MasterGST – Goods and Service Tax Suvidha Provider ( GSP) as an ASP solution

Goods and service tax also called GST, movement
in India slated for July 1st 2017 will spark the outset of a new quest governing to an
unimaginable revolution and better transparency. GST craves greater assimilation of tax realm,
knowledge and technology. As gst is complicated and filled with sector specialized nuances. we at MasterGst, can help you in simplfying
task by acting as an agent in creating a seamless interface for the CA’s. And filing returns has never been easier. Let us go through the features of MasterGst. This is the client page where the CA can add
a client or form a team. To add a new client we need to fill in all
the details like first name, mobile number, pan number etc.. Then we click on add client. The clients name will be added to the existing
clients page and the location of the clients, number of branches and mismatches and their
stages will be visible enabling the CA to work on a specific client. The overall status of the client will be visible
once we click on “work on this”. The client’s GST returns summary, ledger balance,
mismatches will be visible here. Let us take a peek into GSTR1 which is Total
Tax Value. We will land on an all sales invoices where
we can see the summary of the total transactions, IGST, SGST, CGST etc.. All the invoices are visible here . The green
tick indicates the Invoice already uploaded to the server , The red cross depicts a mismatched
invoice and needs to be checked and the orange circle depicts that the invoice is ready to
be uploaded to GSTN. Once uploaded the GSTN will send back any
mismatched invoices back for the user to check import an invoice click on “import invoice”
and select the excel spreadsheet or a smiliar file and click on upload. To check on the mismatched invoices click
on “mismatched invoices” button you can compare the invoice value and you can upload matching
invoices. We can find all the filed invoices under “filing
GSTR1”. See.. It’s as simple as that! We know that 1 person cannot run the show,
so… we have another trick up our sleeve, the CA can now add his team members to share
his work amongst them, he can also set up administrator privileges, permissions, set
up their roles and form them into groups. That reduces a lot of strain! Doesn’t it? We also have a dashboard where you can have
an overall view of pending and filed invoices, returns last date, hence enabling the user
set up his priorities. We also have Various Connectors for ERP/Accounting
systems to be available for integration. So what are you waiting for? logon to or call 7901022478. For any queries send us an e-mail to [email protected]

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