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-Welcome toThe Daily Show.
-Treat to be here. Um, you are doing
what many experts believe is the impossible. You are running
against Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. Why would you embark
on a suicide mission? (laughter) ‘Cause I think
it’s a really important one. And, uh,
whether I’m successful or not, I think we need to have
a conversation about where we’re going
as Republicans and where we’re going
as a country. -So, let’s-let’s… let’s start
with that. -(applause) Let’s start
with that conversation, -Yeah.
-and let’s ask the questions. Where do you think Republicans
have lost their way? In your opinion, what do you
think the Republican Party has lost under Donald Trump? A number of things
that used to be, really, hallmarks
of the Republican Party. If you stop and think about this
notion of financial stewardship, whether you agree or disagree, at least Republicans
were recognized fortryingon that front. If you look at debt and deficits
and government spending, they have spun
indeed out of control -under this president’s watch.
-Right. He’s called himself
the King of the Debt, and we’re headed
for real troubles on that front, which is worth
a longer conversation. I think we’re missing it on
looking inward versus outward. What has distinguished
our civilization, really from the time of World
War II, World War I, has been an outward look that has
profited this nation mightily at many different levels. I think we’re missing it
with regard to institutions. If you stop and think about it, institutions are the framework
that hold the balance of power that our Founding Fathers
put in place, and… and what
the president’s doing, when he says that Jerome Powell, the Chairman
of the Federal Reserve, is an enemy of the state,
what you’re doing is really degrading
the institutional framework that holds our balance of power
in place. And finally, the president’s
missing it on tone. You know, you can say
the right thing, you say it in the wrong way,
nobody’s listening. And-and I saw it
in the congressional district that I used to represent. Literally, working moms,
soccer moms, young millennials turned away in droves,
so much so that that district, which has been Republican
for the last 50 years, went Democrat for the first time
in 50 years, all largely, frankly,
based on tone. So we could get
into those things, but those would be four keys as to sort of
where I’m coming from. That’s an interesting one
to bring up, tone and the way
that you say things. Could it then be construed
that what you’re saying is what Donald Trumpdoes
is not necessarily the worst, but the manner that he does it
in is particularly bad. So would you be selling
to people basically a PG version of Trump’s ideas?
Is that what you’re saying? -(laughing) -No. I don’t want
to leave you misinterpreted. ‘Cause when you say
tone is a major thing do you think those voters
literally went, “We like the policies, we just
don’t like the way he speaks, -and so that’s what’s
gonna turn us off.” -Yeah. I mean, there are
a lot of conservatives that like what he’s getting at
with regard to conservative judiciary,
or a tax cut or dereg. They-They like those things
as items on an agenda. But what they’ve also said is
we’re not gonna put up anymore with the tweets;
we’re just sick of it. This is–
There’s something wrong with somebody standing
in a bathrobe at 3:00 a.m. tweeting some
strange message out. Uh… And… You’re with me there,
aren’t you? Well, you’re assuming
he’s wearing a bathrobe, -but carry one.
-Okay. -(laughter) -I mean…
-(applause) Fair enough.
Fair enough. -But, but… Yeah. Yeah.
-Yeah, no, no. -I understand what you’re
saying, so, so… -Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s not leadership,
and it’s not– I-I-It’s not engaging the way that leaders
have to engage with folks that-that
bring about change. Whether that’s
at the elected level, or whether that’s at
the voter level. Here’s one thing that
always gets me, though, is I’ve had
the privilege of speaking to many Republican leaders
and lawmakers who say what you’re saying
in a very similar fashion. You know, Trump does not
represent the party, and this is not
what Donald Tr– what the Republican Party
is all about. Donald Trump is not that.
But my question is, if Donald Trump
does not represent the Republican Party, then why is he so popular
with Republican voters? Is it possible that he doesn’t
represent the party or do you think
that maybe yourselves as the lawmakers
have lost touch with what Republican voters
actually want? That’s the $94 question. That’s what I’ll find out over
the course of this campaign. Uh, so i-it’s either– all the conversations I had
over 25 years of politics in the House
and two terms as governor– either they didn’t matter and they weren’t real,
or they were. If they did matter,
those small business folks that I was talking to
that were struggling to make it, the family gathered around
the kitchen counter saying, you know, how do we put
our checkbook together, and make their numbers work
as a family– If those conversations were real then my campaign’s gonna have some level of currency
and it’s gonna move forward because the way the president
is moving us is in the opposite direction. I mean, we’re headed
for the-the big… This is… I-I…
Well, I’m on a comedy show, so this doesn’t fit,
but we’re headed for the biggest financial storm
our country has ever seen outside of the Great Depression.
That’s where we’re headed. So, the value equation
with Trump is economic. People will put up
some weird stuff, but they say,
“Well, my 401(k) is doing okay, -and I got a job.”
-Right. But-but the course
that he’s leading on is the equivalent of the family
that lives down the street that seems to be
incredibly prosperous, but it turns out
they’re-they’re… they’re creating this illusion
based on credit cards. That’s what we’re doing
as a nation, and we got to have
a conversation on it, ’cause, frankly, neither
Republicans nor Democrats are talking about it right now. So, if a Republican voter
is out there, and they’re seeing
your campaign, what are you offering
to a Republican? Because you’re not trying to run
as a Democrat. -Sure. -You’re not trying
to change that. -You’re saying, “No,
I am a Republican.” -Correct. And there are many Republicans
who would say to you, “We’re getting the tax cuts
that we want. “They may not have benefitted
the middle class “and lower income earners
as they were, you know… “as they were promised, “but we’re getting
the tax cuts we wanted. “We’re getting
stricter immigration “the way we wanted it. “We’re getting a president
who cares about America and nobody else in the world.” -So what are you offering
Republicans? -(laughs) What are you offering
Republican voters, then? Why would they leave Trump
to vote for you? I-I’m offering them truth,
which is the econo… When he talks
about a great economy, it’s an economy that’s fake
based on credit card buildup. I mean,
we’re running the highest debt we’ve ever run in peacetime. We’re running
the highest deficits we’ve ever run in peacetime. The spending that drives both. And-and we’re working ourselves into an absolute math trap. I mean, it’s telling
that Admiral Mike Mullen, who was the former chairman
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, when asked– this is
a military person speaking– when asked,
“What’s the biggest threat to the American civilization?” His answer is not the Taliban, not the Chinese,
not the Russians. The American debt. We have got to have
a conversation as Americans– and this is a good part of why
I’m running– on that front. So what I’m offering
is simply saying, “This is the truth.”
And we can pretend there’s a great economy
’cause we’re propping it up. We can pretend that these jobs
are gonna be there, but they’re not
if you look at the math behind where we’re headed
as a nation, and we’re headed there quickly. You’re an interesting candidate
in that you may be the only candidate
I’ve ever heard say, “I don’t think I will win,
and that is fine. But I’m running
for a different purpose.” Why is that? I have four sons that I love, and there are a lot of kids
and grandkids that I don’t know that, uh, you love
or folks in the audience love. What you can’t do… I come from the coast
of South Carolina. We have hurricanes
that regularly hit our coast. If you’re a weatherman and you’ve been involved
in politics for a long time and have some degree of record on deficits and spending
and those sorts of things, to look at what’s coming our way
and simply say nothing… Uh, in other words,
our ability… I mean, we’re playing
with the fire that breaks apart civilizations. You look at where we’re going
on spending. You look at where we’re going
on institutions. You look at where we’re going
on civility and tone. Those are the things
that break apart a civilization. And as one who’s had experience,
again, this is, again,
a preposterous proposition -at many different levels,
-Mm-hmm. but friends came me–
uh, to me for a year. Th-Their point after
my election loss last June was, “God just cleared your calendar
for a reason. I know what it is.”
I’m so, like– I’m so glad you got
the direct connect. Fill me in. But their point was,
“No, you need to do this. “Here’s the why.
You’ve been involved in this for a long time. Please just go
out and talk about it.” And so that’s what I’ve begun,
and here we are. -Okay, so then final question
before I let you go. -Yeah. As a Republican who says
you’re not drinking the Kool-Aid -with regards to Trump,
-(chuckles) -let’s talk about today’s news
-Yeah. -and let’s talk about the news
that’s been… -I mean, wait… -But I’m not so much so
-No. that he came after me in my– I mean, how often does the
president of the United States go after a sitting member
of Congress of his own party to take him out?
I mean, that means -you’re really not drinking
the Kool-Aid. -Yes. Definitely. Definitely. So, let’s talk
about the news that– -as it’s happening right now.
-Yeah. You have Donald Trump
facing impeachment. You have
Donald Trump releasing– his White House releasing
transcripts of calls -between him and Ukraine.
-Right. You have now news breaking
just today about Australia -and possibly Italy
and him using Barr -Mm-hmm. and Mike Pompeo on the phone.
What do you make of this? First, most importantly,
do you think what he did -was appropriate with Ukraine?
-Absolutely not. Okay. Do you think
it is an impeachable offense? I don’t want
to prejudge the process. Uh, in other words,
it would seem to me that the ans–
logical answer is yes. I want them to– I mean, I’m not on the committee
of jurisdiction. -I want them to go
through their process. -Right. But it would seem to me,
at first glance, that that’s where you’d end up. But, again, I’m not
gonna prejudge the process. And wh-why would you say
it’s inappropriate? Why? Because what you don’t do
as president of the United States is say, “Why don’t we get
our attorney general involved “with a foreign power
to help wipe out a domestic political foe?” That crosses a red line. Well, I guess you’re
not drinking the Kool-Aid. -(laughs) -Thank you so much
for being on the show. Good luck with the race.
It’s gonna be interesting. Mark Sanford, everybody.

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