LinkedIn Marketing for Financial Advisors – Lead Generation and Prospecting Strategies

LinkedIn Marketing for Financial Advisors – Lead Generation and Prospecting Strategies

okay so for those of you that haven’t
met me before although don’t know my background I’ve been in digital
marketing for 12 years now and I’ve helped over 3,000 different businesses
across the world of been fortunate enough to live in Thailand Hong Kong
I’ve traveled throughout Europe marketing real estate and now found my
home in Melbourne I’ve been here for the last three years and the reason that I
got into marketing is quite a funny story actually I actually started out as
a salesperson and I could quickly see that the guys that sold the most were
the ones that actually had the best quality leads quantity yes is important
but I’m also quality the guys had really good rapport with it with their leads
used to sell a lot more so I started to learn a little bit about marketing at
the time search engine optimization was the easiest way to get a lot of leads
and you know I took a web website for a real estate development company to the
top of Google for a lot of related keywords and we were getting 10
inquiries a day and I could really literally take my pick as to who I was
going to deal with and that worked out really well then SEO became more
competitive Google smartened up and we moved on to Google Adwords and you know
it wasn’t long before I was paying $20 per click just to get somebody to come
through to the website so literally had to spend about 10 10 or 11 thousand
dollars a month just to get the same steady flow of leads now when social
media started I struggled a bit at first because I thought to myself well I don’t
really see how I can leverage this when you know people just posting what they
have for breakfast and what they did on the weekend and one of most questions do
just comment in engage all day when am I actually gonna have time to see anyone
so when I discovered LinkedIn I quickly decided that it was the platform for me
no different the financial services industry and 90 percent of financial
service providers who are on social media pick LinkedIn is their favorite so
is this huge transformation going on in need in a professional space but more so
in financial services because it is so expensive
so do any other form of online marketing and you can connect with your key
decision-makers extremely easy so at a time just to finish off my story when I
started using LinkedIn I was actually targeting medical professionals and more
specifically Plastic Surgeons I would literally go to the medical practice
where the plastic surgeon worked and try and convince the receptionist – let me
get an appointment with him about his digital marketing and they quickly
turned out to be quite a limiting strategy for me and when I tried to do
it on LinkedIn the statistics that I managed to achieve at that time was I
would contact ten Plastic Surgeons directly didn’t have to go through any
gatekeepers whatsoever and four of them would respond and I’ve actually ended up
doing business with one of them and you know that’s a really good return on
investment for about 20 minutes effort on LinkedIn but what’s even better about
it is I actually developed a niche market which which really like had this
domino effect of you know me being sought out for digital marketing in the
plastic surgeon industry and so one of the cool things about LinkedIn is you
can specialize like these days if you do specialize you don’t need other so you
don’t need to deal with everyone so when I was doing this within a few months I
was generating over 50% of my sales at the time through LinkedIn and was being
asked and you know networking functions and so on if I could actually teach
people on how to do exactly the same thing and so sure and I felt like
develop this course which the Australian digital marketing industry it ended up
picking up two and a half years ago I called LinkedIn fundamentals excuse me
so when I was teaching this course all around the country in Australia I found
that about 5 between 5 and 10 percent of the people that came along actually
implemented the stuff so they all thought it was really fantastic it’s
great you can connect and engage all these people but they didn’t actually
put into practice and the interesting thing is when I do these seminars a lot
of people say to me well this is really basic stuff you know you can find it all
on Google and only going to teach anything new and when they say that I
kind of I do feel not really into mastery because at the
end of the day it is very simple and if you can nail the strategy so that it
works and you get your eternal investment that’s a scalable business
model and you really don’t need to know all of the nuts and bolts about the
difference settings that you can use and all that kind of stuff in a day if you
know how to do social media selling you really only need to know the basics so
we’ll press on I’m just going to give you an idea of some of the things that
we could cover today first of all how you can benefit from LinkedIn set
objectives and develop your strategy how to optimize your profile so you show up
for key search phrases that’s a big one you know people are actually using
LinkedIn as a search engine these days so I’ll give you an example that’s in
the context of the financial services industry if I was let’s say I had a full
time job and I was deciding to start my own business one of the things that I
would need is an accountant to start up the company so rather than going on to
Google and just going through all of the advertising and looking at the websites
where you know the accountancy firms are telling me why they’re the best provider
if I went on to LinkedIn I could actually see who’s in my existing
network who was an accountant or if I didn’t even have one in my network who
knows an accountant within my network and then when you have a look at their
profile if it’s if it’s done in the professional manner it’s actually the
testimonials the endorsements all this social interaction that does the selling
so it’s actually quite hard to fake that so that’s why there’s this huge shift to
social media because people want to get fellows in delivery quick you know got
other days where you need to like call up you you make just ask him if he knows
you know any good accountants you can actually follow all of the information
online it’s exactly the same as you know Urbanspoon and TripAdvisor or all these
things but you can find out exactly what the ratings are for different
restaurants and so on and there’s no difference in the professional world so
building credibility very important obviously in an industry such as
financial services building your personal brand this is by far the
quickest way that you can become an industry leader if you’re a young guy
starting out this is even if a matter of months you could be with the perceived
expert within there’s particular space in the
financial services how to make groups work for you there’s a lot of mystery
around groups us and start to generate leads in your target market
my goal is to give you something that you can go away with and actually start
to generate leads immediately and how I’m going to do that is I’m actually
going to give you the script of what you write to people when you find them to
engage in in a discussion and pull the conversation offline so we’re going to
cover that right at the end okay here are some cool stats that have been
released from the implement so the reality is that the financial advisors
are already shifting this direction but what I found is there’s a lot of mystery
over exactly what to do when you’re on LinkedIn because you kind of know your
customers are on there but LinkedIn is traditionally a recruitment site so most
people just upload their CV and then go well have a look around and so connect
with their colleagues and clients and think well what do I do next
and the reason being is link team don’t actually have the resources particularly
Australia New Zealand to Train everyone and they only offer that sort of support
to like the big businesses and banks and things like that so there’s actually a
lot of mystery around how to use the platform you know I’ve been to see
LinkedIn on several occasions and they you know very supportive but they’re not
that they’re not allowed to have partnerships with training organizations
at all because the business model that they have is it’s really pushing people
to upgrade to different kinds of premium level accounts so it’s kind of important
to understand their business model because a lot of people think well the
client braids – sales navigator or a premium account or recruitment account
that all of a sudden you know I’m going to get this huge flow of leads and
people gonna jump out of the computer and throw their credit cards on the
floor and it doesn’t work like that at all look if you don’t know how to use it
in the first place that you know it’s not going to make any differences so if
you can cause a lot of frustration for people and you can’t waste quite a bit
of money on it so I think learn the basics first once you can see that it’s
working for you for you then you know by all means start to look at the upgrades
and so on just by way of context and my father is
a director of an asset management company
in Hong Kong so I’ve actually grown up around the industry and you know dad my
dad’s a great salesperson he’s a bit of a liberal laughs and joys of drink and
all that but one of the things I noticed is you know he’s kind of when I was
growing up the body was doing a lot of traveling at one point in 50 flights a
year and you know without entertaining clients and that’s one of the reasons he
had such good relationships with his clients but these days you can actually
do a lot of it on online this is thing called the digital handshake that is
this now and um you can actually leverage your time so much more
effectively and not need to do spend all these hours you know entertaining people
and so on and this is the social network to to a business I have mentioned is
that earlier again more statistics here you can see
the huge difference between the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook all right by the
way there’s six which is just six million people in Australia that are on
LinkedIn at moment it’s kind of like 80/20 like 20% of probably like active
using it every day and eighty percent more like passive whereas globally it’s
like 300 million plastic growing and you know Lincoln’s going for the billion
number in terms of memberships and I can see it happening as soon as salespeople
start to catch on this is the new era and this is the new you know way that’s
that selling is going to be done and the old forms of marketing will you just
spray everyone and anyone and everyone hoping you find someone is interested
it’s just gone and you know it’s moving more to people one of personal
connections that want to know who the person is that dealing with as opposed
to just who the brand is there’s been you know created and fabricated by
marketing professionals so you know it’s not what you know – you know and if you
if you get all of your clients from word of mouth and you know and then you say
to me well you don’t need any marketing then you know LinkedIn is word-of-mouth
on steroids it just leverages your existing network such as absolutely huge
amount enough seen this firsthand and nine months ago when I started this
business you know we starring lead generation campaigns for various
different businesses we work for so many different industries now that I’ve seen
over and over again the same systems apply and I can see that people are
starting to catch on but when you really we needed like running these campaigns
across different industries and your training all sorts of business
professionals it said that’s actually when you really start to learn so before
you do absolutely anything I would suggest that you get a plan in place and
to be successful at at LinkedIn you have to stand out from the crowd when you do
that by mailing what your personal brand is what is it that makes you different
this is the process that we go through internally to nail down who you are what
your strengths what are your values why are you passionate about what you do
and also unique selling positions so unique selling points who your target
market is in your strategy so today like I want to go into the real nuts and
bolts of the strategy side because I’m sure that you all have a pretty well
thought-out personal brand and if you don’t then just brainstorm a few ideas
as to what it is that makes you unique and what niche you might actually want
to target so there’s a pretty much of four step formula with the strategy site
it used to be three steps but I’ve added the last one there because I’ve seen a
lot of mistakes happen where people find the right people they connect with them
they engage these key decision-makers but then they don’t actually go as far
as pulling the conversation offline and it’s really one of the biggest mistakes
you can make is if you just going back-and-forth messaging and chatting on
LinkedIn or email you really don’t get anywhere you have to keep in mind what
the objective is and generally objective is a telephone call after qualification
purposes or even a face-to-face meeting in the financial services industry so
build a quality network and attract leads so profile optimization it’s
interesting that the easiest way to get more visibility on LinkedIn is actually
to have more connections because the way the search engine works as your first
connections always come up first so you know you’re only strong as your network
and the second connections come up and if you’ve got a premium account then
you’ll get the third connections as well so the more connections you have the
more visibility gonna have so suggesting that you call that you
connect with it absolutely everyone no I’m not I’m not connect I’m not
suggesting that at all what I’m suggesting is you do connect with people
that a could it could be in your target demographic or could be connected with
people in your target demographic okay and connect with key decision-makers and
engage them you do that look you can nail down people on LinkedIn with your
bomb search tool by what job they have what industry they’re in a postcode
radius by 15 kilometers all within the LinkedIn Advanced tab and then build it
has some social proof because if you do all of this and you contact all of these
different people that may be interested in what you do then and they come to
your profile and it’s just literally you know a few lines about what your company
does and reads much like a CV then it’s the whole thing will fall apart but you
really need to have an awesome profile I suggest getting it optimized
professionally we have a 22 set formula that we go through which covers
everything from your photograph to where your keywords are place what are you how
do you speak in benefit driven language that you can you know the buyers will
understand and in financial services it’s very much trust orientated we want
it’s the the website destroy the LinkedIn profile would be like your
personal website because when you search on google for your name and if you
haven’t tried this you know try it out for the call and you’ll find that more
often than not the first search result would be your LinkedIn profile if it’s
not once it’s optimized it you know will be and in that scenario like people will
search absolute your name before they meet with you I’m sure a lot of you do
it yourselves and I’d do it as well and when they see the LinkedIn profile as
the number one search result that’s exactly where they’re gonna click you
know so many or a bazillion times they’re gonna click on the first search
result so it’s actually in that scenario more important than your website so you
wouldn’t have your website set up in a way which your CV would be so have a
think about structuring it with a bit of marketing appeal and there’s a lot of
different things you can do to achieve that so this may seem like common sense
but if the photograph is obviously like one of the most
things a lot of people don’t bother to get a professional one and a lot of
people do and you know that people do bother to get a professional one but it
kind of looks the same as everybody else’s because every you know everyone’s
look the same you know professional headshot is you know done at the company
and you know they all look very similar whereas the people that actually do
something a bit different generally tend to stand out I’ve interviewed a couple
of the LinkedIn power profiles they call them which essentially like they have an
award for the most viewed profiles in Australia and I’ve interviewed a couple
these people and the number one thing that they can put down to why they’ve
had more visibility than anybody else on LinkedIn is their photograph that’s a
bit quirky they did something a little bit different one had it you know one in
Central Park and other guy had like a half body shot it’s just going to be
it’s going to be industry specific but if you can make it a little bit
different and will make a world of difference okay so we’re going to move
on to talking about your profile and this is a screen shot of what mine used
to look like it’s like that anymore but um it’s a this is the idea behind like a
lot of these things that I’m going to go through is to first of all optimize it
for search results and second of all to tell people exactly
what you do so when you’re going through we go back a slide these sort of search
results here as an example that’s the headline people were going to see and
that’s the headline that people are going to that’s what you’re gonna show
up for in search results so like if I was um I was looking for something
computer software development or something all that like Account Manager
is not a keyword that I would type in that’s something a recruiter would type
in or you know you maybe even a salesperson would type in but say you
wanted to put something that’s you know keyword rich about somewhat year-round
consumers would type in so like if LinkedIn lead generations obviously a
keyword for me and so I put that in there the headline is but the most
important it’s most important part of the LinkedIn SEO you’ll find that you
even start to rank on google for these keywords if you do it correctly
LinkedIn on the whole is a lot easier to control the search results and the likes
of Google pretty straightforward
you do your headline do a few of these things here like I’m your website’s you
can you’ll notice here that you can customize them so that they have
keywords in them as well when you go to your website’s section in
contact information you can actually select whether it’s a company website
personal website or a blog and they have a choice at the end where you can select
other and put in some keywords they’re generally like hyperlinks have more
weighting than normal you know just text so if you can put keywords there that’s
worthwhile doing so in your LinkedIn profile when you’re in edit mode you’ll
notice that just below the box at the top there you’ll see contact information
where you can put all the best sort of stuff in and if you do get stuck on it
I’ll provide you with some resources at the end to get in touch with one of our
guys to help you out with that the contact information is quite
important don’t suggest that you necessarily need to be mobile there but
if you feel more of the stuff out you will get more visibility with LinkedIn
postcode is very important make sure you put your postcode in there because a lot
of people will search using postcode it’s one of the most common parts of the
search bar that people use so if you don’t have one you won’t show up when
people are looking in your area um so headline another thing you’ll notice is
like I’ve got a few terms here you kind of have to get over the idea that
there’s no rules on LinkedIn and you can kind of put what you want some people
would put something like you know I help people get more customers from LinkedIn
or something like that bit more descriptive but you know these social
media speaker LinkedIn training marketing how variably ran quite well
within my network and register your own LinkedIn web address down the bottom
here if you can see that too so essentially what that means is you have
your own URL LinkedIn calm slash in and then slash you know your name or you can
even use keywords in there and what that’ll do is actually help you rank on
Google for that particular keyword so if you’re not ranking number one for your
name if you customize your own LinkedIn URL you will find that up the Google
rankings quite quickly okay so so there’s a few things your
summary is probably the most important in terms of connecting with your
customers because that’s probably what they are going to read if they read any
of it and may need to capture them within the first couple of sentences so
the way to do that is tell them exactly what you do within two sentences maximum
a lot of people make mistake of saying well I started my career in 1987 and you
know an England isn’t it then I moved into this and then I thought arm this is
the right thing for me so I went to this and it’s not relevant to clients like I
want to know exactly who you are why you do what you do and you know why you’re
good at it and you know just like here in self-managed super funds for example
um you know say we’ve recognized the need for a first-class you know customer
service in the SMSF industry and you know I love helping clients fulfill
their financial goals or whatever it is so you’re connecting with the decline
and not just talking about yourself it’s more benefit driven and your experience
tabs and much the same recommendations all I’ll say about recommendations is do
what you can to get recommendations up from your clients don’t get them from
your colleagues or family members or anything like that people can see us too
through that quite easily but people are always willing to help the funny thing
is though they quite often don’t actually know how to do this on LinkedIn
like where do I go where I click on etc etc so the easier you can make it for
them the better and what I can do actually after the call later on today
is we have a video which pretty much steps you through exactly how to do it
on LinkedIn where to click all that kind of stuff so you can’t even just send
them the link of that and they’ll talk them through it and even met perhaps
even after the you know draft something up they may not know what’s right I’m
sure you’ve all seen this box here with skills and experience and a lot of you
probably been endorsed for things that you know you may may or may not have
done but for people that you may or may not know and the reason that that
happens is quite simple really it’s just because there is this law of you know
reciprocity I hope I pronounced that right where
people you know believe that if they endorse others then they’ll get endorse
back and they do that it’s actually true that’s how it works so that’s why you’re
getting endorsed by people that don’t necessarily know you and guess what if
you want to get more involvement itself that’s the quickest and easiest way to
do it on know for a fact and if you went out and endorsed like a thousand
different profiles in the next 24 hours that you’d probably shoot over a hundred
for all of your owning and skills even if you were to change them to like
feature film director or something like the head end of it they can really make
much different searches it’s just one of those things where you know it’s not
hundred percent accurate but it does do a huge amount subconsciously when people
see this you know a huge mountain of social proof on your profile and it
builds a lot of trust and credibility you can actually drag this fuel section
way up your profile and rearrange things so that you’re getting benefits social
proof and just optimizing it in the highest conversion format and that’s one
of the things that we do for our clients when we optimize profiles I was just
talking about this before but you’ll notice that this is the LinkedIn search
results that’s um sorry I’ve just got a message to come through it no where’s
Peter thanks for joining us and so I’ll just get back to the search results and
I think like this is quite important because when we when we use an example
of a of a team members like um like one of the team members who came on board
was getting I think it was like there’s pretty much two or three profile views a
day and then all of a sudden you know when they joined our group and we
optimized their profile and sure where they was doing a bit of activity and
setting out some messages and stuff but it within seven days they were getting
ninety three views per day you can imagine like um we’re paying $20 a click
on google adwords to get in ninety use is huge I mean I
you know fantastic and all free obviously and it was converting into
appointments you know huge phenomenal results and huge amounts of traffic
coming from Google so I just want to cover the way that social media has
changed the game completely I’m traditional business you kind of got
your network and it’s a small circle of influence and price competition is quite
active in a lot of markets I’m sure the rates are in financial services always
on the hunt for new business not always working with the ideal client I don’t
really want to work with you but I will and spend it spend a lot of money on
marketing it’s really hard to measure because you know we send out a lot of
thousand messages to 7,000 direct mails for example so like the CBD and you
don’t get any response like you know it’s not really a good indication as to
whether or not it works kind of need to do at least seven times just obviously
the result is it the repetition builds the brand and it’s if the ongoing
engagement that builds it and all of small businesses don’t have the
resources to keep testing and measuring these things without knowing if it’s
going to work and social media is like I mean the the capacity and the
scalability of it is absolutely humongous
and a lot of people think that you know that this isn’t scalable this is a most
scalable form of marketing that I’ve ever come across
it’s 300 million plus people on LinkedIn and there’s no limitation as to how many
you can of them you can you can get in touch with once you systemize the lead
generation method that’s when you’ll start to see real results because
everything that we teach you is gonna get you leads on LinkedIn no doubt but
it’s time consuming there’s no like technology that makes it all like really
easy to just message ten thousand people like an email marketing you have to go
through one by one and do it and it’s quite time-consuming if you’re busy and
you know this is why I started business cuz I’m spending about two or three
hours a day doing Wellington lead generation I thought I’ve gotta pass
this on to an assistant and so I had to systemize in I did they came up with
this four step formula and fine-tune description strategies in there and we
and now we offer this service to it to our clients and we’re literally that
efficient that we could be sending out like 50 60
even up to a hundred messages in an hour do we always do that no we don’t because
actually in today the quality of the leads is going to get you a lot more
results and we’re all about delivering results and um I think that if you if
you have a system and you can see that it works to not be able to not have to
think about what are we going to market well who would should we can target
every month because you know what works that that’s when you can start a scale
of business love I’m talking like scaling a business and extremely fast as
soon as you bring on a sales person you can be filling their inbox with leads
within a matter of 48 hours okay one big hot tip gonna go away and generate leads
today join some groups where you think your target market will be a member of
so if you’re targeting let’s go back to the example of plastic surgeons then you
know look join like the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons perhaps
or if you’re targeting people in the real estate industry to join a real
estate group but what happens is when you have something in common with these
people that are also in the group you can actually find them on LinkedIn they
show up in the search results and guess what if you actually go into the group a
lot of them you can actually message directly from groups so you don’t have
to be connected to these people to send them a message this is one of those big
online secrets on LinkedIn is you can actually message people you’re not
connected with without buying emails or premium accounts and all that kind of
stuff so this platform is still evolving and I promise you that in a year’s time
a lot of the things that we do to gain you know huge competitive edge on by
using LinkedIn won’t be around in 12 months time out one of two things will
happen either LinkedIn decide to you know work out how to monetize this huge
market of sales professionals on LinkedIn or they’ll just make it more
difficult to connect with people that you don’t know so fine connect engage
generally the engagement is where most people fall down if you learn how to use
the search tool you can probably master these two so what is it that you say to
somebody that you’ve never met before who’s hanging out on LinkedIn to make
them what I you know catch up and do business with you
so let’s look at a case studies and live examples is Maureen she’s a good friend
of mine and we’ve done some lead generation stuff for her and she’s based
in Singapore she sells real estate in Australia and she did say only once you
go to them look I think we’re doing with linkedin’s fantastic it’s just a shame
it doesn’t work for consumers it’s not just for business to business and I said
well why do you say that and she saw how that helping you get me clients want to
buy real estate in Australia through LinkedIn and so what we did is we did a
brainstorming we thought what what why don’t we just search for people who
first of all so look first of all I live in Singapore the school that they went
to was Monash University the title was director of for CEO the industry was
finance legal or banking interested in property investments right and one of
the groups that we have included was real estate investor in Australia okay
now if you did that’s quite a specific search if you did it you know you
probably find like not many people the search results if you did it
straightaway but because we went about us techniques of building connections
within that demographic and joining some groups which are within that demographic
the search results were more than enough to fill you know a pipeline with leads
in Singapore with people who were interested in and we’ll go into the what
the message says in a minute but this is what she wrote back to us just after a
week you know said well thanks a million guys and after just a few days of almost
double my network and already have ten qualified leads so that’s that’s
fantastic just a few days and you know ten leads in Medina see market so very
pleased with that result and we’ll talk about the messages okay so you all would
have received messages on LinkedIn you’re probably thinking well how the
hell does this work and this is just an example of one that I’ve had recently
and you know I bring it up just to show you what not
to do and you know hope you doing good I am so such-and-such business analyst for
white like technology we are an ISO certified digital marketing come
we have helped shaped up the business for more than 10,000 clients you know we
have certain more digital solutions on board including annex blah blah blah
we assure you the best quality and cost effective services so there’s a lot of
William we and I in there and to be honest when you don’t know somebody you
really gonna be interested in what they want especially not if you’re on human
victim here were there to do business they have limited amount of time so it’s
not actually about the person writing message is actually about you know the
person that you just messaging and there’s a general rule if you didn’t
write anything about what you did personally then you probably have a much
better chance of converting like I don’t see how anyone would reply to this and
unless they you know just don’t get many messages on LinkedIn at all and and just
happen to happen to have this need at the time I mean one through this is
another one which I received and look I am I don’t think this is that bad it’s
short to the point I’ve already accepted his invite but some look the idea is
that now we’re connected hopefully we can find time for a face-to-face just to
see if maybe my product might be a value to your client
I’d really appreciate that opportunity well a couple of things that are wrong
with that first of all like I you know I don’t really care if his product is it
value to my clients or not I don’t see how that’s have any benefit to me and
you know he’d really appreciate opportunity well yeah that’s great but I
don’t know who this guy is and so what a better thing that he could say was you
know he’s I’ve got yeah I mean if he didn’t say my product who said I put a
couple of ideas of how we could add value to your clients and you know as
opposed to saying I’d really appreciate opportunities you know say thing about
you know my perhaps what he’s seen on my profile or show some interest in what
I’m doing then that you actually get a better response rate this is one that
we’ve used internally and it’s this one works extremely well and very short to
the point very conversational and you can actually as you can see just
customize this based on changing the name so I’ve done a booking profile
interesting catching up with seeking someone of the building industry serious
about their birth but it pivots and it seems it could be
ideal fit how he placed a telephone call Thursday morning 10:00 a.m. now first
and foremost that’s not enough for somebody to make you know an appointment
with somebody that they don’t know what they’re obviously going to do next is
click on the link to their LinkedIn profile and what do they see when they
get there will determine whether or not you know there’s a meeting that happens
at the end of it so the profile optimization is one of the key
components and this whole thing okay this is what we sent for Maureen you
know I’ve thanks for connecting hope you were looking profile notice you went to
Monash uni I’m actually from Melbourne as well you’ve been in Singapore very
long I’m going to know if you are also using a business here as I’ve been
offered more and more undervalued property deals from contacts in the real
estate industry ours some in particular in high-growth areas positively geared a
massively and the value do you know anyone that would benefit from being
kept in the loop on these color of opportunities a couple things you’ll
notice there is there’s a there is a couple of grammatical errors and
abbreviations and things like that have been put in there you know deliberately
and that is really to make it appear as genuine as humanly possible because it
is being sent out to hundreds of people and you know it is genuine because it is
targeted demographic but the way to get people to respond this to actually you
know make it appear as if you just send the one off it’s you know it’s really
just all about that other person so and by saying do you know anyone that would
benefit from being kept in the loop of these opportunities it’s not like it
doesn’t come across as a hard sell so you can see that a lot of this the keys
to being successful them continues and not actually about learning the
technologies at all like having this part of it but it’s really it’s about
setting in social media selling and how that’s changed the world old common
misconceptions which better knock on the head is you know being successful in
LinkedIn mean spamming your network the last thing I suggest you do targeted
messaging is always a way to to be the most successful and have relevant stuff
I’ve got a lot of LinkedIn connections so don’t need any more help
yeah LinkedIn connections is the wrong thing to measure if you’re looking to
generate opportunities in the sales and business
that’s what you should be measuring not the number of connections it’s no
different to Facebook page it’s got 30,000 likes and no engagement you know
you should be posting on LinkedIn all day long getting 37 comments and 25
likes and you could have 20,000 connections and get no business because
you’re just sitting on the computer all day so measure the right things measure
a turn on investment LinkedIn will work for b2c and b2b works absolutely clear
testament in the financial services industry and I’m going to pop in an
offer right now because I’m conscious of time and we wanted to offer something to
you guys who came along today just to get on the way I encourage you all to
take us up on this it’s really like just a way to get started it’s not it’s a
profile optimization special offer you should see it pop up in your window
basically get a free LinkedIn strategy with a 3-step you know formula and
custom message script we’ll write the script for you exactly for your target
market and show you how to find them and we’ll do the profile optimization as
well and if you’re interested in in that process just click on I’m interested it
should take you to our calendar booking system where you can block in a phone
call for 15 minutes with one of our consultants today this offer is only
available today and just for people that are on the call as well the profile to
my days and optimizations to options is a basic and a premium premium basically
has a 22 step formula and the basic is a 12 step but yeah will save you a huge
amount of time then you know having to work it all out himself as definitely
worthwhile alright so I guess to wrap up leverage LinkedIn to generate new
customers think of it like a personal website position yourself as the
authority in your industry and just generate leads with your targeting
messaging so I think the idea is not just to post stuff but hope the buyers
are going to come running to you you’ve actually got to go and connect and
engage with these people and that’s the way you’re going to generate a huge
amount of revenue on LinkedIn um another mistake that a lot of people make I
guess is not pulling the conversation off
when we run our training programs we show people how to start these
conversations and relationships how to move them forward and how to take them
offline because it’s not until you take them offline that y’all have a sales
conversation where you’ll learn a little bit more about who they are what they
need what problems they have and the solutions that you have to offer and if
you try to do that online you’re typically going to turn them off and
lose them so you can build great relationships relationships and you can
do all these different things and have a big huge network but if it doesn’t
translate to revenue in your business then you know you’re really missing out
so it’s a really important step as opposed to the whole exercise so that’s
it for today guys thanks very much for attending and if you ever need any
support with LinkedIn feel free to shoot me an email or I’m getting touched by
our website BB Consulting Group Tom DeLay you I’ll post that offer up again
is worthwhile taken if you are considering getting a profile done
professionally this is a great way to get started
it’s a up showing up showing up okay oh there it is profile optimization special
offer ok so just click on that all it is is a phone call and one of our guys will
probably be Jordan Paul or perhaps even myself do you buzz this afternoon just
explain exactly what is involved in the offer and look at getting you started
the profiles generally take about a week so thanks for everyone for joining us
and enjoy the rest of your day

4 thoughts on “LinkedIn Marketing for Financial Advisors – Lead Generation and Prospecting Strategies

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