traffic accidents for years a focus in the development today are self-developed state-of-the-art computer-assisted procedures in the form of three-dimensional mathematical models available the variation essential boundary conditions allows rapid principle investigations in countless before will try the protective effect of restraint systems the new vehicle tuned Her rope was tightened developed He is now for driver and passenger standard on request, in addition, the meanwhile already proven airbag for the driver available try with the accident complete vehicles will that deformation and strength behavior for the most different impact situations Every attempt is coordinated extremely high stress since the in real road traffic accidents rarely occurs and partly over legal demands goes out at the offset frontal impact heavily loaded the passenger compartment supports a large area Handover carrier systems with additional cross connection at the stem from above addition of high-strength micro alloyed steel sheets and more skillful use of schott sheet metal and temptations despite lower weight could higher than the previous model strength and energy absorption be achieved what besides the security of the repair friendliness until 10

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  1. Классная, качественная и долговечная машина!

  2. Świetny kanał, no i chyba prowadzony przez Polaka?! Jestem bardzo dumny zgromadzenia takich pięknych filmów, mogę tylko pogratulować!

  3. …und trotzdem, an Formschönheit bleibt sein Vorgänger unerreicht und das nicht nur durch seinen Chrom.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. The W124 development program started in 1976 via planning, becoming official in July 1977, more focused in April 1978. By November and December 1980, the final design was seen coming together at 2:00 to 2:30.

    The W124 being driven around is NOT a real car, but a fiberglass 1:1 representation with famous BB-ST-410 plate being driven at 2:42 around Sindelfingen HQ in 1981.

    The final design was approved circa January or February of 1981, being fully frozen by the end of 1981. The first prototype wearing the final design was built around June 1982.

    Bear in mind W124 production didn't even start until November 1984 in secret, ahead of its reveal on the 26th of November 1984 and late January 1985 domestic West Germany launch date.

  5. Damals hat man immerhin noch zugegeben, dass es überhaupt Zielkonflikte im Fahrzeugbau gibt, was natürlich eine (wenn auch clever optimierte) Lösung mit Kompromissen impliziert. Heute kehrt man solche Tatsachen lieber unter den Tisch, wie die jüngsten Abgas-Skandale beweisen. :^(

  6. Немцы хороши до поры до времени, а потом сыпятся как семечки из рук, вся эта электроника начинает тупить, подвеска у мерсов сказка затем узлы изнашиваются начинают просить замены а ремонтировать старого немца экономически не выгодно.
    Офигели бы немцы инженеры увидев в СНГ в каком все еще живучем состоянии находятся их творения

  7. Мерседес 124. 1994 год легендарни. Кочества 100 процент люблю😙😙😙

  8. Je ne conçois pas qu'en 2018 on puisse s'amuser a gâcher un superbe documentaire en floutant les deux côtés. Perso, je n'oserais même pas publier dans ces circonstances mais ce n'est que mon avis.

  9. 2:47 … Opel Senator A1, 2:49 … Audi 200, 3:32 … the M110 engine was not installed in W124 series. I drive a ´92 300CE, a great car

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