Meet Camelot’s Finance Trainee: Aaron

hi my name is Aaron and I’m the trainee
accountant at Camelot currently studying for my ACCA qualification.
I studied mathematical physics at the University of Nottingham, once I graduated I
knew that having a professional qualification in accountancy would open
up so many doors for me. At Camelot no two days are the same, every day I’m
involved in improving player winnings reporting sales figures for the week
just to name a few. In my experience here I’ve been able to work with a variety of
different teams including commercial finance, tax and Treasury which has been
really beneficial to my development. The way Camelot works is very unique with our
draw based and interactive games there is a completely new approach to accounting
than any other business, this makes adapting my knowledge from the ACCA
courses challenging but worthwhile. From day one I’ve been given a lot of
responsibilities within the team this has vastly improved my decision-making
and communication skills which has set me up for a career in finance. As well as
the amazing development opportunities the fact that Camelot raises on average
more than 30 million a week for good causes makes me so proud to work for
this company. Work-life balance at Camelot is brilliant I get to play
football and rugby in the evenings and there are always opportunities to
socialise within the team. For me working at Camelot has been a great experience

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