54 thoughts on “M1 Finance: Too Good to Be True? (no, they’re awesome)

  1. You've never steered me wrong before. Going to research it and sign up and check this out with $100 just to test it out before going all in. Enjoy the $10 and I'll do the same 😉

  2. So I do have one question. I was looking around their website and saw that they allow trading using major stock exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ. There is a stock I am interested in swing trading( using that term because of your definition of investing vs. swing trading) because I think that at some point in the future their product will become legal in the US and will positively affect them. Or at least that's what I am thinking it will do. The only problem is that right now their share price is at 0.245 as I am typing this out, so they are not on those major exchanges. The stock is GLH.CN, is there no way to trade them on M1 finance? And again, thanks for the vid keep them coming.

  3. Only draw back to m1 is that you dont have a lot of control of what price you buy security's at, but i guess is not that big of a deal if you're hold longterm.

  4. The partial shares are not a big deal to me, but to be able to open a ROTH Ira and do some swing trades and not pay any fees is the real appeal. Will look into it further. Thanks.

  5. Some quick questions, who are you recommending this video to? Are you recommending in to people who already went through your training or some sort of training? Or to New people that are starting their journey at investing? I mean you previously told me that by starting with Robinhood I was at a high risk of developing bad habits. Does it make it any different if I go with M1? Also, is it a good idea to invest in fractions? Let's say I get a fraction from a Pepsi stock, do I get a fraction of the dividends as well?

  6. I heard you mentioned about already using a zero commission brokerage, I don't think it is Litespeed is it?

  7. Great timing on this video. I was just about to throw almost everything into my Roth IRA, but I think I'll give this a shot for a few months and see how it goes. Zero fees and partial shares are huge for wealth building. Keep up the good work.

  8. Great video! I just have one question, taking SPY for example they are giving dividends, are those going to add to my M1 account if I buy shares ?

  9. was the affiliate link only for a limited time or does it take some time after you sign up to get the 10?

  10. Okay, so I have a $1200 portfolio on Stash ( i signed up 2 years ago because of an ad) and although I know your first thought is that it’s trash, i don’t know what to do with it if i want to start using M1 right now. Do i just keep it and start with m1?

  11. You said that M1 Finance is "tax free," does that mean we don't have to pay taxes at the end of the year. So no taxes from dividends and gains?

  12. @ClayTrader You should work on writing out your videos beforehand and eliminating your excessive utterances from your public speaking.

  13. Very true that M1 Finance hands down better than Robinhood for an "investor". For a "trader" Robinhood is just as much better if not more. One can just open an account with each of them and let them complement one another.

  14. Great video! Random question: I didn't see you mention this. (If you did I apologize) Is there anyway to turn the auto-reinvest option off? For example, let's say I built up a half million dollar portfolio of dividend stocks. If I wanted to live off those dividend payments, is there a way to get them to pile up before withdrawing before being reinvested? Hope that makes sense…..

  15. M1 finance actually looks exactly like what I have been looking for. I wanted some handholding but also some freedom also.
    This is that perfect middle ground for new investors who want to learn and get more involved as they learn.

    My only worry is that margin account is the only option, at least past $2000.
    I have read something confusing about how M1 can use your account, stocks, I didnt understand, for other people that want to buy on margin and you can lose some dividend or something.
    Sorry, I forget the details of what I read, but multiple places have said that margin accounts arent usually good.
    Is this an issue with M1?

  16. 0:58 A piece of garbage? Really? Lol. First time watching your videos and that doesn’t give me the feeling I’d get measured opinions here lol

  17. I do have one question though regarding M1Finance: regarding compounding interest, I hear that the best way to compound interest is through reinvesting your dividends, so does that mean selecting the "Auto-invest all of my cash" under "Cash balance control"? When I think about it…wouldn't it be better we select "Auto-invest my cash over a set amount" and inputting "$1" into the field instead of the default "$10" as the lowest amount for reinvesting? I'm sorry if there is something I'm missing here or not understanding of why "$10" when "$1" would automatically and immediately reinvest the funds within our account back into our pies?

  18. Hey Clay, I why there is no video on how to withdraw your money from m1 finance. It's like all the videos here on YouTube its about investing in the app, but there is none about getting your money back if one's want to cash out from m1, why is that???

  19. Did you just call RobinHood garbage? That's very harsh. RH allows you to choose price, can trade options, has margin at pretty low rates, can trade crypto (in some states), and practically 24 hour window of operation.

    M1 Finance is great at "set and forget" mentality, but lacks in many of its own areas. For one, if you delete a pie or reduce it to 0%, it will automatically queue sale all of your stock in that pie even if you created a replacement pie to hold it….putting a buy queue on pending future when the money comes in…..the stock could go up in price by then (counterproductive and wasteful). That being the biggest flaw I have seen, unless there is some secret un-intuitive "move stocks from one pie to another" button that I haven't found yet. Next is the fact that "rebalance" effects all the stocks within a pie or account, so if there is only a couple stocks that are extremely overweight from a price jump, you have to either do it manually or do ALL of it together….and this isn't automatic, so if price jumps and you wanted a sale-down at high thresholds, not happening. Lastly, you are forced to queue any action you do prior to a "window" on only trading days, which you don't control, and you are left to the market rates that they happen to record at some given time (*cough slippage capture for profit of a brokerage anyone?).

    So again, each have their flaws….and each have their strengths. M1 is great as a Roth filler that you just don't really touch (other than a scheduled influx of cash) and hope you are a millionaire by the time you retire as it baselines all of your favorite stocks over time. RH if you want to be a trader and actually make an income doing it. I enjoy both, along with a brokerage account that charges commission (but access to futures, forex, proper charting software and backtesting), so as I said, very harsh calling it garbage.


  20. So, if I buy a $100 partial share that is $1,200 for full share(Example), can I continue to add more funds (EX:$200 every following week) each week until I have a full share amounting to $1,200?

  21. I absolutely love M1 Finance. The biggest challenge for me is finding that "sweet spot" in terms of pie percentage allocations. I currently own 11 different stocks, and it's confusing trying to figure out HOW MUCH I should contribute to each slice without having any major unbalances.

  22. M1 is best possible.the only missing is ican not trade during real time price. Otherwise I still with M1.

  23. Hey so I decided to use your sign up link and am curious if your have to do something on your end for me to get my referral bonus lol? or does it expire or something?

  24. Im interested but confused. I already have a stock portfolio with another brokerage. If I were to transfer it to M1, can I decline to participate in their pies? I just want to keep my holdings and buy and sell stocks what I want when I want. I want no rebalancing. It creates tax consequences.

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